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  1. Hunter-gatherer genomes a trove of genetic diversity
  2. North African Jewish and non-Jewish populations form distinctive, orthogonal clusters
  3. Colonial settlement patterns & gaps vs. NPEs
  4. Slightly Finnocentric IBS-project
  5. My Finnish ''Cousins''
  6. Belizean Ancestry Project Thread
  7. Gedmatch phased data??? How to use?
  8. Ancient Admixture in Human History (Patterson et al 2012)
  9. Shared segments-common ancestor or not?
  10. Summing Up ADMIXTURE Components
  11. Where Do I Fit In Best
  12. Finnish Founder Effect Confirmed By fastIBD Results
  13. An estimate of the admixture time for Finns
  14. Genome-wide scan with nearly 700 000 SNPs in two Sardinian sub-populations
  15. Figuring Out A Chromosome Segment
  16. pseudoautosomal regions
  17. GenoChip conversion utility
  18. My Portuguese gedmatch result
  19. Inferences on PIE genetic make-up via modern trends
  20. Picking Apart The ''Northern European'' Component
  21. Genome-wide data substantiate Holocene gene flow from India to Australia
  22. East Asian = Native American?
  23. 23&me + GED-Match results of a Guinean Fula from Fouta Djallon
  24. Family Finder 'revised' algorithm
  25. Classification problems .. Family finder.
  26. Oracle-4 Results Comparison From MDLP, Eurogenes, Dodecad and HarappaWorld
  27. I'm interested in finding people with rs41302905 CT or TT
  28. Proto Indo-Iranian autosomal approximation
  29. Eurogenes K36 Components With The Most Mesolithic Alleles
  30. 23andme Relative Finder and FTDNA Family Finder Thresholds
  31. Genes Show One Big European Family
  32. Serbs/ Serbian genetics
  33. Huguenot endogamy?
  34. Post Your Dodecad V3 Results
  35. J Man's Paternal Grandfather's Autosomal GEDmatch Results
  36. Strange Gedmatch behavior
  37. Red Hair
  38. Family Finder and Lactase Persistence
  39. Ancestry Painting McDonald
  40. Age Of IBD Segments Shared With Cousin
  41. Question About My Grandmother's Paternity Based On Family Finder Results
  42. Hazel Eye Colour
  43. DMXX's Eye Colour Project (v.2)
  44. The color of the eyes: at least 17 HERC2 variants in Human gene pool
  45. Pigmentation Genotype Maps (+ Kalash resolution)
  46. Warrior Gene Rs4680
  47. ADMIXTURE tracks Amerindian-like admixture in northern Europe
  48. Nonspecific North European Category On Ancestry Composition At 23andme
  49. Differences in Sibling "Cousins" matches
  50. What ever does this mean?
  51. Percentage of DNA and Number of Segments Shared With Relatives
  52. Pigmentation, phylogeny, history, and adaptation
  53. Bone Strength Calculator
  54. Denisovian and Neanderthal on Gedmatch..
  55. Best GEDmatch Autosomal Calculator For West Eurasians
  56. Confirming paper trail with DNA
  57. Eupedia autosomal maps
  58. Common Ancestor By Cousin level match
  59. Percentage of DNA Shared and IBD Segments Question
  60. Doug McDonald's Personal Analysis of BGA (BiogeoGraphical Ancestry) Results
  61. Britain's DNA
  62. Science behind Autosomal DNA
  63. Noise Threshold On Autosomal DNA IBD Segment Matches
  64. What Exactly Is The North European Component Made Up Of?
  65. Some Paleolithic Europeans likely had Red Hair and Fair skin!
  66. My Family Finder Results (FTDNA) LEBANESE CHRISTIAN
  67. My DODECAD and Harrapa results:
  68. Among Europeans, who have "east asian"?
  69. My 23andme and Eurogenes Admix test results!
  70. Indo-European Language SPA Map
  71. Three-way Match Topology
  72. How many matches?
  73. Jewish ancestry?
  74. Iranian Jews: Reconciling Autosomal DNA and Physical Appearance
  75. Post Your EEF, WHG and ANE Admixture Proportions
  76. Usefulness of Higher Density SNP Testing in Autosomal Matching
  77. The African Affinities Of Middle Eastern Populations
  78. Geospatial Question concerning Country/Population Center Point
  79. Ancient DNA skin pigmentation SNPs that are on 23andme.
  80. Admixture Name Description
  81. Autosomol Analyzer
  82. Spatial Map (dudes)
  83. DIY TOOL
  84. Autosomal tools
  85. Assyrian Autosomal DNA Thread
  86. Cretan and Aegans autosomal dna
  87. Hair and eye colour genetic study (Ireland, Greece and Poland) 2013
  88. PCA plot using FLashpca
  89. Biographical plotting
  90. Understanding my Autosomal results
  91. Mandaean Phenotypic Variation
  92. Experimentation with Admixture Software
  93. Is there evidence of blondism at Afanasievo or early Tarim inhabitants?
  94. Separate maps for three ancestral components of europeans
  95. Random Autosomal Musings
  96. How accurate are the 'One-to-many' matches on GEDMatch
  97. Furutrad DNA tools - Chromosome 2D visualizer and comparison software
  98. "Dark pigmentation of Eneolithic and Bronze Age kurgan groups from eastern Europe"
  99. Autosomal tests
  100. My autosomal results transfer to Mcdonald
  101. Worldwide ROH paper (Pemberton et al.)
  102. NatGeno ADna
  103. Prosapia Genetics ( Village of Origin, 1000AD
  104. Experimentation with TreeMix Software
  105. Strange 23andme Ancestry Composition Results For A French-Canadian
  106. Blonde hair study (Guenther et al. 2014)
  107. Lactase Persistence Mutation In Europeans
  108. South Asian Admixture Graphs Analyzed, Please Read whole post
  109. Different ancestry composition from FTDNA, 23andMe and NG Geno 2.0
  110. Help solving family mystery!
  111. Kurdish Jews
  112. R1b-CTS9219 post your Autosomal (auDNA)
  113. Gedmatch admixture runs
  114. Proto-Indo-European admixture
  115. Anchored in Armenia: An Exercise in Genetic Relativity
  116. MDLP ancient roots !?!
  117. Cuban admixture
  118. Alanson's MLDP Ancient roots K18
  119. Help with interpreting Gedmatch results
  120. Eurogenes K=6 Components
  121. Widely varying genetics in SW Asia in pre-farming and early farming times?
  122. Corsican DNA
  123. Eurogenes _ ANE K7
  124. Using Semargl
  125. Anthrogenica Users Segment Sharing
  126. Post your MDLP K23b calculator/Oracle/ ancestry here
  127. DNA One-To-One Comparison Results
  128. DNA of Turks from Ispir/Erzurum
  129. GEDmatch need help with results.
  130. Haplogroup prediction with autosomal raw data
  131. The genetic background of Ashkenazi Jews, what is known so far?
  132. Post your Eurogenes fit to Hinxton-1
  133. GIANT study reveals giant number of genes linked to height
  134. Recent evolution of the mutation rate and spectrum in Europeans
  135. Ranchi, Jharkhand, India/Jorhat, Assam, India?
  136. Where would somebody like this plot?
  137. ANE Autosomal DNA Component Likely From Eastern European Hunter-Gatherers
  138. Question regarding the transmission of dna from parent to child
  139. Stretch highly selected for on chromosome 16?
  140. What's up with Chromosome number 6
  141. GEDmatch Archaic Matches
  142. GEDmatch current matches
  143. Which ethnic group has highest Caucuses_Gedrosia Dodecad World9 component ?
  144. 23andme split view genetics
  145. IBD Or IBS?
  146. Post your Dodecad K12b Results
  147. Post your Eurogenes V2 K15 results
  148. Definition of "distance" in population sharing
  149. Eurogenes K13 Results
  150. Anyone have AA on rs1015362? Whats your ethnic background?
  151. Ftdna FF new indicators
  152. Kurdís Sun Sensitivity/Melanin/Melanoma SNP Project
  153. What do fst distances show?
  154. Eurogenes K15 Results For Upper Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic Individuals
  155. Reason Why Near Eastern People Score Zero Or Negative WHG Scores
  156. West Eurasia K8
  157. Interesting 23andme matches.
  158. How much Amerindian do White Americans score?
  159. Model Yourself As A Mixture of Ancient Genomes
  160. Ancestry Composition vs. IBD Segments
  161. Post and discuss your Eurogenes k36 results
  162. Dueling Banjos: Are Your Parents Related?
  163. Best or most accurate Gedmatch Admixture?
  164. Eurogenes Hunter Gatherer vs Farmer results
  165. Post your West Eurasia K8 results
  166. Pedigree Collapse Calculator
  167. ANE K8 oracles for Euros, using ancient Euros and modern Middle easterns
  168. DNA based ancestral Kurd affinity to South Asian groups
  169. Experimentation with SpaceMix
  170. Western European and Balkan mix
  171. Post your MDLP World results
  172. Placing ancient Anatolia for AuDna
  173. Plot of WHG & S. Eurasian based on K8 Spreadsheet
  174. Post-Neolithic impact lesser as we move south in Europe- fair comment?
  175. Post your chromosome paintings (Reduced size)
  176. Plot of Eurogenes K13 Means S. Asian vs W. Asian
  177. Post MDLP World-22 Admixture (Part 1)
  178. list of interesting SNPs
  179. Oracle Four Population Approximations - Relationship to Known Ancestry
  181. Those of European descent, lets see if we can figure out this South Asian thing...
  182. Using the "fateful traingle" to discover who Euro's non-Yamna ancestors were
  183. ANE In North-West Europe
  184. Genome data conversions
  185. Please Interpret My Results
  187. Distant Dutch "Frisian" ancestry?
  188. Just bought the family finder on FTDNA
  189. red beard
  190. Interpret these results
  191. Post your 23andMe Countries of Ancestry Matches
  192. Post your data for East Eurasian vs. West Eurasian Plots
  193. K7b dodecad - maybe the way to go
  194. The autosomal make-up of Europe after the 2015 study
  195. Admixture analysis of cape coloureds
  196. Mystery component in Yamnaya
  197. Onge admixture in SE asian populations.
  198. Post your Eurogenes K9 for a Community Plot
  199. Program to Calculate Genetic Overlap/ Similarity to Asian Populations
  200. Component atlantic: separate the north of the south
  201. Plotting & Analysis of FTDNA MyOrigins Autosomal Data
  202. Post Ancestry.com , 23andme and MyOrgins for the same person
  203. Possible Jewish Ancestry?
  204. European Component in South and Central Asians
  205. Can someone please help me interpret? Very confused newbie!
  206. New FTDNA Red Hair Variants Project
  207. MDLP k23b PART 1 of 2- Admixture Variance by Chromosome
  208. MDLP K23b Project - Part 2 of 2- Community PCAs, graphs, & charts
  209. Re-Testing Eurogenes Hunter_Gatherer vs. Farmer Admixture Proportions
  210. Directed Segment Comparisons
  211. physically impossible, fuzzy data and marketing oriented factoids
  212. English/Autosomal
  213. The genetics of the Levant and the Mesopotamia-Iran
  214. Regional Personality Differences in Great Britain
  215. Member's Hirisplex results
  216. Post your Dodecad K7b results
  217. North African and Middle Eastern ancestry, real or not
  218. Post for Dodecad k12b PCAs, Graphs, and Dendograms
  219. Upload your K9 results
  220. 8.2 CM MATCH
  221. Eurogenes K9 Teal PCAs/Graphs/Dendograms
  222. Determining ancestry via shared segments
  223. Does this suggest Scandinavian ancestry?
  224. Anyone order DNAFit?
  225. How did you confirm your Scandinavian ancestry?
  226. Post your Yamnaya related K6 for graphs/PCAs
  227. Post your Eurogenes Jtest Results
  228. MDLP K14 Ancestral North Indian
  229. eurogenes steppe k10
  230. Is there any way to see genetical distance between populations in gedmatch or DIY?
  231. A 3rd branch of Crown Eurasians?
  232. Looking for ASI
  233. Post your Dodecad World9 Results
  234. K6 population averages spreadsheet and maps
  235. No eastern European in my origins.....
  236. Post Your MDLP K12 Results
  237. MDLP K7 Calculator
  238. Where do you plot on Interpretome PCAs?
  239. looking for DIY files
  240. Eurasia K10
  241. Post your West Eurasian Cline (WEAC2) Results for PCAs & Graphs
  242. [Split] The Jatts & Their Genetic Origins
  243. D-Stat Compilation
  244. WHG-UHG admixture map based on Eurogenes Steppe K10 results
  245. Uralics
  246. Distant Yakut ancestry
  247. Post Your MDLP K10 Results
  248. kkamboj results
  249. Post your Eurogenes K36 results
  250. New Calculator puntDNAL