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  1. Genetic ancestry test users 'cherry-pick' which races to identify with
  2. Is it possible to get this calculator or recreate this calc? (2009 K6 SNPs of HapMap)
  3. Joys and pains of qpAdm
  4. South Siberians and West Eurasian component?
  5. What to make of these presumably false matches?
  6. Pileup Region on Chromosome 7
  7. Help. Results make no sense
  8. Tutorial to run supervised admixture analyses
  9. ADMIXTURE STUDIO - tool for DIY calculators
  10. Confused About New Results
  11. Interesting similarities.
  12. Brand new calculator - K16 World
  13. How similar is Northeast Asian-Southeast Asian compared to European-West Asian?
  14. Nibelung Global 25
  15. Automated Global25 nMonte entirely from the web
  16. What’s the max age an autosomal test is effective?
  17. GEDMATCH - Random Native American & Siberian results?
  18. Question on Northern Irish and Scottish DNA
  19. Surprising east african DNA .
  20. DNA Kit Studio -- a handy utility for merging files & extracting SNPs from a VCF file
  21. Which Tests Give you the Lowest and Highest Distance?
  22. Why such a Sharp Drop in Autosomal Matches?
  23. Who am I? deciphering mixed Ancestry
  24. Weird Eastern DNA
  25. Since I am a little regionally mixed.....
  26. The most conclusive calculators for ancient European admixture?
  27. Comparison of autosomal results from different companies for me and my parents
  28. Junk Centimorgan Strands on GEDmatch.com
  29. GEDmatch comparisons - how far back can you make meaningful conclusions?
  30. Why does my father get more Scottish than me?
  31. Any samples from Northeastern Iran
  32. 23andMe sequencing
  33. European Populations Abosorbing Ashkenazi Jewish DNA
  34. I need help to understand an atDNA match
  35. Help me with eurogenes
  36. Help me intrprent Eurogenes k13, what am i?
  37. My Eurogenes K13 results
  38. Global 25 from the Web.
  39. Southern Welsh GEDmatch - remnant of the Silures?
  40. Calculator with sapiens, Neandethal and Denisovan: is it possible?
  41. Which raw data is better to upload to other companies?
  42. How many SNPs does an autosomal ethnicity estimate ideally need to test?
  43. How would you rate MyGenomeBox? (+ post your results)
  44. German and Austrian
  45. How much do Danes and Norwegians differ autosomally?
  46. Melungeon..... modern population questions???
  47. Which GEDmatch calculator should i use?
  48. Global 25 question
  49. Why do so many estimates say I have Eastern European DNA?
  50. what is the phenotype for rs12821256(C;T) ?
  51. Did MyHeritage fix its Nigerian noise issue in results?
  52. Help And Interpret My Results
  53. Ever run into an enormous triangulation group?
  54. Which one of my DNA results is correct?? Different sites for Ashkenazi/Sephardic
  55. Any other admix calculators to try?
  56. My haplogroups
  57. New Eurogenes Celtic vs Germanic PCA
  58. Anybody else here Swabian or ancient Suevi?
  59. Is there anyone you regret not testing?
  60. Question about my autosomal results? Albanian with high North/East Euro
  61. Gedmatch results of a Sardinian (continuation)
  62. Which one of these K36 Results do you think is most accurate?
  63. Using Xmix with Eurogenes Global 25 PCA
  64. North Italian VS Spanish Admix
  65. Help interpreting GEDmatch results
  66. North African Riffian Berber from Alhucemas K13 and dodecad results
  67. More accurate methods of local ancestry estimation
  68. Phasing with both parents
  69. Haplogroup G in Portugal
  70. Interpreting my GED match results
  71. Need help understanding what I am looking at...
  72. globe10 calculator results
  73. touchy subject, asking for advice....
  74. Are genetic differences between Ireland & Britain small enough that they are...
  75. Post your Dodecad K7b
  76. Basque Gedmatch Results
  77. Mozabite Berber Gedmatch
  78. France Gedmatch (Plainfaing, Lorraine)
  79. Hungarian Gedmatch Kits
  80. Finland GedMatch Results
  81. Madeira- Portugal Gedmatch kit
  82. 3 Gedmatch kits using RAW Data from each company.
  83. 1/2 Russian 1/2 Portuguese Gedmatch
  84. Anyone have any Riffian and Bedouin kits????
  85. Canary Islands Gedmatch
  86. 1/2 Siberian 1/2 Armenian Gedmatch results
  87. Sen. Elizabeth Warren's DNA Results
  88. Eritrean Gedmatch Results
  89. Canary Islander Coordinates
  90. Estimating true generation of MRCA after pedigree collapse
  91. Most to least British ancestry within Ireland -- how would the regions be "ranked"?
  92. Scandinavian with and without Orcadian
  93. Trying Iceland + Scandinavian with individual British and Iriah
  94. Gedmatch NA & Meso Results Question
  95. PCA of Mycenaeans, modern Greek-speakers and some relevant populations
  96. A clustering of the Europeans from Global 25
  97. K16 by Lukasz Macuga
  98. Very Atypical Romanian Results
  99. Is there a way of estimating time to common ancestor through autosomal results ?
  100. Does Eurogenes American Indian sway guestimates?
  101. World K=8 calculator based on G25 scaled coordinates
  102. Balkans K4 Global25 Calculator
  103. How much DNA would a an half aunt or uncle share?
  104. My World K=12 G25 calculator
  105. A little G25-K7 based "calculator" for Europeans only.
  106. My G25 K=15
  107. MDLP World Oracle Results
  108. Post Your Colored K36 Heat Map
  109. What does it mean if a DNA match has no shared ethnicities with you?
  110. Ohio Autosomal Spread
  111. Global25 closest single population distances correlation map
  112. NEW Poi's K36 nMonte Runner (PCA based) using my spreadsheet with more than 600 pops
  113. G25 by chromosome
  114. How to create a PCA?
  115. Penelope's thread. A series of PCAs by chromosome on high coverage data
  116. Various aDNA admixture analyses with Wegene 2.0 raw data and 23andme converted data.
  117. Pontic Greek Results
  118. Mr.G K36 Ancestral Report (Father)
  119. rs16891982 CG?
  120. Kazakhstan Gedmatch Results
  121. GEDMATCH West Asian, East Med, Red Sea Question Revisited
  122. which ethnic group has the highest amount of UHG ancestry?
  123. A question for Capitalis re Migration K33
  124. Greek colleagues gedmatch
  125. Ethnogene results
  126. Effective population size in open and isolated European populations
  127. Who are the Palestinian Arabs, and how "indigenous" are they to Israel/Palestine?
  128. Shared ancestors since the 1400s between populations
  129. NEW K10 Turkey to Finland
  130. Global25 - New Balkans K5 Modern Calculator
  131. NEW European K8 G25 Calculator
  132. K25 calculator for G25 scaled spreadsheet
  133. West Eurasian index G25
  134. NEW K35 Calculator based on modern G25 spreadsheet
  135. NEW K10 European Calculator
  136. What's your most distant autosomal match?
  137. Surplus Levant_N in Iranians and Kurds: An Analysis
  138. NEW K10 Bronze Age Calculator
  139. 2 sisters - very different ethnicity estimates
  140. FTDNA results interpretation
  141. Ultimate Modern World K=50 Calculator for G25 Scaled Spreadsheet
  142. G25 ancient 2500 BCE - 2000 BCE calculator
  143. New K6 Balto Slavic
  144. East Eurasian ancestry in various Turkic populations
  145. K 36 'Pulled' my results away from the Levant and toward Iberia
  146. What percentage of Turks are genetically similar/identical to mainland Greeks?
  147. Why European are so heterogeneous than other people?
  148. My average IBD cM per population per Davidski.
  149. More reasoning to support that PuntDNAL is the best calculator :
  150. Close matching on gedmatch which make no sense
  151. 0 - 1000 BCE (Iron Age) G25 Fun Calculator
  152. Global 25 Ancient Britain & Irish vs Present day NW Europeans
  153. normal oracle vs nmonte
  154. Your dna portal
  155. Modern poles of Eurasian variation
  156. Palestinian G25 results
  157. My Palestinian friend's G25 results
  158. so according to the chromosomal painting my dad would be 100% african and pred euro?
  159. Chromosome Browser: how to interpret this result!?
  160. Changing the way we think about Cyprus genetically is necessary. Here's why.
  161. How the English abolished their British (Celtic) ancestors
  162. How much, if any, Phoenician/Carthaginian ancestry exists in SARDINIA?
  163. PuntDNAL the best calculator available on GEDmatch IMO :
  164. I wonder whether there's a way for estimating nMonte for an untested parent
  165. Eurogenes Global 25 Full Moderns Spreadsheet Runs with Gradient Descent Algorithm
  166. My Uzbek wife 23andme results
  167. K36 Chromosomal Analysis Report
  168. G25 calculator of ancient basic components (for fun)
  169. Asian ancestry proof?
  170. Scaled or unscaled,penalty on or off
  171. LM Genetics Chromosomal analysis
  172. Ancient Iranian SNPs.
  173. who sets the points for CentiMorgans?
  174. 23andme nMonte (Euros only)
  175. The Sudanese coincidence
  176. G25 PAST3 File Modeling with nMonte
  177. Anyone have non-Ashkenazi Jewish matches/access to kits that are M34+ M84-?
  178. A glitch with nMonte web runner scaled?
  179. What platform do you trust more (G25, GedMatch, Commercial Tests..)
  180. British isles and Ireland web runner
  181. The after effect of the Northern Beakers......
  182. Origins of Germans in Mecklenburg and Brandenburg
  183. Irish or Scandinavian admixture
  184. Intermarriage
  185. Dutch Longobard? About Scandic and/or Baltic-Slavic influences.....
  186. Model for seeing if you have Longobards? G25
  187. Pashtun K13 calculator
  188. post your Dodecad K12a calculator results
  189. My eurogenes 13k
  190. GEDmatch calculators for West Asia/North Africa/Arabian results
  191. My ancestors path
  192. K36 European Project nMonte and PAST
  193. 24 genetics results
  194. Nebula Genomics
  195. Corded Ware, Beakers and Minoan G25 Calculator
  196. Eurogenes Global 25 Full Ancients Spreadsheet Runs with Gradient Descent Algorithm
  197. Chromosome analysis- Nordic?
  198. Here's a G25 calculator I use a lot, wanted to share it
  199. Could someone recommend a good l model for me- scaled or unscaled-G25?
  200. Question about Raw data from Ancestry DNA
  201. MDLP K23b 4-Ancestors Oracle Serbian
  202. Family Finder Test Would Solve This Riddle
  203. Looking at Iron age Nordic and Iron age England
  204. GEDmatch results using AncestryDNA
  205. How can my distance be so close in Ethiohelix gedmatch?
  206. My LM Genetics ancestry report.(23&me V3)
  207. My LM K 36 Chromosome Analysis.
  208. Question about ancient DNA and autosomal tests
  209. Question about IBD matching.
  210. English vs other global 25 match up
  211. Is it noise even after phasing ?
  212. English,Irish,Scottish + 1 other population
  213. 3D PCA plots
  214. Arabian IAC
  215. New calculator for your recent ancestors
  216. My Evil Twin is Tunisian
  217. Serb or Croat?
  218. Dodgy results
  219. Most Ashkenazi kit I've seen on GEDmatch!
  220. My Average cM Population by IBD Analysis
  221. G25/K36: with (more than) a touch of..... Funnelbeaker (TRB)!?
  222. Questions about half Oceanian, half European people
  223. Nebula Genetics
  224. Raw Data Sharing For Scientific or Amateur Research
  225. Best Chip?
  226. What does this tell you?
  227. Sorcelow Ancient K18 Calculator
  228. K36 affinity map for Southern US white male
  229. Admixture studio -oracle question
  230. MDLP K23b "Christian-Arabs-Israel" Reference Sample (Palestinian Christians)
  231. From East to West, who is more Yamna culture? G25
  232. Ancient G25 World Neolithic-Eneolithic Calculator
  233. What is your most dominant ancestral/genetic component?
  234. New unscaled IA-Roman-Medieval European Calculator (for fun)
  235. Tinkering about with checkfit
  236. Top 10 averaged populations check fits
  237. New improved World Medieval G25 unscaled calculator (for fun, of course)
  238. A Transient Pulse of Genetic Admixture from the Crusaders in the Near East Identified
  239. My true ancestry- Modern group to closest ancient- Dutch
  240. Genetic ethnogenesis of East Slavs (Global25)
  241. New Calculators (k71 & k54) for Europeans essentially
  242. Inflanty (Livonian) Poles on GEDmatch
  243. Corded Ware, check yourself G25. (not for fun)
  244. Basic K4 for Slavs
  245. Sclavenes vs Slavs Medieval Calculator (Best for Eastern Europeans)
  246. Anyone used SNPMAP application?
  247. Has anyone done a Nordic calculator?
  248. Just for fun: Your gedmatch Admixture Utilities Oracle 4 locations
  249. Post yourdnaportal.com Turkic K11
  250. I got my g25 coordinates