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  1. G25 Europe interpolation maps of PC components
  2. Towards a better modelling of NorthWest Europeans in Global 25
  3. My G25
  4. Post dnagenics.com MDLP K18 Ancient Roots
  5. My G25 results, can anyone find a better fit?
  6. are my ancestors from croat serb or bosnian serb and do i have italian ancestry?
  7. What's the difference between Norway and Norway north?
  8. Scaled modern G25 distances to K=42 clusters
  9. Guess this admixture by this results of Gedmatch.
  10. Never mind the quality feel the width?
  11. Using Eurogenes G25 as a PCA
  12. Eurogenes Calculators: K13 and K15
  13. K36 runner check fit
  14. Dissecting human North African gene-flow into its western coastal surroundings.
  15. I need G25 Greek Central Anatolian, Pontic, Cappadocian, and other ME/NA Coords
  16. K15 Eurogenes Interpolation Maps
  17. Admixture studio target mode-help please
  18. English with Indian ancestor with photos + understanding K13 South Asian averages
  19. Eurogenes K36 Ancient ORACLE
  20. K36 PCA Interpolation Maps of Europe
  21. A sceptical article
  22. What are the Irish genetically speaking in summary
  23. Coptic Egyptian G25 coords?
  24. Norman impact on English DNA
  25. K36 oracle from yourdnaportal
  26. Gedmatch Genesis 3D K13
  27. Dodecad Weac + Oracle // post your results!
  28. Lukasz K4 results // post yours!
  29. Dodecad Eurasia 7 from Admix studio
  30. Post your MDLP K12 results from AdmixtureStudio!
  31. nMonte3.R with longer fit list
  32. This is probably a silly question but I'll ask it anyway
  33. G25 nMonte using R
  34. retest with same company but different results?
  35. A personal comparison of scaled and unscaled nMonte
  36. What is the true percentage of white Americans with traceable Sub-Saharan African?
  37. how accurate is this tree chart?
  38. Which settings to use on Gedmatch One-to-One comparison for ancient samples?
  39. Certainly Related
  40. Retest with same company or a different one?
  41. Deciding whether a match is due to a pileup can be hard
  42. My Father's Results Are In (Balkan Turk)
  43. Can someone help me with nMonte please?
  44. What are your top check fit results besides your main ancestry
  45. Improved Sorcelow K18 Calculator
  46. Eurasia K20
  47. Living Dna inaccuracy problem
  48. Asking for a big favour
  49. I'm tempted to think I may have distant Norwegian ancestry
  50. serbian euro 15k
  51. Correspondence Analysis Plots
  52. Searching for the best model for Poi's scaled web runner
  53. If you're on the autistic spectrum you can get really fixated about all this
  54. Why is Botocudo closer to SE Asians than Amerindians?
  56. Are there updated G25 modern scaled and unscaled spreadsheets?
  57. 23andme's Ancestry Timeline is really just a confidence interval/admixture range, no?
  58. I want to run an ancient Nordic/Scandinavian model in R
  59. Ifs and buts
  60. Checkfits for my top individual Icelandic matches
  61. Checkfit scaled - when I'm in the top 10 of custom users
  62. The trouble with individual samples
  63. Poi's G25 online Web Runner and Map utilities.
  64. How can I determine what populations I am mixed with?
  65. What is her ethnicity?
  66. Jordanian Christians on Gedmatch
  67. Is this a normal archaic match?
  68. New African Allele detector on yourdnaportal.com
  69. Sequencing.com Report Thread
  70. South Asian/Indian in Scandinavians
  71. Minor Uralic Admixture or Simple Shared Ancestry?
  72. Grafschaft Glatz German GEDmatch results
  73. Genetic transformation of Anatolia from Global K25's perspective
  74. The best G25 calculator using scaled data
  75. Help For Ancient Roots
  76. Danish Dna
  77. A question about the K36 map
  78. Tutorial: How to make 3D PCA in RStudio
  79. 6.6% Sephardi DNA in G25
  80. G25 Unscaled: Traces of Yamnaya in the West-Nile - Noise or Relics of R1b-V88?
  81. Southeast populations pull to Southwest when given the opportunity in G25 calcs
  82. Have Russians in Siberia mix with natives?
  83. Guess this admixture kit by the GEDmatch oracles
  84. Small Eurocentric G25 Unscaled Basic Calculator
  85. Spanish Netherlands?
  86. nMonte and targeted runs ?
  87. Strange results from MDLP 23 k to brothers of half Lebanese and half north Italian
  88. Pick the bones out of these
  89. My lowest scaled fits
  90. My Ethnogene result
  91. Eastern Europe G25: Iron Age - Medieval
  92. When your % for a population is higher than your parents combined % ?
  93. Any "Slovak" in GEDmatch or other calculator result?
  94. Genetic clustering of the United Kingdom (PoBI) - updated interpretations?
  95. Post your MDLPK 33
  96. How a little bit of a noise population changes the fit
  97. Gatty and variant cousin matches
  98. French Brittany scaled
  99. Bavarian German GEDmatch results
  100. Using my AncestryDNA autosomal raw data to refine my mtDNA haplogroup
  101. K36 nMonte runner- Need feedback please on the results
  102. The Icelandic factor
  103. genomic history of the Near East from whole-genome sequences and genotypes of Yemenis
  104. Sequencing.com Results Compared to Other Sites
  105. Vahaduo Online tool for G25
  106. Convert 23andme v3 into v5 using dnakitstudio
  107. How do you judge how good your autosomal results are ?
  108. Post your Tolan K16 Neolithic from Admixture Studio
  109. The Danish factor
  110. The Eurogenes k36 nMonte runner needs to be fixed or scrapped
  111. My top 3 non British and Irish using Admixture studio
  112. Swedish vs Swedish Viking - what's the difference?
  113. Correlation ?
  114. My problem with nMontes is judging which is a better distance
  115. Geneplaza???
  116. 2nd millennium BCE G25 scaled spreadsheet for calculator
  117. Gedrosia K6 itís strange.
  118. What are your top 3 non native populations ?
  119. Post your closest 100 Global 25 modern populations
  120. Can someone help me interpret my father's LM Genetics ancestral report
  121. I got my g25 coordinates and dont know what to do with it
  122. How much of NW Europeans' Neolithic ancestry was Western European?
  123. Some populations with Bell Beaker
  124. What makes for an ideal calculator ?
  125. Help me to interpret these results
  126. New MyTrueAncestry feature
  127. What's the point of Ancestry's DNA matches if you can only see common ethnicities?
  128. It's small , but might it be real?
  129. I'm a Copt and these are my G25 results
  130. North Sea migration patterns
  131. An ancient with moderns
  132. European PCA and beyond
  133. Iceland scaled web runner
  134. Any mytrueancestry results from saudi arabians or other peninsular arabs?
  135. Serious question
  136. Native American percentage: MyHeritage or FTDNA raw data? (SNPs tested)
  137. British Isles plus 1 other country
  138. I wanted to see how Swedish Swedish Viking is .
  139. What is the difference between Dutch and Frisian?
  140. Iceland samples using freeform runner
  141. Dutch in Scotland?
  142. How I use R- Simple instructions with Pictures
  143. Cherry picking data to fit a theory?
  144. How do I interpret my dad's K36 Chromosomal results
  145. I search my maternal side
  146. Which G25 is the best for real tracing?
  147. Best samples
  148. G25 coordinates results
  149. Shared DNA vs shared matches ?
  150. Why modern Greeks appear to have more Anatolian/Caucasus at G25 than Myceneans?
  151. Eurogenes K9 results - SW Asian spike indicate Sephardic?
  152. How do you define how close a fit is?
  153. What population would be halfway between German and Polish genetically?
  154. Trying to find a pattern here
  155. Half sardinian, half belgian friend results
  156. G25/nMonte: genetic distances issue when using UNSCALED data
  157. My dads g25 results (Balkans)
  158. Modern pop data sheet g25
  159. My Mother's Results Came! 3/4 Turk 1/4 Albanian Gedmatch Results
  160. Doubt about Global25
  161. How reliable is My true ancestry?
  162. Simple Balkan migration calc made from t-sne plot
  163. NW European samples on Voronoi tesselation
  164. West_Armenians kits
  165. Genetic affairs ?
  166. Scandinavian % via FTDNA matches
  167. post your distance to IRN Hasanlu IA
  168. Ancient Near East Results?
  169. Help analysing my results?
  170. Yourdnaportal Extended Neanderthal test
  171. My mother's LM Genetics K36 report
  172. What Spreadsheet did He Used For The Graph?
  173. The Genetic Structure of Levantine and Egyptian Arabs
  174. My Mother's G25 Coordinates!
  175. Turkish Check Fits 100
  176. Best raw data
  177. Subtraction of known origin in G25
  178. Admix studio v1.5 chr check
  179. Genetic affairs clustering - Scandinavian
  180. Ancestry DNA, matches with ancestors born in Scandanavia (Genetic affairs)
  181. High African-Arab component normal in Southwestern Europe?
  182. How Far Back Does A Current Autosomal Karyotype Go?
  183. Does Davidski [Eurogenes] Still offer his Global 25/10 and genetic reports?
  184. Having problems with the Gedmatch tier 1 clustering tool
  185. North sea populations using G25.
  186. Mixed mode oracle for Global25
  187. Eurogenes K36 Oracle
  188. Eastern Euro score on JTest/EUTest
  189. German samples on Global25 - some of them are East Germans too
  190. A little Danish
  191. Model yourself with neighbouring countries in G25
  192. A first, and intriguing glimpse at TRB West Group aDNA........
  193. Danish and some others
  194. G25 Distance Maps To Modern Europeans
  195. My Girlfriends K36 Oracle Report from Lukazs
  196. K36 ancestry report update
  197. G25 Results
  198. Central European people autosomal DNA results
  199. In instances of linguistic change, how often do the invaders overwhelm the natives?
  200. How good is the K36 runner?
  201. Transcaucasian Global 25 Mixed oracle
  202. The weighting game
  203. Hemshin kits ?
  204. Eurogenes EUtest 3D & 2D PCA
  205. How much can sibling admixtures vary in GEDMatch?
  206. Very unlikely but best K36 fit so far
  207. Balkans K6 Global25 Calculator
  208. Baltic/NE European admixture - real or not?
  209. Swedish samples G25
  210. LM Genetics Report
  211. Reference points method oracle
  212. My mongolian results?
  213. Puzzled by this.
  214. North Italian 23andme result after Beta update.
  215. My updated chromosomal report
  216. Sorcelow Ancient calculator Oracle
  217. New Global25 Greek Averages (Peloponnese, Thessaly, Izmir, etc)
  218. Does Erzya (Mordvin) always mean mordvin origin?
  219. Should I Be Excited by This?
  220. A ? re genetic distance vs nMonte resulrs
  221. G25 Model
  222. What means "Southwest Russian" in gedmatch?
  223. Hunter vs Farmer in Croatian, Bosnian or Romanian populations
  224. DNA tests with ethnical sub-regional breakdown?
  225. SAPDA geneplaza
  226. MDLP K23b Mixed mode oracle
  227. A touch of Nordic? K36 ancestry report
  228. DNA Land results?
  229. GEDmatch acquired by Verogen
  230. Does anyone have a list of random gedmatch kits?
  231. Eurogenes K13 by chromosome part 1
  232. Ancestral breakdown East Asian populations
  233. How to properly determine source of Southern European DNA signature?
  234. more regional differences me thinks.
  235. G25 World similarity maps
  236. Canary Islands, Guillen-Guio et al. 2018 study
  237. nMonte for MDLP 27
  238. Avalon vs Valhalla revisited
  239. Multiple independent triangulations?
  240. Gedmatch Calculators on Vahaduo
  241. Question about G25 Ancient samples
  242. New study on Romani shows a common Indian origin and a complex West Eurasian admix
  243. A DNA segment shared by 1/3 of Swedish and Eastern Europeans: is it possible?
  244. Vahaduo Runs
  245. Segment analysis -Admixture studio
  246. Why are Armenians the closest population to me?
  247. How accurately is DNA allocated to a population ?
  248. Has Poi's web runner been abandoned?
  249. nMonte to matches with Gatty ancestry
  250. I Try To Find My Mom's European Side(Greek or Albanian?)