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  1. Help to interpret my Portuguese Gedmatch result
  2. Black Sea Calculator
  3. GEDmatch differences between 23/me and Ancestry
  4. Irish Gedmatch kit numbers
  5. Hunter-Farmer in the TRB horizon
  6. Hunter-Farmer-Herder in Nordic LNBA
  8. North Caucasus Autosomal Background
  9. How to use Global 25?
  10. Similarity Maps Moving Gifs by Chromosome
  11. Experimental K12 "Deep" Calculator for Africans and West Eurasians
  12. Greek gedmatch results from Andros, Cyclades
  13. Caucasus Jews Results (Mountain Jews) my father and me
  14. I have no matches through my southern European ancestry
  15. Gatti-Gatty
  16. Merging 2 Ghost DNA kits obtained from siblings and a parent
  17. Are there autosomal differences between Christian and Muslim Lebanese?
  18. G25 model with 23 customized references (Scaled) by Mokordo
  19. West Asian = Eastern European????
  20. DNA legacy of slave trade networks in the Eastern Mediterranean? (non-colonial focus)
  21. K36 Eurogenes
  22. Southern Signal (take two), using G25 to try and clear it up..
  23. G25 3D Display on-line by Vahaduo
  24. Higher than average for Slav Altaic Admixture
  25. African subregions calculator G25 [scaled]
  26. Guess this g25 admixture from 2 population admixture
  27. Unscaled Ancient Model
  28. Geneplaza K5 Admixture
  29. PCAs on the basis of qpAdm models, for European modern groups.
  30. G25 results to 5/8 Lebanese, 2/8 Spanish and 1/8 North Italian
  31. Admix2 custom runs with G25 individual ancient and modern sample list
  32. Why don't my Sudanese models work?
  33. How I run clustering in Past4 and Excel
  34. Germanics in G25 (unscaled)
  35. What are the genetic differences between Pontic Greeks and Cappadocian Greeks?
  36. Please explain G25
  37. Admixture Populations Global 25
  38. GenoPlot Jtest Results (African American / Caribbean)
  39. Why are my autosomal results not represenative of my paper trail?
  40. A bunch of results from Genoplot and Vahaduo
  41. G25 of son and mother what is his other half?
  42. reliability of autosomal. case: 23andme vs Eurogenes
  43. How much Mongolian DNA do East Russians have?
  44. G25 Admix2 Individual Ancients by Epochs
  45. Help to predict Now mother G25 half
  46. Get mom coordinates by dad and son results ??
  47. Guess her Origin g25 coordinates
  48. Why PCA sometimes give strange positions ?
  49. (new software) G25 Studio
  50. Anatolian-Balkan component/s in the pan-European Romani genepool.
  51. G25 vs AncestryDNA
  52. Scottish Islands
  53. My Fathers Updated K36 report
  54. Updated Ancestry Results
  55. Europe & Mediterranean K7 G25 caculator
  56. Genetic research on Italian population - here the scientific article
  57. Conversion request for some novel African sample for the G25
  58. i want help because in vahaduo give some strange results, his results are compatible
  59. Is 23andme v5 Raw Data really bad in uploading to G25 coordinates???
  60. New World K29 Calculator (SCALED)
  61. Living DNA Slavic DNA
  62. Ancient West Europe K6
  63. How much did the "Vikings" really influence the UK?
  64. How much Bulgar DNA do modern Bulgarians have?
  65. Autosomal Age Ranges used by the Commercial Testing Companies & Community Calcs
  66. Exit modern Global25 or unsupervised_modern_Europeans?
  67. This g25 all INDIVUAL results it's compatible to half Lebanese/ half Spanish?
  68. Ratio of cousin matches to size of population?
  69. How to make average G25 coordinates?
  70. Is the Lipson/Reich paper correct in its modeling/conclusions?
  71. Modeling South Italians (G25)
  72. Anatolian shift of modern east iranians.
  73. G25 Viking Paper Model
  74. 47 High Coverage Punjabi Sikh Indian Global 25 coordinates
  75. My Gedmatch + G25 results (Portuguese)
  76. My new Roman-Medieval calc
  77. G25 Caucasian Ancestry or Admixture???
  78. Origins of Grandmother.
  79. G25 Moderns from Ancients - unscaled
  80. Cypriot and Jewish
  81. Bessarabian Bulgarians
  82. Similitary maps Ph2Ter
  83. Viking age Swedes VS modern Swedes
  84. Can having no matches be result of genetic isolation of ancestors for 200 years?
  85. West European & Mediterranean G25
  86. My g25 results Azerbaijani Help needed for interpretation
  87. Share your Vahaduo MDLP K16 results!
  88. Please help me fill out my G25 calculator
  89. If Iberia had not received DNA from North Africans and Sephardic Jews?
  90. A question about the admixture from northwestern Europe
  91. UMAP of (sub)modern Europeans
  92. What do you think of this result?
  93. Please help me with G25 coordinates
  94. Dodecad Globe K13 nmonte?
  95. G25 World K60 [SCALED]
  96. 6 genetic regions Europeans - crated by me
  97. Haplogroup question
  98. Henry William Gatty
  99. Is Admixture Studio accurate?
  100. ph2ter Medieval Similarity Maps
  101. New study about Tunisian Arabs and Berbers
  102. Global Ancient G25 Calculator (scaled)
  103. 2D PCA plots: are they informative enough for autosomal DNA similarity?
  104. West Eurasian ancestry in Bhutanese
  105. Amateur interpretation of UMAP map
  106. How to know from what area do my ancestors moved 300 years ago?
  107. ph2ter's UMAP, t-SNE and PCA plots
  108. Myheritage update?
  109. Surnames from Finnish Geneanet matches
  110. k36 average???????
  111. Dna Results are fake !
  112. Genetic question
  113. Reverse engineering raw data
  114. Help please
  115. Ancient individual scaled with Viking
  116. Ancestry DNA matches with Irish birth locations -15+ cMs
  117. NorthWest Europe Calculator - Unscaled
  118. G25 Davidski's Ancient Calculator - Scaled
  119. A little calculator (one more!) for Europeans with G25 UNSCALED
  120. G25 Ancient Individual Samples scaled, official Eurogenes Global25 with Vikings
  121. Insular Celts vs Scandinavians - C vs G model
  122. Neolithic model with simulated samples
  123. Code for g25 coordinates
  124. Grenzmark- a question
  125. Neolithic model adjusted with simulated more simulated samples
  126. How to build G25 coordinates from Raw data
  127. Ethnogene results
  128. Trying to differentiate NW Europeans - G25 - Unscaled
  129. British Isles K15 Calculator
  130. Palestinian and Jordanian ran on Neolithic model with simulated samples
  131. My genetic map(Sequencing.com)
  132. Converted V3 or original V5
  133. Running out of time
  134. Program or website for Gedmatch results
  135. Genoplot Optimafit free run
  136. Hebridean DNA?
  137. G25 Modern & Ancient individual samples scaled, compiled from official Eurogenes Glob
  138. Riffian results
  139. Guanches ran on my modern model
  140. Arab genetic continuity in North Africa (Tunis).
  141. [G25] How to create averages and ghosts?
  142. Best way to interpret G25 coordinates?
  143. Differentiation into European components by using admix-n and convex optimization
  144. Public Raw Database
  145. I make an improved Eurogenes K15 plot
  146. Gedmatch for Ancient DNA
  147. List of Global25 modern pop averages by closest item
  148. Post your modern averages
  149. Trace Ashkenazi - finding common ancestor or location
  150. Trying this- Vahaduo
  151. G25 new model (modern) with customized references.
  152. Far out unscaled populations - anyone else get them?
  153. South Italian g25 vs ancient Greco italic people
  154. does g25 have a north and especially east european bias?
  155. How do you combine two samples to make a single target on g25?
  156. Unscaled Global 25 distance to ancients
  157. Modelling with natufian
  158. What is the best testing company for raw data?
  159. Post V2 Eurogenes oracle from YourDnaPortal
  160. New 2 way, 4way and 10% minimum oracles at yourDNAportal
  161. Chromosome 7- Scandinavian ?
  162. Modern model for middle easterners and North Africans
  163. Post your Updated Eurogenes K13 oracle from YourDnaPortal
  164. Additional Modern Greek Averages
  165. ph2ter's Celto-Germanic similarity maps
  166. Genetic diversity Vs Genetic distance
  167. How should I interpret my G25 Results?
  168. Model with Arabian hunter gatherer
  169. Iranian/Caucasian/Mesopotamian in Syrian Muslim 23andme results
  170. Arab World - Autosomal map - PCA
  171. I am Zaza from Turkey gedmatch results
  172. ph2ter's Iron Age scaled convex admix decomposition maps
  173. UN geographical World Regions G25 Scaled calculator (customized references)
  174. Saami genetics
  175. In need of Coptic g25 coordinates
  176. Nordic/Scandinavian with latest G25 modern scaled
  177. Updated G25 Modern Averages
  178. kyp.snow's 23andme results (Azerbaijani from Iran + German)
  179. Mantel's Test: G25 vs genetic distances.
  180. Non native populations 5% or over
  181. New Autosomal data from Lebanon,Armenia,Iran,Iraq,Turkey,Cyprus,Jordan,Syr ia,Ukraine
  182. Azerbaijani Caucasian-Tsakhur Dodecad k12b results
  183. World K134 by Supreeeme
  184. Question about archaic admixture.
  185. New version-UN regions Scaled G25 calculator (customized references) - V2
  186. Admixture in 3D - Arab World
  187. Levantines
  188. Tatar admixture in Russians
  189. Middle East (Jews and Arabs) compared to ancient Canaanites
  190. I create European admixture map with the Vahaduo
  191. Dust
  192. Need help to equalize distance to 0 in 2admix for these population!
  193. How well can you model yourself with only ancient samples from your country?
  194. What if the Balkan Germanics instead of Slavs?
  195. Iron Age - Roman simple scaled calculator for fun
  196. Question about G25 distance
  197. Outliers in averages of modern populations
  198. Is my dna exaggerated?
  199. How can I calculate admixtures in one chromosomal segment on Gedmatch?
  200. Cracow Calculator Update
  201. Chromosomal Analysis
  202. The new European calculator
  203. Modern European Dimensions calculator (scaled - G25)
  204. ph2ter's ultimate Neolithic calculator
  205. MyHeritage scaled G25 customized model.
  206. Jordanian Christians G25
  207. What population this samples fit better? G25 coordinates help to found origins
  208. Single thread for G25 modelling requests
  209. New feature on Vahaduo "Reduce"
  210. Need help.
  211. French from Berry
  212. Central French results
  213. ph2ter's Farmers-Steppe G25 scaled calculator (3rd-4th millenium BCE)
  214. Why they don't plot together? (Northwest vs Northeast)
  215. My friend parents G25!! What pop they fit better?
  216. Haut-de-France results
  217. Experiment with Vahaduo modern scaled Distance Feature
  218. Searching for the following Eurogenes K15 averages - please help!
  219. Lebanese G25 coordinates (has arab Bedouin background)
  220. G25 Modern Coordinates Depository
  221. North Sea "outliers?
  222. French half western breton half berrichon
  223. Breton Morbihan results
  224. Two french results
  225. This is an odd one
  226. Best way to process 23andme raw data
  227. New update K15 Eurogenes plot
  228. New, Roman Earth towards Medieval calculator(G25-Scaled)
  229. S. Polish and Austrian K15 samples?
  230. Who each K15 Eurogenes component is closest and farthest to
  231. An experiment with modern averages only.
  232. Ancient populations G25 [Best candidates for North/east asians]
  233. Genetically speaking who are the Alawites?
  234. qpAdm - my first attempts
  235. K13-type model (G25 scaled customized references)
  236. Vahaduo Now Has Mixed Mode
  237. 651 New Sample for G25
  238. Help converting samples for g25
  239. Worldwide components calculator (scaled - G25)
  240. Can anyone help me to convert and upload these samples to Gedmatch?
  241. New ancient samples [G25]
  242. Italic VS Greek admixture in modern Itallians
  243. MBA (1500 BCE - 2000 BCE) G25 scaled calculator (for fun)
  244. Ancient African G25 calculator
  245. Carthaginians = Punicized North africans ?
  246. Feiichy South-East Europe calculator
  247. New model for Mediterraneans and West-Asians
  248. North Caucasians Autosomal Steppe Ancestry
  249. G25 Modelling...please explain...and can I do it myself?
  250. YourDNAPortal Oracles.