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  1. How to plot a PCA
  2. Please Help with Analysis of Results
  3. The height of frustration
  4. Making the most of auDNA results
  5. Little autosomal riddle
  6. Eurogenes K36 Results - Chromosome percentages vs total percentages
  7. has anyone here got surprise amerindian results in the dna tests?
  8. GEDMATCH chromosome 13-15 issue?
  9. Source of east-Asian percentage?
  10. Continents drifting apart - How close are modern Americans and the English?
  11. Intresting low segement trianglation?
  12. Could there be some truth to this?
  13. coptic oracle results?
  14. Neolithic Near East ADMIXTURE Results
  15. Attempts To Use Euro K36 As Purposed
  16. New puntDNAL K11 Ancient
  17. R1b1 - 23andme says Middle Eastern, wrong?
  18. Could there be a Shetland connection?
  19. Question about how Gedmatch works
  20. Matching segments with Ancient samples from Iran/Levant region..
  21. Sicilian GEDmatch results, all calculators
  22. Orcadian k15 results
  23. Dna tribes-how high is your Romani?
  25. Upcoming Near East Neolithic 13 Gedmatch Calculator
  26. Can someone workout the average of different admixtures i have?
  27. *New* Ancient-Eurasia K10 DIY calculator
  28. A few questions on Irish genetics, and how they differ from British --
  29. New Greek results: PuntDNA-L and Dodecad K12!
  30. Grandfather's Results Comparison..Foreign Ancestry Possibly?
  31. Why Calabria and northeastern Sicily are genetically outlying for Europe?
  32. Iberian and mostly English ancestry
  33. 23andme
  34. Common DNA on chromosome 9 between Northern Europeans Middle East Christian
  35. Autosomal horoscopes
  36. Chromosome painting unreliable
  37. A Finnish match ?
  38. Second early farmer group.
  39. Gedmatch results of a Japanese
  40. GEDmatch result of a Lebanese Druze!!
  41. What is the highest "North African" score on Dodecad K12b you've seen for a European?
  42. Do phased kits have any validity when run through Gedmatch admixture calculators?
  43. Inhabitants of the island of Rgen
  44. My AncestryDNA vs GEDMatch Discrepancy?
  45. GEDmatch result from Calabria, very interesting oracles and placement.
  46. PuntDNAL K12 Ancient World Results
  47. Matching segments with Iron Age Iranian, F38 Hasanlu
  48. Interpretation/Closest Ethnic group based off Ged match results
  49. A genome-wide analysis of population structure in the Finnish Saami with implications
  50. Deciphering my numerous results, help would be lovely.
  51. My results: Mystery Mediterranean
  52. 2 Italian results, Byzantine or Syrian from Roman empire ancestry?
  53. Yorkshire most anglo-saxon part of UK says Ancestry
  54. Help Deciphering my results
  55. Post matching segments Iran Neolithic WC1
  56. Upcoming ANE/ENA/Basal calculator
  57. Grandparents results & haplogroups
  58. What exactly is "South_Central_Asian" - Am I part Middle Eastern?
  59. Please help a fast learning newbie decipher his Gedmatch results! Much appreciated!
  60. Admix4 Oracle Documentation
  61. Upcoming Ancient Eurasia K6 Calculator
  62. Well am totally confused - a bit of help
  63. Updated Neolithic Iranian Calculator
  64. Post Iran Neolithic K6 Results
  65. ancient DNA in the Gedrosia Near East Neolithic K13
  66. Videos to play in background
  67. New to this, maybe you can help me decipher a few things.
  68. How likely is ScandInavian ancestry?
  69. Post ANE K6 Results
  70. How much Asia Minor do you score on My Origins?
  71. Why do people of Western European descent contrast k13 and k15 results ?
  72. Using data from the Irish DNA Atlas project to find where ancestors came from?
  73. using nMonte
  74. Comparing my GPSorigin results to DNA Tribes SNP, dna.land, and GEDMATCH
  75. Promethease and other Haplogroup Results Reliability
  76. Advice needed in determining first cousin / half-first cousin relationships
  77. A friend's results: could Central_Greek approximate a Calabrian + Albanian mix?
  78. Dad's dna tribes vs mine
  79. Heterozygosity and Gedmatch phasing
  80. Guess my Nationality :)
  81. midlle eastearn and Near East admixture in a Spaniard?
  82. DNA ethnicity results completely off from family claims
  83. Turkish DNA
  84. My Family Is West Indian. How Did I Get Melanesian DNA?
  85. Secondary populations on the oracle
  86. Genetic evidence for a family-based Scandinavian settlement of Shetland and Orkney
  87. Family Finder Results
  88. About french autosomal map: my answer to a question
  89. Hebridean matches
  90. MDLP Calcs
  91. Post Iran WC1 Neolithic Matching Segments
  92. Mother-African, oracles
  93. GPS origins
  94. which is better at detecting middle eastern ancestry:ancestrydna or 23andme
  95. Why is the phasing at Gedmatch so bad?
  96. My heritage- DNA
  97. DIY K9 Kurdish Admixture Calculator
  98. Help with results ... What am I.
  99. Which has greater autosomal genetic diversity: Europe or China?
  100. Eurogenes K9b Calc
  101. Your Best Statistical Distance on Gedmatch Calculators/Oracles
  102. K10 Kurdish Calculator Version 1
  103. Different gedmatch results for 23andme kit VS Ancestrydna kit
  104. The Southern European Englishman
  105. French Basque,restricted nmonte
  106. Very interesting results for my paternal grandmother, thoughts?
  107. trying to develop simple test for whether parameters will produce false matches
  108. 2 Population approximations
  109. Post your 23andme vs dna.land results
  110. DIY K10 Test
  111. On the genetic structure of Denmark
  112. Germans and Danes: I want to see your gedmatch scores
  113. Orcadians, the K15 and the calculator effect
  114. Jewish-secondary populations,mixed mode
  115. TRUE? King Edward III of England is an ancestor of at least 80% of English people
  116. The Sorbs of East Germany
  117. NEW Study of African Populations Across The Sahel Belt
  118. In all of these calculators, whats the difference between bedouinA and bedouinB
  119. West Asian Ashkenazi matches
  120. Different autosomal results by each chromosome?
  121. matches of autosomal tests
  122. Ancestry from Europe's Last Hunter Gatherers exists in the Northern corner of Europe
  123. Phased kit question (Gedmatch)
  124. Question regarding my 2% Sub-Saharan African
  125. How many generations back can atDNA tests truly detect?
  126. Post your puntDNAL AfricanK8only results (gedmatch calc)
  127. Some help figuring out ethnicity - much welcomed
  128. GPS origins results
  129. Admixture / Ashkenazi / European
  130. Guess My Nationality
  131. Estimating without phasing (Gedmatch)
  132. My mom's dna tribes snp results. Jewish ancestry question.
  133. Operation Antioch: Greek Orthodox and Greek Catholic Levantines
  134. Colonial people and their results?
  135. Can anyone help with my Gedmatch results?
  136. Sink your "teeth" into this - thoughts on gedmatch breakdown
  137. "NO" GEDmatches found >5cM - Is this Possible?
  138. Gedmatch - Irish/Welsh/celtic?
  139. Gedmatch- How many matches do you have?
  140. Chromosome View in 23andMe Showing a Lack of Recombination Over the Centuries
  141. Do I have Romany ancestors?
  142. Close Family DNA Results - Interesting
  143. What is your known ancestry, and what calculator is closest to it?
  144. My heritage matches greatly reduced
  145. Why does a Samaritan score more Ashkenazi than Sephardim?
  146. So what do you "make" of this??
  147. How to know more about an autosomal test ?
  148. My GEDMATCH admixture and comare with Ancient DNA
  149. Comparison to ancient samples
  150. Comparison to ancient samples
  151. English populations
  152. Most accurate GEDMATCH for middle east, north africa, east africa, and Mediterranean
  153. Advice on next analysis: British / Irish /Scottish?
  154. Yemeni - GEDMATCH Admixture results(Eurogenes, Deocad, MLDP)
  155. what ist my results ????????? helpppppppp
  156. Gedmatch of a Filipino
  157. Turks DNA in Asia Minor
  158. East Eurasian admixture is based on a North-South axis in Europe.
  159. Which populations are close to this in MDLP K23b calculator?
  160. AuDNA admoxture tests, a detailed look
  161. 1000 genomes and Indian subcontinent population stratification
  162. I Haplogroup matches
  163. Mediterranean - Deocad V3
  164. Any Libyan gedmatch results?
  165. AncestryDna vs 23andme
  166. D-Stat Models
  167. Davidski's Basal-rick K7 + Global 10 Genetic Map Results
  168. Gedmatch results of a Native Australian sample
  169. Bengali results
  170. Three Neolithic Samples through MDLP 13
  171. parental phasing for DIYDodecad users, etc.
  172. Opinions wanted.
  173. Gedmatch results with my 23&me data.
  174. Native Americans and Polynesians
  175. Unusual Match?
  176. Map of Neanderthal and Denisovar ancestry in modern humans
  177. Genetic Twins - East Anglian and Normand
  178. An nMonte and 4mix Guide for the Participants of the Basal-rich K7 and/or Global 10 T
  179. Typical Kurdish result?
  180. Anatolian Arab auDNA
  181. East Asian admixture in Europe
  182. Spanish participants of Davidski's Global10 with 7PC
  183. Prosapia
  184. Changing cycles in nMonte
  185. IBD estimation for project members
  186. Seeq Offering Free Kits
  187. Weird Gedmatch issue when comparing my raw data from Ancestry vs FTDNA
  188. Gedmatch populations approximation
  189. Does it exist? Background population admixture in auDNA test results?
  190. Has Dr.Douglas Mcdonald stopped analyzing DNA results?
  191. SSA % based on gedmatch's population oracles
  192. Things are looking up?
  193. Number of GEDmatch members?
  194. A question re false postive matches
  195. New discussion for Autosomal DNA
  196. The origins of the Caucasoid
  197. FTDNA Advanced Matches: match in Y-DNA12 and in Family finder in the same time
  198. What is my 1%South West Asian/ Red Sea/Amerindian/North African in these Calculators?
  199. Gedmatch Evil Twin Phasing Admixture.
  200. Err... "Tunisian", "Puerto Rican", "Egyptian", "Berber", etc. What's up with this?
  201. MDLP K23b Results - Not sure what it means
  202. Greek autosomal DNA from the Aegean and Asia Minor (Anatolia)
  203. Danish match
  204. Asia minor
  205. Ethnic Pole from Lww (Lviv) - GEDmatch results
  206. Middle-eastern, Jew or Arab? FTDNA results.
  207. Would greatly appreciate help understanding Gedmatch results. Yes another newbie! :-)
  208. What is the best test now on GEDMATCH for near easterners?
  209. Have there ever been Byzantines tested for their auDNA?
  210. Eurogenes K15 Modle Eurasian/Afrique du Nord
  211. Multiple GEDMatch Results - LOTS
  212. Clustering of 770,000 genomes reveals post-colonial population structure of NA
  213. Strange coincidence
  214. MDLP K16 Modern calculator
  215. British and Irish alternate gedmatch reference numbers for Eurogenes K15
  216. MDLP K11 Modern 4-Ancestors Oracle
  217. Harappaworld Admix4 Files
  218. PCA with only coding SNP
  219. phased kit (maternal)
  221. David Pike's calculator
  222. FTDNA MyOrigins update?
  223. Origins of the SLC45A2/rs16891982 Mutation
  224. Post your Harrapa World Orcale here!
  225. ftdna ancient origins results, italian
  226. What's the difference between West Asian and Middle Eastern?
  227. My Eurogenes K13 results
  228. What exactly do the population distances on GEDmatch mean, how do they work?
  229. Distant Chinese ancestry?
  230. Impacts of Neanderthal-Introgressed Sequences on the Landscape of Human Gene Expressi
  231. Getting somewhere with your matches
  232. Prussian German results
  233. Is there any Armenian of fully East Armenian/Anatolian Armenian ancestry on Gedmatch?
  234. My K13 results.
  235. Gedmatch results of a Nigerian
  236. Giant Dump of GEDMatch Admix Results
  237. Would like thoughts on a Sardinian/Italian match
  238. Plink, Admixtools ( and their friends)
  239. Mom's Dr.McDonald's results
  240. Finnish?
  241. nMonte MDLPK16-using My heritage data-dodgy!
  242. 4 module offering from Vadim,thanks Vadim
  243. Well here's something that maybe interesting > British individual
  244. What is the margin of error for all this dna testing? I was questioned by a Jew. :-)
  245. My K13 results
  246. Are you related to Ust-Ishim!?
  247. which continental country are the autosomal DNA of the modern Irish closest to?
  248. From 770k genomes, 2 East Ashkenazi clusters: Litvak and (macro-)Galitzianer
  249. Genetic variation in Northeast Italy
  250. Negrito genetics