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  1. ph2ter's G25 Ancient samples similarity diagram maps
  2. Clustering the sub modern European G25 samples
  3. My Gedmatch results
  4. My True Ancestry, GEDmatch and Haplogroup result a bit confusing
  5. A puzzle that's got me stumped
  6. My father Azeri-Iranian results (summary)
  7. All G25 custom calculators on Vahaduo on-line
  8. Eurogenes Global 25 with Gradient Descent Optimization - Run Your Own Models!
  9. Complete skeleton from 500s-700s Poland
  10. A Cornish and Italian cluster
  11. LivingDNA results?
  12. Full G25 Modern spreadsheet map diagrams
  13. How far back is my Ashkenazic ancestor (please help)
  14. Ancestry DNA Eastern European
  15. Unscaled vs scaled
  16. Are my DNA results consistent?
  17. Eurogenes k15 plot map?
  18. Genetic affairs
  19. MDLP World 22?
  20. Matches with ancestors born in an European capital city (Ancestry DNA)
  21. Sumy Oblast genetics
  22. Yet another G25 model...
  23. Eurogenes K36 Chromosome Mapping
  24. G25: Medieval Europe
  25. Scaled Shortened Modern fullspreadsheet map-diagrams
  26. Greek Gedmatch Results - with ancestry from various parts of the country
  27. How many SNPs does 23andme, AncestryDNA, and FTDNA cover?
  28. Is it possible to get a false negative ‘match’?
  29. G25 Admix4 and Admix2
  30. A G25 Model for Balkanites.
  31. My results are finally available! 1/2 Silesian 1/4 Northern Italian 1/4 Ulster Irish
  32. +1 G25 Model
  33. Finnish matches
  34. Modern Greeks are modelled better with Imperial era Magna Grecians (?)
  35. G25 Admix8
  36. G25 Admix 4x + 4x + 2x + 2x + 1x + 1x + 1x +1x
  37. What are the pros ans cons of omitting small populations when doing a model ?
  38. Never mind the quality feel the width
  39. G25 Admix custom runs
  40. Chromosome Painting
  41. Ancient admix runs
  42. Exogenix - Don't go on that site !
  43. Greeks are 1/4 of the Slavs?
  44. Do Goan Catholics have any Portuguese DNA in them?
  45. Do Ashkenazi people from different country have different genetics?
  46. What does this mean? Is this a good thing?
  47. My arbitrary ancient calculator
  48. G25 Admix3 with percentages
  49. My populations other than British and Irish
  50. Balkans K4 Global25 Calculator
  51. WGS Extractor Beta - tool for BAMs
  52. Estimating amount of East and West Eurasian ancestries of Amerindians using Global 25
  53. G25 Admix4 in 1/16 chunks
  54. My segment match to someone with Finnish ancestry
  55. Should populations like Icelandic ,Orcadian and Shetlandic always be excluded ?
  56. Coptic egyptian g25 coordinates?
  57. BalkansBronzeAge sample on Dodecad k12b Ancient closest to Macedonian.
  58. In search of the ancestors: Balkan Turks
  59. Possible gyspy ancestry?
  60. Why is Iberia so genetic-northern in relation to their latitude?
  61. Why did Greece receive much more northern genetic addition than Italy?
  62. Who exactly are Nganassans?
  63. G25 Subtraction Plots
  64. G25 coordinates, Saudi Arabian
  65. Help me try to find out my Syrian friends real ancestry
  66. Greek Islander G25 Coords
  67. GEDMatch Oracles
  68. Post Your Eurogenes K13 Vahaduo Results(Modern & Ancient)
  69. Post Your Eurogenes K15 Vahaduo Results(Modern & Ancient)
  70. Gedmatch subtraction plots
  71. Vahaduo results?
  72. G25 subtraction on the map
  73. K36 Plot map?
  74. Secondary populations
  75. My father's updated K36 ancestry report
  76. Wow -best match yet
  77. G25 vahaduo results
  78. Are Poles as Eastern or Western Europe on yourDNA??
  79. G25 European Ancestry
  80. Best Admixture calculator for Europeans with small % south or east asian oceanian etc
  81. Amerindian-like input in pred. Irish person?
  82. G25 ancestry modelling method using Past4 clustering and visual guidance by PCA plots
  83. Gatty -Gatti clutching at straws
  84. MyHeritage G25 Model (SCALED)
  85. AncestryDNA Model (SCALED)
  86. Basic British isles calc V1 (Scaled)
  87. How to use vahaduo?
  88. How can I contact Doug McDonald?
  89. GEDMatch Oracles
  90. Plink2
  91. Segment match to a 2nd cousin using admix studio
  92. Genetic oddity—girl who shares 9% of her DNA with 1 grandparent, and 41% with another
  93. G25 modelling
  94. New version of Reich lab dataset
  95. Can someone plot my south Asian friend
  96. Difference between Siberian and NE Asian
  97. Nmonte word cloud - just for fun
  98. How Can I Sure Am I Have Crimean Tatar Ancestry or Not?
  99. Help me to define my ancestry percentages
  100. The European calc (G25 Scaled)
  101. 0 - 1000 BCE (Iron Age) G25 Calculator
  102. LivingDNA model (SCALED)
  103. Italian coordinates from Friuli
  104. The simplicity of Eurogenes 13 & 15
  105. Looking for North Italian kits
  106. LM Genetics global k3, K4 & K5
  107. My weird ftdna results
  108. Something to cleanse your brain of depressing thoughts - Ancient subtraction charts
  109. My G25 results (Morocco)
  110. Italian coincidences
  111. Ftdna myOrigins G25 (Scaled).
  112. Copt autosomal results in comparison to other non coptic egyptians
  113. Language Families G25 Model (SCALED)
  114. Dimensionality reduction analysis reveals fine-scale diversity within the Japanese po
  115. World K39 G25 Model (SCALED)
  116. Why do Uyghurs have more West Eurasian DNA than Kyrgyz do?
  117. Should the autosomal matches given be streamlined?
  118. Modern K64 (SCALED) G25 Model
  119. Genetic distance question
  120. ph2ter's New Roman-Medieval unscaled calc for fun
  121. Geneanet are really ramping up the matches
  122. G25 results from East Anglia/SE England
  123. I have a question about Palestinian Christians
  124. East of Indus vs West of Indus?
  125. Think there is something going on here.
  126. G25 detailed ancestry breakdown
  127. Finally Danish samples in G25 (and French_Seine-Maritime and French_Pas-de-Calais)
  128. Irish/Scottish and Dutch-thoughts please.
  129. New G25 euclidean and correlaion maps by LM Genetics
  130. A plot for patient people
  131. Post your Eurogenes K13 vahaduo runs
  132. Greek auDNA results.
  133. G25 Eurogenes dataset Averages & Individual samples
  134. Macedonian Gedmatch kits
  135. ADMIXTURE software download page down for months. Anyone have a mirror?
  136. A genetic atlas of human admixture history (Need help analyzing files!)
  137. Which group is genetically more Levanite, Lebanese or Palestinian Christians?
  138. Dodecad 12b ancient West Eurasia (admix studio)
  139. Recombination odds
  140. G25 Distance Maps to selected Early Medieval Samples
  141. 100% Scotland and Ireland?
  142. Iron Age G25 distance maps
  143. Modelling Iron age ancestry
  144. One unusual surname, three matches bearing it... little overlap
  145. Lebanese: 3 Cousins GEDMatch results + MyHeritage results
  146. Comparing Modern Lebanese to Ancient Individuals on Vahaduo
  147. Turkish/Yoruk result from Mersin/Turkey
  148. About bmac
  149. This may just be coincidental , but it's interesting
  150. ph2ter's K13 Distance Maps
  151. What are your views on Eurogenes K13 AND K15?
  152. 14 Populations Worldwide - Unscaled Calculator
  153. Ancient Calculator by Nicola Unscaled
  154. How much Neolithic Farmer admix does Saami, Mari, Udmurt, other Uralics really have?
  155. World K134 G25 (SCALED)
  156. 12 Components Model - Unscaled
  157. Study - Ottoman Frontier Genetics
  158. Coastal Mediterranean Model - Unscaled
  159. MENA K18 - Unscaled
  160. How to make calculator: East Europe, South Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Africa
  161. Companies vs hobbies
  162. Ph2ter's Eurogenes K13 and K15 Distance Similarity Maps
  163. What Dutch DNA Looks Like – 2020 Edition
  164. Source of trace Middle Eastern ancestry in my dad's G25 and other calcs?
  165. Can JPN_Jomon act as a "proxy" for something else in the region?
  166. K11 Turkic Calculator Results
  167. G25 coordinates - how do i get them?
  168. Family Ancestry,Living DNA my results
  169. G25 Iron Age Related
  170. G25 samples from Cassidy & Ancient France when?
  171. 4,000 years of contact, conflict and cultural change had little impact in Near East
  172. Armenian Armenian Academic samples Eurogenes K15
  173. Not quite sure what to make of this
  174. Is this study credible ?
  175. How much of these are Italian?
  176. Northern Mediterranean-focused Global 25-based Vahaduo analysis
  177. If a european lacks a strong result from Eurogenes, what calculator to use?
  178. G25 Neolithic model
  179. okarinaofsteiner's East Eurasian GEDmatch megathread
  180. why mixed Armenians closer to the Balkans ?
  181. Can regionally mixed people have their mixes "unmixed"?
  182. European Köppen climate calc
  183. How long does LivingDNA usually take?
  184. Gencove-like G25 calculator
  185. Just a coincidence?
  186. G25 Calculator Cocktail
  187. Nurzat K12 World calculator
  188. Central Asia based G25
  189. Best Ancestral Population Sources For Ancient Model/Calculator
  190. ph2ter's MDLP K23b Similarity Maps
  191. European PCA G25: Bell-Beaker, Bronze & Iron Ages, with modern population
  192. MidEast Ancestry Scaled Calculator
  193. TolanK25 from yourdnaportal
  194. Dodecad K12b from Admixstudio ?
  195. Could someone please interpret this for me?
  196. Researching Possible Jewish Ancestry-GED painting- NEED HELP PLEASE! :)
  197. Distances of 0 on gedmatch calculators?
  198. Swedish regional gedmatch K13, K15 and MDLP K23b similarity maps
  199. What is the best, most accurate way to measure recent and ancient ancestry?
  200. How to actually know what my father is, genetically?
  201. Post dodecad k7b results
  202. Genotek results
  203. Is Global25 better than most comercial testing at determining ancestry?
  204. Nicola ancient iron-medieval age G25
  205. Major updates to ADMIXTOOLS (June 2020)
  206. ANE (Ancient North Eurasian) Updates
  207. Eurogenes K15 Ancient Calculator (Admixture Studio)
  208. Sicilian Gedmatch results
  209. Any way to measure autosmal ancient ancestry?
  210. Ph2ter's Eurogenes K36 Similarity maps
  211. Eurogenes K13 Ancient Calculator (Admixture Studio)
  212. Using G25 to find signs of Balto-Slavic genetic drift
  213. G25 of 50% Armenian 50% Unknown. Need help
  214. K36 Population Average Link ?
  215. Small matches aren't always necessarily false matches?
  216. New to this site, sorry if there is a thread for this
  217. Iranian Azerbaijani G25 Results
  218. Way to manually assign 2% of ancestry in G25?
  219. French G25 refrences from modern pop averages groups.
  220. Ethnogene might be back
  221. DIY Ancient Scaled Calc for Italians and Western Jews
  222. Italian G25 refrences from modern pop averages groups.
  223. Jerry is digging deeper.....
  224. Is there a pile up region on chromosome 10?
  225. Jewish or Bulgarian???
  226. MyHeritage V2 G25 (SCALED)
  227. I am from east anatolia which calculator on gedmatch is better for me?
  228. Should i go by my phased raw dna results or my normal raw dna from 23andme
  229. Roman Provinces - Calculator (G25-scaled)
  230. Gedmatch is now crap
  231. Post Genoplot Mixed Oracles
  232. Why do I have matches with full Ashkenazis in chromosomes that have only broadly euro
  233. Question about G25 modeling: Piedmont and the Levant?
  234. Gatty,Gattey,Gatley,Getty
  235. G25 Ancient Baltic Bronze and Iron Age Samples Maximum Frequencies
  236. Some Polynesians carry DNA of ancient Native Americans, new study finds
  237. German and Polish artificial G25 regional averages
  238. Greek Vlachs and other Northern Greek groups genetics
  239. Multiple ancient humans autosomal analysis
  240. Post map of your G25 Vahaduo admixtures!
  241. Scaled G25 model with customized references.
  242. Balkan model
  243. What's up with GEDmatch and how safe are these Sites
  244. G25 modeling a Levantine: only 40% Levantine???
  245. Error when running nMonte
  246. Pre-5000 BC World Calculator (scaled coordinates)
  247. Insights on calculator, please?
  248. Separate DNA chromosomes into parents halves like in 23andme
  249. Eurogenes' Hunter_Farmer_Herder_2020
  250. GoyetQ 2 - a new component in European ancestry composition