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  1. COMT variation and intelligence (rs4680)
  2. What is Life?
  3. The Khazar Hypothesis & Jews: Confirmed?
  4. Excel Sheet of Haplotypes Glitch
  5. Macabre Finds in Dane bog: Skeletal Remains of Hundreds of Warriors
  6. The genetic history of Europeans (paper online August 2012)
  7. Introducing the ACD Tool
  8. Blue-Eyed South Chinese?
  9. DNA test by Street Van?
  10. 72 hour sale at FTDNA
  11. Older father pass more genetic mutations....
  12. Converting build 36 (NCBI36) <-> build 37 (GRCh37) chromosome positions
  13. DNA from amber?
  14. South Asian in Scandinavian & Finnish McDonald Results?
  15. Senoi Tribes May Hold Genetic Clues to East Asian Skin Color & Skin Cancer Protection
  16. Neanderthals did not interbreed with humans, scientists find
  17. Millions of DNA Switches That Power the Human Genome's Operating System
  18. Britains/Scotlands DNA: SNPs offered?
  19. Tri-Racial Isolate Groups of the US
  20. Jewish genetics -- free lecture series at Stanford September 27 to December 6 2012
  21. Paternal Lineages Of Calabria
  22. A direct characterization of human mutation based on microsatellites (Nature Paper)
  23. Scirus - Search engine for scientific information
  24. Ancestry.com to be Acquired by Permira Funds for $32.00 Per Share in Cash
  25. What happened to the Y Chromosome Consortium (YCC)? All traces seem to have vanished.
  26. Historian believes he may have located the site of burials at the Battle of Hastings
  27. Full results from the 1000 Genomes Project
  28. What Do You Think Of Typology?
  29. The Scientific Paper, Research and Article Thread
  30. DNA Directly Photographed for First Time
  31. Yaghnobi Tajiks: mtDNA and linguistic connection with West Iranic speakers
  32. FTDNA Y-chromosome phylogeny controversy
  33. DNA data obtained from blood of Louis XVI
  34. Results from China
  35. Noob Questions - (for possible R1b1a)
  36. New privacy concerns
  37. Quadruple Helix DNA Seen in Human Cells
  38. Digital information can be stored in DNA
  39. Genetic Ethnicity
  40. New Middle-Eastern Y-DNA and mtDNA data
  41. French police confounded by twins' DNA in rapes case
  42. Andronovo genetics
  43. New Eurasian aDNA via mitochondria (Sarkissian et al.)
  44. Higher Levels Of Neanderthal Ancestry In East Asians Than In Europeans Study
  45. Greeks/Nestorians/Armenians of Central Asia/South Asia
  46. AAPA 2013 abstracts
  47. Ydna L vs Ydna T distibution in South Asia
  48. Lactose Persistence in W/C/S Asia?
  49. Ancient Kingdom Of Paytakran
  50. Des anybody actually have significant Mitanni ancestry?
  51. New DNA Papers
  52. Easy to Use DNA Software
  53. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks
  54. Many genes are completely new inventions and not just modified copies of old genes
  55. Ancestral Journeys: The Peopling of Europe from the First Venturers to the Vikings
  56. How did the Bell Beaker FOLKS spread across Europe
  57. The Cimmerians
  58. Unfair to compare genetic ancestry testing to astrology
  59. New format for my aDNA compendium?
  60. DNA pioneer Francis Crick letter sells for $5.3m at New York auction
  61. Y-STR Calculations Update?
  62. FTDNA's DNA Day Sale
  63. Odd result in genealogy program (caused by weird family relationship)
  64. Genetic study finds Ice Age salmon refuge
  65. father found by dna, then lost by DWI
  66. Discovery of Extremely Ancient Root to the Human Y Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree
  67. Ancient DNA reveals Europe's dynamic genetic history
  69. Medieval Knight and 8 more skeletons unearthed in Edinburgh Scotland
  70. Rathna's assessment of genetic materials
  71. What Makes the British? (People of the British Isles project)
  72. Minoans were European
  73. Y-Dna study of Belarus (A. Klyosov et al. 2013)
  74. DNA sampling
  75. Human DNA with full genetic data in minutes
  76. DNA testing finds real Irish famine culprit
  77. A New Genetic Map of Interconnected World Regions
  78. Bell Beaker Isotopes
  79. The Genetic Time Machine: lecture 15 June 2013 Barnsley, Yorkshire
  80. The Adriatic Plain - the Italian refugium?
  81. Exome pilot
  82. A manifesto: our right to our genetic data
  83. FTDNA Summer Sales
  84. A Small Human File?
  85. Methodologies
  86. Help Understanding Y-DNA
  87. The Jassic people of Hungary
  88. Who are Europeans descended from?
  89. EthnoAncestry absorbed into BritainsDNA
  90. C Morley's Y-DNA phylogeny Geno 2.0-ISOGG integration
  91. Earliest East Asians
  92. Y-DNA A00 Fundraising Effort
  93. SNP test slowdown at FTDNA
  94. Amerinds with Oceanian DNA?
  95. The Milk Revolution
  96. Genetic Evidence for Recent Population Mixture in India
  97. Y-DNA of the British Monarchy
  98. Peter Hrechdakian Interview on Armenian Television Regarding the Armenian DNA Project
  99. A civil discourse on IrishOrigenes' methods
  100. People of the British Isles project - photos and maps from exhibition 2012
  101. Ethics of Discussing Others' Test Results
  102. Multiple Neolithic waves into Central Europe
  103. Genetic Research on Merovingians and Carolingians
  104. The Iranian Genomes Project
  105. The Ashkenazi Jewish Genome
  106. The CARTaGENE (French Canadian) Genomics Project
  107. Irish Roots: The Irish DNA Atlas
  108. Will you be ordering the BritainsDNA 'Chromo2 Test'?
  109. Mitochondrial Inheritance with identical twins?
  110. Population Dynamics in Prehistory and Early History
  111. Is trouble getting pregnant genetic?
  112. How Genetics helped me find my great grandfather's birthplace in Europe
  113. Oetzi's relatives
  114. Don't want to spend $1000, but still interested in getting to a true terminal SNP(s)?
  115. A new book on Archaeology of South Asia
  116. Comparing testing companies and institutions - GENERICALLY (criteria-wise)
  117. Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2013
  118. Afghan Hindu Kush: Where Eurasian Sub-Continent Gene Flows Converge
  119. Any sign of new MtDna tree ?
  120. QUESTION: Celtic Thread
  121. Massive DNA volunteer hunt begins
  122. Interview with Spencer Wells
  123. FTDNA's Next Gen Y Sequencing Roll-out Sale vs. Full Genomes - what's the diff?
  124. How many families / How many genetic lineages?
  125. Genographic team goes to Ireland looking for the first migrants and settlers
  126. Family Tree DNA Conference 2013
  127. White supremacist Craig Cobb told he is 14% African in televised DNA test
  128. What is mtdnacommunity good for?
  129. Royal Society Ancient DNA meeting November 2013 (tweets from)
  130. Frederick Sanger: Double Nobel Prize winner dies at 95
  131. The Royal Society's 2013 Ancient DNA meeting
  132. Magoon et al paper : number of Y-variants
  133. Methodology of determining new Full Genomes YSNPs - P312/L21
  134. What happend to the Babylonians and who are their descendants today?
  135. Hundred thousand genomes to be mapped in Saudi Arabia
  136. Autosomal beta test FGC
  137. Full Genome of Mesolithic Man from La Braña
  138. MtDna testing companies
  139. The British: A Genetic Journey by Alistair Moffat
  140. Compare my MTDNA geneome with standard
  141. Neanderthal Woman's Genome Reveals Unknown Human Lineage
  142. EHSTRAFD-Is it reliable/accurate?
  143. BritainsDNA Chromo 2 test
  144. Is this correct? Irish from Spain...
  145. Polish DNA info collection thread..
  146. DNA of Jesus
  147. Were the Turkoman rulers of Iran just Turkified Iranians?
  148. Icelandic haplotypes - why the secrecy?
  149. "The History of African Gene Flow into Southern Europeans, Levantines, Jews"
  150. Genome-Wide Diversity in the Levant Reveals Recent Structuring by Culture
  151. Manx Y DNA Study
  152. Skin color gene study
  153. Manual for MURKA (phylogeny package for parsimony methods)
  154. Neolitihic middle-easterners: who were they?
  155. PIE and Archeological Evidence of Three Migrations - paper
  156. Mario Balotelli tests his DNA
  157. High levels of R1a1 and G2 in Shammar Bedouins
  158. BritainsDNA, the BBC and Eddie Izzard
  159. Average of SNP (and/or Indels) mutation rate
  160. PhyloTree.org build 16 due Dec 2013?
  161. Did the Mongol Invasions and Black Death change Y/mtDNA frequencies across Eurasia?
  162. Whole Genome Sequencing for $1000
  163. Genome of the Netherlands
  164. Kalash are an earlier verge off group from the ANI
  165. DNA workshops at WDYTYA Live 2014
  166. Family Discovers Shocking Sperm Mix-Up at Clinic
  167. Armenian DNA Project-Conférence en français sur l'ADN arménien
  168. Not Much Difference Between V4 and V3
  169. Chromosome #6 and the HLA region
  170. Runs of Homozygosity (ROHs)
  171. "DNA and the Origins of Peoples: The Armenians" Lecture
  172. 23andme-- why so many "no calls" on the Y chromosome?
  173. Does anyone have the genetic origins of the Ahwazi Arabs?
  174. Southern Asia, Australia and the Search for Human Origins (2014)
  175. New DNA Papers - General Discussion Thread
  176. While Waiting for Big Y Results
  177. Y dna MP node and evidence for its location from archaic hominid mixing
  178. Atlantic Europe in the Metal Ages (conference 12 April Cardiff)
  179. Mapping the history of human admixture (paper + website)
  180. Portable Genome Sequencer for $1,250.00
  181. History of Jatts and the case of the elevated NE Euro comonent
  182. Sorenson Y-database 15/28 marker match
  183. Kipchak-Circassian Mamlukes did they leave any genetic trace in Egypt?
  184. How popular is the name Mehrdad outside of Persia/Iran
  185. FGC Crowdsourcing
  186. Cancer and Genetic testing
  187. No Evidence from Genome-Wide Data of a Khazar Origin for the Ashkenazi Jews
  188. 2014 International Genetic Genealogy Conference August 15, 16 and 17, Washington DC
  189. Family Tree DNA Product Launch: Big Y
  190. Integrating and normalizing the Big Y, FGC and Chromo 2 mish-mash of SNPs
  191. Native American ancestors stuck in Beringia for 10,000 years
  192. Maintaining Full Genome and Big-Y data in FTDNA Project Pages
  193. Why do people exaggerate the SSA admix in Arabia?
  194. Alistair Moffat, BritainsDNA and the BBC
  195. Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2014
  196. Italy's Genetic Sex-Bias
  197. Domesticated African Cattle Originated in the Fertile Crescent
  198. Were there other DNA 'bottle-necks' besides the Toba Event?
  199. The Cimmerians
  200. Results of "Mixed" parentage-Question
  201. genetics of sexual orientation
  202. Ancestral and Derived reporting system
  203. Are Lebanese Christians really different from the Muslims genetically?
  204. 23andme
  205. Ray Banks' analysis of the new FTDNA Y-haplotree
  206. Genome regions once mislabeled 'junk' linked to heart failure
  207. Basal Ydna query
  208. Scientists Create 1st Living Organism From Artificial DNA
  209. semargl.me site down?
  210. YFull tree: Results
  211. PAGES00113 SNP
  212. Rating and classifying Y SNPs for subclade identification
  213. Lawsuit alleges unauthorized publication of personal genetics data
  214. ScotlandsDNA "Viking" map
  215. Draw a PCA of this.
  216. FGC Sale: $999!
  217. Big Y (NGS) rollout, updates, concepts and Q&A
  218. Whole Genome Pilot
  219. What's happened to Rootsweb ?
  220. FullY and BigY SNP comparison
  221. Moriscos and their (possible) genetic traces in Spain and Portugal
  222. Who Amongst Us Has Pondered The Best For The Most Good?
  223. FtDna ydna SNP MAP, what does it represent?
  224. "Estimates of the Continuously Publishing Core in the Scientific Workforce"
  225. Where was the Germanics' homeland? South Scandinavia or Friesland?
  226. Did Beaker folk originate from Iberia or Yamnaya/Kemi Oba culture.
  227. Y-DNA of Napoleon's Army
  228. Understanding genetic ancestry testing and debunking genetic astrology
  229. JP Mallory unsure Tocharians arrived from Afansievo & suspicious of genetics?
  230. DNA Tribes August 2014
  231. Another search for Scandinavian DNA in Ireland
  232. Is DYS390 a geographical indicator?
  233. New Study on y-dna and mtdna frequencies in West Timor Kakaniuk has 25.5% P y-dna.
  234. Eurasiatic language superfamily - is this linked to LGM migrations from Siberia?
  235. Who were the Sea People?
  236. Lost abstract which found P-M45 (Q or R) y-dna in prehistoric central asia or Europe
  237. Microchimerism and DNA testing
  238. Time span and biogeographical calculators question
  239. NatGeno2 questions
  240. Y-dna distribution in Iberia
  241. DNA IDs Jack the Ripper?
  242. Genome Mate
  243. Handsome men may have poor semen quality!
  244. Icelandic DNA
  245. They know almost nothing about their fathers' histories...
  246. New Google Group -- sharing of scientific papers
  247. People of the British Isles Latest
  248. 11th/12th C Zahringer ministeriales
  249. Middle Eastern Cherokees?
  250. Lactose Tolerance and Population Change in Europe