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  1. Genes for good
  2. Sat-Okh, was he really part Native American?
  3. Collated autosomal results
  4. Greek DNA results.
  5. The Finnish obsession
  6. Is the new Geno 2.0 NG update actually different from MyOrigins now??
  7. GEDMATCH West Asian, East Med, Red Sea Question
  8. Polish Highlander GEDmatch results
  9. Vadim's New Test
  10. Gedrosia K12
  11. Alternate methods of analysis using ADMIXTURE & PCAs
  12. Pitcairn Islander GEDmatch results
  13. Autosomes: farmers & nomads...
  14. Chimera and odds of getting no dna from a grandparent
  15. My K36 Oracles.
  16. K36 Eurogenes (Unofficial) Oracle and other ancestry tools
  17. N/A
  18. Gedroasia11 results
  19. Best calculator for my asian wife? Quick help please
  20. Help With World9 Results Please
  21. Which is best calculating model for Recent Europeans ancestors....?
  22. Question about my deep and current ancestry.
  23. "Black Finns" in MDLP K16
  24. An Accurate ADMIXTURE Ancients Test
  25. When do folks no longer inherit DNA from ALL of their ancestors
  26. English, but Mediterranean?
  27. East European and Dodecad v 3
  28. Using Dodecad V3 for an NPE!
  29. New tool: Where did your ancestors live 15,000 or 4 500 years ago?
  30. Phased kit one to many query
  31. Gedmatch results of a Sardinian sample
  32. qpAdmix based Admixture calculator
  33. Paint difference 2 kits 1 - chromosome
  34. FTDNA new calculator flawed?
  35. puntDNAL K13 Global
  36. FTDNA gedmatch vs 23andme?
  37. Eastern European Ancestry that I was Unaware of?
  38. yFull unable to connect
  39. If bronze age Levantines closely matched modern arabian autosomal dna then who are...
  40. Any way of finding duplicates in wordpad?
  41. MDLP K11 modern csv file can't spot the duplicate
  42. Father getting Jewish in nMonte
  43. Giving up on trying to run Nmonte
  44. Ancients K11 Common and Rare populations.
  45. nMonte results
  46. DNA Land height predictor.
  47. Totally Lost
  48. Does every "Arab" from Morocco to Iraq have at least SOME ancestry from Arabs?
  49. Italian DNA
  50. What do all these numbers mean?
  51. Gedrosia K14 nMonte
  52. Help me understand please
  53. Help me understand please
  54. delete
  55. How to determine source of stubborn west Mediterranean DNA signature?
  56. Tool for K36: your similarities rates on maps
  57. Phasing a parent's kit
  58. Germanic auDNA fact or fiction!?
  59. Are Iraqi Arabs generally closer to Assyrians or to those from the Arabian Peninsula?
  60. Analyze my Middle Eastern data
  61. Help making sense of my ancestry results (+GEDmatch)
  62. Possible NW euro ancestry?
  63. Gedmatch-Is it possible to change email address?
  64. My Heritage, post your results
  65. KHANABADOSHI: Calculator Results
  66. My parents and my results in FTDNA
  67. Need help understanding my Levantine/Mediterranean ancestry
  68. Admixture percentages on GEDmatch
  69. Post your Dodecad V3 "East European"
  70. Another person needing their Middle Eastern DNA analysed
  71. Germans from Rügen are Slavic-descended
  72. Old Prussian ancestry of East Prussians
  73. R has gone kaput
  74. Ancestry of Afrikaaners (Boers)
  75. Is GEDmatch bullshit ?
  76. nMonte results- 23 and living dna uploads
  77. Help with Eurogenes K36 and Iberian component in Italians
  78. Polish detailed DNA Tribes SNP results
  79. Westernmost Slavs (Hanoverian Wends)
  80. Which Ethnicity Test is Best?
  81. Roman era gladiators from York in K36
  82. Which is best calculator to determine your WHG %?
  83. Gedmatch tutorial ?
  84. NMonte Frequency 23andMe
  85. Any West Armenian Results?
  86. Family Tree confirms DNA from Iberian peninsula!
  87. New to all of this, need help interpreting my ethnicity results
  88. Looking for help interpreting my ethnicity mixture
  89. Calculators with several Amerindian components
  90. The 2% or less 'noise' rule
  91. Averaging results from both phased parental kits
  92. snp count and real match vs false match
  93. The tendency of admixture calculators to overestimate ancestry .
  94. gedmatch true match or false
  95. What's a more accurate guide to ancestry?
  96. GEDmatch Genesis, still confused....
  97. Very nice visualization of human migration on a biological level..
  98. J test Ashkenazi results question?
  99. 1st GEN Mixed race : : Ancestry VS Gedmatch Anyone interested in having a look?
  100. Post all of your Single Population Oracle results from Gedmatch
  101. germany dna ancestry
  102. Vasilyevka 3 (Mesolithic Ukraine) in Eurogenes K36
  103. How to figure out whether the match is from maternal side or paternal on gedmatch?
  104. All of the tests population prediction wrong
  105. Andronovo RISE512
  106. nMonte Neolithic K13
  107. DNA tribes results confused.
  108. Another Ashkenazi Question 🤔
  109. UPDATED MDLP 16 [gedmatch] - now includes secondary information [example Dumfries_Gal
  110. Mixed mode and Polish
  111. Query over non British and Irish Mdlp k16
  112. Sephardic with FTDNA or Ashkenazi with AncestryDNA....which is it? LOL
  113. Papuan's non-Denisovan ancestry
  114. Eastern European on GEDmatch results....
  115. Small Polish matrix
  116. Bahraini gedmatch kits
  117. [Newbie] Which GEDMATCH calculator should I use? (repost)
  118. How far back does each company go? 🤔
  119. distance to population numbers?
  120. info: scatterplot of a sample of 60 french individuals with Dstats
  121. Biblical Canaanites live on in modern-day Lebanese people with which they share 93%
  122. High Balkan Admixture in an American
  123. Imputed BA Eurasian Samples - Martiniano
  124. Where do Pamiris and other eurasian caucasoids cluster?
  125. I seriously question these 'matches' on Gedmatch genesis
  126. Neolithic & Bronnze Age K11 Admixture Caluculator now available
  127. Russian matches 5.0/500 -Gedmatch genesis
  128. Oral history of JEWISH ancestor but NO Jewish DNA results @MHeritage and Gedmatch
  129. Khorasan Kurds AutosomalDNA?
  130. my father's mother's father.....
  131. Autosomal Raw Data Question
  132. Mycenaean and Crete Armenoi (Dorian) on GEDMatch!
  133. Would these indicate my parents had shared ancestors ?
  134. Post your matches with Mycenaean samples
  135. Post your matches with Minoan Samples
  136. Big request
  137. MDLP World-22 Interpretation of Results
  138. [GedMatch] Need help to interpret my One-to-many results!
  139. Jtest + the date of Northern/Eastern Euro admixture in a 'full Ashkenazi'
  140. British isles or Northwest European admixture
  141. Bledington and pseudoscience.
  142. Similitude all and minus N.Ireland
  143. nMonte and DNA analysis by region
  144. Fathers phased kits results.
  145. Phased kit with my father-lots of Basque and Lithuanian
  146. Kriging of similarity percentage Data
  147. Using Krigging for plotting DNA similarity percentage
  148. Andronovo-Sintashta Question
  149. Cri Genetics
  150. The dna tribes 5% rule
  151. Ethnicity South-Asians (Pakistani, Indians) intermixed with Middle-Eastern?
  152. Varying GEDmatch results
  153. GedMatch Eurogenes Middle Eastern Results
  154. Flavia's ancestry
  155. East African DNA in western Asia..
  156. How many people who believe they have Native American DNA actually have it?
  157. Half brother or cousin?
  158. Who I am ?
  159. I'm mixed-origins European - my AncestryDNA and GEDmatch results confuse me.
  160. Living DNA & Similitude Comparison
  161. Is my 0.4% Ashkenazi ancestry legit?
  162. Which GEDmatch calculator reflects the most recent ethnicity?
  163. FTDNA to 23andme or Ancestry
  164. Sicilian mother's results! Show North Atlantic on K13 but none at all at Ancestry.com
  165. Autosomal processing by inputation.
  166. Concepts – Imputation
  167. My AncestryDNA Results
  168. WeGene Haplogroup predictor
  169. Looking to use less mixed European genetic groups to model people using k36
  170. Looking For A Good Admixture Calculator To Gauge Farmer And IndoEuropean Components
  171. Eurasia K9 ASI - South Asian Results
  172. Libyan GEDmtch kits
  173. Family finder, does your maternal line matter?
  174. K36 Unified Map of Elements
  175. What is the most accurate GEDmatch calculator for South Asian ancestry?
  176. Inherited 48,5% paternal DNA and 51,5% maternal DNA (possible?)
  177. You're sure of Jewish ancestors, yet you got a low score with the Jtest? (<1%)
  178. Admixture/ethnicity is useless for genealogy purposes?
  179. Roma or just basic Hungarian?
  180. GEDmatch Tier 1, phasing, lazarus, trianglating..... i just dont know what i'm doing
  181. My mother shares segments with persons I don't share segments with???
  182. How much ancient West Eurasian ancestry do Amerindians have?
  183. Eurogenes K15 map/plot
  184. MDLP K23b odd admix results
  185. Eurogenes K15 AND 13 4 way oracles
  186. List of ethnicities that often get mistaken with each other
  187. Evil twin- several Middle East secondary populations
  188. Post your K36 by Chromosome
  189. Help With K15 Map Tool
  190. No, Afrikaners do not have British or English ancestry
  191. 29,9% English DNA out of nowhere?
  192. How do you think mixed people (especially the coming generations) should identify?
  193. Amerindian / Native American
  194. MDLP and other GEDmatch calculators question on overlap or mislabling...
  195. Does anyone have maps of where each AncestryDNA genetic component peaks in the US?
  196. How ?? Nogais 100% Mongoloid phenotype with 70% West Eurasian auDNA
  197. Is there another auDNA result of Nogais ?
  198. Post all your 3-Populations Approximations
  200. Three Polish Ashkenazi GEDmatch results (Behar 2010)
  201. Surinamese and West-Indies/Caribbean genetics (EUtest and Oracle results)
  202. Iberian?
  203. Any advice on interpreting PCA maps?
  204. Number of Potential ENGLISH Ancestrors - A 'real' world perspective.
  205. Do Pakistanis cluster closer to Indians or Persians?
  206. Georgian GEDmatch results?
  207. Eurogenes K13 Regular Gedmatch vs Gedmatch Genesis
  208. Ashkenazi, Sephardi averages question
  209. Polish and other East-Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews
  210. 60.4 Pct SNPs are full identical
  211. Eurogenes K13 East Med in Slavs
  212. Celtic Vs Germanic DNA
  213. How Jewish am I?
  214. Phasing DNA
  215. BA-Hungary - nMonte calculator
  216. What would YOU consider white to be?
  217. Aeta Negrito on Gedmatch
  218. Australoid vs. SSA.
  219. Newbie and very curious - Report included
  220. Gedmatch genesis iranian match
  221. Gedmatch Question
  222. 2017 DNA sales
  223. Do you match the Tollense Bronze Age battle site bodies?
  224. Stab at African population history
  225. Centimorgans to percentage
  226. Help: are my repeated Mizrahi Jewish Gedmatch predictions legit?
  227. Interpreting Mountains in a Chromosome Painting
  228. Gedmatch genesis - Polish/Estonian Polish matches
  229. Question about my population distances
  230. Ulash's GEDmatch Results (1/2 Turkish, 1/4 Kyrgyz, 1/4 Kazakh)
  231. Need some help on GEDMatch Genesis!
  232. Gedmatch
  233. Triangulation- how significant ?(Triangulator)
  234. Eurogenes Northern_Europe PCA
  235. What do these Ethiohelix k10 French and Africa9 tests mean for me??
  236. Dodecad Africa9 test results
  237. Living DNA Gedmatch upload results
  238. Are these results basically the same ?
  239. 0.000000 Distance Results in Oracle?
  240. Finally ready to start testing a new approach to oracles
  241. Upcoming K21 Calculator at GenePlaza
  242. PCA remains the swiss-army-knife to explore population structure
  243. Two New Blogs on Eastern Black Sea (Eastern Pontus) Genetics
  244. Anglo-Saxon and Jutish/Viking auDNA can not be separated!?
  245. What is a good calculator for inferring Romani type ancestry?
  246. 3/8 but showing up as a quarter?
  247. My first own ADMIXTURE calculator - K4 World test:)
  248. Another new calculator - K12 World (beta test)
  249. how low to still detect American Indian with Ancestry Autosomal....
  250. ANE ( Ancient North Eurasian ) is Mongoloid / East Asian as much as it's Caucasoid