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  1. What Gedmatch Calculators infer Indigenous Australian admixtures?
  2. Russian_Meshtchyora
  3. K15 World - new DIY calculator
  4. New K30 / K47 World Calculator
  5. Finnish and Basque
  6. New K25 Admixture Calculator at GenePlaza.com
  7. Any Pamiri Tajik kit numbers/results?
  8. Lebanese GEDmatch Results
  9. South Asian Genotype Project
  10. Middle Eastern/West Asian K30 World Calculator results
  11. Ireland Four Provinces Admixture
  12. How do i turn my data sets into bed, bim, fam files?
  13. Just a thought for a new Calculator - 23andme based.
  14. Default Post K36 Italian Component
  15. The Saxon panmixia
  16. Gedmatch Mayan Results
  17. The Irish DNA Atlas: Revealing Fine-Scale Population Structure and History.
  18. Share some of your favouarate GEDmatch Oracles
  19. West Slavs vs. East Germans: genetic comparison
  20. Quantifying Norman DNA in Lebanon?
  21. Genetic borders in Europe
  22. Visualizing intra-European phylogenetic distances
  23. K25 Updated to K29 Admixture Calculator
  24. Genetics preserves traces of ancient resistance to Inca rule
  25. British DNA: Anglo-Saxon rule facilitated long-distance mixing (vs. Celtic endogamy)
  26. Multiple results = Dr. Doug Mcdonald, DNA Tribes, GPS Origins. What AM I?
  27. Real ancestry ?
  28. Turks, Mongols what's their "real average DNA " from autosomal studies ?
  29. K12 (Ancient) Jarawan: the upper paleolithic link between Khoisan-Andaman-Grimaldi!?
  30. K12 (Ancient) Jarawan: the upper paleolithic link between Khoisan-Andaman-Grimaldi!?
  31. The Finnish connection ?
  32. Laz Autosomal DNA
  33. Gedrosia K15 Eurasian on DIYDodecad
  34. Kazakh DNA
  35. Common ancestor help needed.
  36. Gammalsvenskby - Swedish village in south Ukraine (Gedmatch result)
  37. Are there any samples of Turkish Turkmen Alevi/Qizilbash on Gedmatch or other places?
  38. Hemshin Autosomal DNA
  39. Mephisto's K15 Ancient Calculator
  40. Slavic Autosomal DNA Results
  41. Maps British Tribal areas and Modern DNA.
  42. Lukasz' K47 PCA
  43. Need help with my autosomal results!
  44. Eurogenes Global 10 PCA and updated nMonte (a.k.a. nMonte3)
  45. One oracle (file) to rule them all...
  46. Autosomal DNA of peoples neighboring the eastern Black Sea
  47. Can someone explain my results? Nearly 100% Greek, but I'm not Greek?
  48. Could this be a real Scandinavian connection ?
  49. A new calculator
  50. Chromosome 16
  51. tracing ancestry and tree
  52. Autosomal DNA of Trabzon and its districts
  53. Not sure I am doing this right
  54. From Mauri Myllylä and Joe Pickrell: an ancestry calculator for Linux users
  55. These calculators are fun in a "look at your horoscope" way
  56. Matches with other people are too American centric
  57. Mephisto's K10 Ancient Calculator
  58. Can Anyone Help
  59. I need alot of help understanding my results
  60. South Asian Genotype Project, update
  61. was he or was he not Mediterranean.
  62. Mysterious Balkan Origins
  63. Thracian88's Results
  64. Notes on South Asian genetics, 2018
  65. Anyone 80% Italian or above on 23andMe?
  66. Michal's Eurasian K5 calculator
  67. My Results [Canadian Métis]
  68. puntDNAL K13 / Eurogenes V2 K15 results comparison
  69. The conversos in the Spanish Empire and undoing anthropological mythologists
  70. Pile-up related matches at commercial DNA companies (23andme, Myheritage, FTDNA...)
  71. Received my results from gencove's own DNA test... what are these raw files good for?
  72. Caucasus averages for Dodecad 12b-accurate or not?
  73. My Ancient Eurasia K6 results + Post yours
  74. Where does BedouinA originate?
  75. DNA Study Britain
  76. Mephisto's Grand K12 Modern Calculator
  77. Why do many caribbeans (Puerto ricans, Arubans, etc) have MENA ancestry?
  78. GEDmatch Chromosome breakdown question....
  79. "From Mauri Myllylä and Joe Pickrell ... ", Season II: The Ancients
  80. Does "Caucasus/CHG" count as Middle eastern/MENA ?
  81. Thoughts on this please .
  82. How come Gedrosia K3 test results are so odd for the most part?
  83. MyHeritage results. not what i was expecting and different than FTDNA and Ancestry
  84. Promethease & Imputation
  85. Might have finally found the Origin of my Sephardi ancestry.
  86. Who can use my Raw DNA/ Kit number to help me do various DIY calculators/Tests?
  87. Autosomal comparison of eastern Black Sea (Pontus) and neighboring peoples
  88. Almost at a point of giving up on using dna to trace ancestry
  89. How to intepret Iran Neolithic K6 results?
  90. new Eurogenes Global PCA
  91. Raw Data Discrepancies
  92. How close would you rate my DNA One on One comparisons with Middle Easterners?
  93. Between Baltic and Baikal - calculator
  94. New One on One comparisons with Levantine/Caucasian people, Interesting results!
  95. Mephisto's Near East K19
  96. Perhaps the Genghis Khan modal haplotype is not Genghis Khan’s?
  97. Indian Regional Calculator
  98. Michal's World K25 calculator
  99. MDLP K11 Modern
  100. Estimate says 3% Italian instead of 3% Jewish [help with interpreting?]
  101. K9 ASI results
  102. Eurogenes K10 (Gedmatch) results
  103. My Michal's k25 calculator results, interesting results
  104. Mephisto's Ancient K10 Calculator results + post yours if you want
  105. which gedmatch calculator would be best for me?
  106. 23andme V5 SNP Coverage
  107. Eurogenes K15 calculator online - graph
  108. How to properly read your Doug McDonald results ?
  109. Northern Polish GEDmatch results
  110. Matching with Iranian samples.
  111. St. Brice's Day massacre and modern English DNA
  112. What Middle eastern population do i resemble the most? (Taxonomy/Classify me)
  113. Mephisto's Global PCA
  114. One to One Gedmatch MRCA question 🤔
  115. Mehri / Mahra samples & Gedmatch IDs
  116. Is this proof of my Middle eastern being Egyptian? (Read please)
  117. Requesting a learned review of my and my 1st cousins data...
  118. Dystruct: a new model-based genetic algorithm that might replace ADMIXTURE
  119. Hight frequency on segment with LukaszM's K47 calc.
  120. MENA Research UPDATE (Is it Arab/West Asian or NA?)
  121. Proxy indicators of Nordic influence in (NW) Europe?
  122. How to interpret these lines in a VCF file?
  124. Red Hair, R1b Distribution and the Autosomal Similarity in Eurasia - a Calculator
  125. Creating a good Lazarus Kit at GEDmatch.com
  126. Pile up region question
  127. Neolithic East Asian samples, for modeling East Asian populations
  128. How to run oracles through the R Program?
  129. How to intepret the Eurogenes K10 Steppe DIY Calculator test results?
  130. Quick Links to Calculator Threads (READ BEFORE POSTING)
  131. Are Turks Armenians under the hood?
  132. UK and Ireland cousin matches using search
  133. why does ashkenazi show up so different on each of the tests
  134. Does anyone know if the Netherlands Antilles are part of the Arab Diaspora?
  135. A Scandinavian connection?
  136. Most accurate Autosomal Test based off paper trail
  137. Triangulation rather useless unless the matches are very close?
  138. Best method for targeting Siberian ancestry in Finns
  139. When is a pile up not a pile up?
  140. Northern Eurasia K19 Calculator
  141. Do Northeast Europeans have Basal rich ancestry?
  142. Question about autosomal matches (matching jewish people?)
  143. 1st cousins, or Half 1st cousins?
  144. All Indian references in K36 - PCA
  145. Do I have Turkish ancestry?
  146. Sequencing.com
  147. Best gedmatch tool for European (finnish)
  148. What test can I purchase from Argentina?
  149. North Swedish vs Swedish
  150. New study on Iberia: North African DNA quantified, Iberians differ east/west
  151. East Anglia - two generations
  152. would .3 be considered noise?
  153. confused about numbers how much you can inherit
  154. Which is the best calculator to use to see if east african percentage is real?
  155. besides gedmatch are there any other free calculators?
  156. A pentagon of Dutch recent Ancestry in Global 25
  157. Global 25 model request- probably nonsensical
  158. Any reason why distance is a bit higher to what I see other get on GEDmatch?
  159. Global 25 con't
  160. Mephisto's K15 calculator
  161. Confused...AncestryDNA gave me 6% Ashkenazi but 23andMe absolutely none!
  162. West Asian component on 23andme
  163. New calculator K14 (from modified K36 files)
  164. Hi, New here & would really appreciate help figuring out my ancestry (South Asian)
  165. Impact of Unetice or Central European Bronze Age!?
  166. Adoptee from Lebanon - totally lost
  167. Post Your puntDNAL K15 Results
  168. How much ancestry in SE England (East Anglia, Essex, Kent, etc) is pre-Anglo Saxon?
  169. Observations on Sarno et al on SE Europe (S. Italy, Sicily, Greece, Griko, Arbereshe)
  170. Is there a good way of teasing out Irish from Scottish ancestry ?
  171. Ancestry vs Gedmatch vs Paper Trail
  172. An obsession with (semi) exotic admixture ?
  173. Confused with Gedmatch calculators (two people, different data, exactly same results)
  174. How do we define the best ?
  175. British_Roman vs. English + Italian?
  176. McDonald
  177. Dna rootsearch
  178. Could there be a possible Scandinavian connection ?
  179. Parsimonious nMonte Modeling for Modern S/C Asians using pre-Iron Age references
  180. Recebnt ancestry-what does it mean?
  181. Differing shared amounts for same person
  182. New Dodecad K12b Spreadsheet
  183. GEDmatch regular vs. genesis, your opinion...
  184. Help find southeastern component in Gedmatch results
  185. Using Imputed Data with Northern Euro PCA
  186. How far back does Gedmatch: Dodecad ancestry go?
  187. rs16891982(C;C) in Europeans?
  188. Geneplaza K14 Ancient Admixture Results
  189. K20 Bronze-Age calculator
  190. UK and Kingdom of Hanover genetic link
  191. French DNA
  192. Distances in Gedmatch
  193. So I’m sure your not supposed to do this: Admix calc with phased data
  194. Faking matches on gedmatch?
  195. Updated Gedmatch Genesis
  196. Newbie needs help...any at all would be appreciated :)
  197. Eurogenes and the Jtest question
  198. Reliability of Genesis on-to-one matches?
  199. new geneplaza calculator results
  200. Post Your Eurogenes EUtest Results
  201. Back-porting a file to be compatible with gedmatch
  202. What the hell is this?
  203. K36 PCA Megabiplots
  204. Gedmatch: From upload to match, what happens?
  205. 4 new calculators (modern populations)
  206. GEDmatch Genesis chromosome problem?
  207. Melkite Catholic showing "European Jewish" DNA?
  208. A local view on Eurogenes Northern Europe PCA
  209. Curious About My Results
  210. whats the relative accuracy of autosomal DNA testing for ethnicity?
  211. IBD - 3 Hi-Coverage Diploid Steppe samples
  212. Scandinavian matches with my father and I
  213. Elevated Eastern European - significance?
  214. Endogamous Matching
  215. Need some help interpreting my Results (Palestinian/Levantine)
  216. Are all matches in a pile up region distant or false?
  217. 2 segment shared, significance
  218. Is there any ancestry from the Arabian Peninsula in Southern Europe?
  219. which Kxx caculator give the best clustering based entirely by genetic distance
  220. All crap or all on to something
  221. Evil twin is funny
  222. Middle Eastern/Jewish and evil twin
  223. Share your Gedrosia K12 results
  224. Inuit kit
  225. NEW! MDLP K27, Eurogenes K7, K8 and some other from yourdnaportal.com
  226. appearance and ethnicity
  227. What might explain the Northern/Western European input among Lebanese Muslims?
  228. some HarappaWorld Arabian results
  229. Sharing Some Results
  230. Dna of people from NE Scotland?
  231. South Polish (Galicia) Eurogenes K13 Results
  232. British is so boring
  233. Yenish/Yenische/Jenishe DNA..
  234. Question on possible Jewish ancestry
  235. Spanish? Dutch? Sorting out Eurogenes for first time
  236. Colonial ancestry issues
  237. Amerindian vs. Gypsy (Romany) vs. African?: Looking for help with a single ancestor
  238. Something I don't understand from "Insular Celtic" paper on Ireland/UK... help?
  239. GEDmatch into Genesis or Genesis into GEDmatch?
  240. Eurogenes K13 PCA Megaplot
  241. GedMatch - K13 Differences [Ancestry v. 23andMe]
  242. Andhra Pradesh (Telugu) Genetics
  243. North East Italian GEDmatch results
  244. Frisians with ' Irish' on top in K15
  245. Why do the Portuguese have more North African DNA than the Spanish?
  246. 23andme results vs GedMatch Eurogenes k13 and k36 Hidden North African ancestry?
  247. Is anyone truly 100% British/French/German/Italian/Spanish etc ?
  248. Eurogenes EUtest V2 K15 samples for megaplot
  249. What are my results saying? Eurogenes K13 model
  250. MDLP k23b result !