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  1. North African Jewish and non-Jewish populations form distinctive, orthogonal clusters
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  81. Unique footage of the last Shtetl Jews
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  83. Do you consider patrilineal Jews to be Jewish?
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  86. DNA study reveals 130,000 Hungarians are at least 50% Jewish
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  111. Crimean Karaite
  112. Nusaybin Jews
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  120. Turkic component in Ashkenazi Jews
  121. R0a2m in Ashkenazi
  122. What does the mutation 4586Y mean? And how can I see if I have it on ftDNA?
  123. Finnish/Scandinavian component in Ashkenazi
  124. Sepharadim Hapologroups
  125. 2,000-year-old biblical texts found in Israel, 1st since Dead Sea Scrolls
  126. What calculator on admixture studio is best to show how Middle Eastern/European I am?
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  129. Between .5-1% Ashkenazi in many Mexican 23 & Me results
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  136. Eastern Ashkenazi Jews and the medieval Kna'anim
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  139. On the Archaeology of Jerusalem
  140. Would you say the Jewish contribution Is stronger In Argentina or Mexico?
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  142. Bronze Age Ashkenazi compared to Levantines
  143. Most of South European ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews doesn't seem to be North Italian
  144. What do you think of the work of Jits van Straten on Ashkenazic Jews ?
  145. Jews of India, Yemen, and Chinese by Razib Khan
  146. Could Eastern European Jews descended from converts in Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
  147. North African Ancestry in Ashkenazi Jews and Western Jews
  148. How did the Ashkenazic Jews understand their heritage before Khazar Hypothesis?
  149. G25 coordinates for private Sefardic samples
  150. Anyone with a good knowledge of Moroccan Jewish history here ?
  151. What is a rough ethnic map of Israel, including the different Jewish groups?
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  153. Is the Ukraine Zhytomyr outlier on G25 just a Jew?
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  156. Why does this differance happens?
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  158. Endogamy question
  159. Genetics of Berber Jews?
  160. Caucaus-Zagros Calcolithic migrations as origin for Indo-Aryan y+aDNA among Hebrews
  161. Hungarian Jewish samples?
  162. Does anyone know where the G25 Yemenite Jewish samples are from?
  163. K2a2 mtDNA
  164. Any Crimean Karaite samples?
  165. Does anyone have results of Krymchaks or Provencal Jews?
  166. Pre Arab Levant and Karaite Egypt question
  167. The Maternal Genetic Lineages of Ashkenazic Jews
  168. Interesting observations in Jewish Mtdna
  169. Why is the European-vs-MENA model for Western Jews interesting?
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  175. Bider predicted the medieval Erfurt Waldman-Carmi-Reich 2022 results in 2015