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  1. Y-DNA C3b Analyses Via American & Canadian Surnames
  2. V20 SNP defines new subhaplogroup of C
  3. The Andronovo C sample
  4. Haplogroup C divided into two groups melanesian C a subgroup of what was Indian C5.
  5. C-V20 Big Y, now C-F1628 with 610 Novel Variants
  6. New research paper finds 6000-year-old admixture in Ecuadorians, but then denies it?
  7. Y6708 (near C2b) testable at FTDNA
  8. New C entries on YFull haplotree
  9. F3985 now individually testable at FTDNA
  10. Two European C-V20 clades split 17,000 years ago
  11. C2b has another subclade, found in Slovakia and South Asia
  12. Common ancestor of C1a1-M8 and C1a2-V20 in Japan?
  13. The probable position of Australian M347 lineage
  14. Y-DNA C-M216
  15. Y haplogroup C2*
  16. C2b1a1b-F3985, is it "Old European" just like C1a2-V20 ???
  17. Tatars from C haplogroup
  18. Haplogroup C2e1b2 in a European?
  19. Genetic trail for the early migrations of Aisin Gioro, the imperial house of the Qing
  20. C-M217 in Bengali
  21. C-M217 from the Chechen Republic?
  22. Small German Cluster Under C-M217 (C-BY56585)
  23. Big Y-700 Y-DNA C-M38
  24. C-B65 subclade: Closest Relatives of Kostenki-14?
  25. C2b found in ancient Brazil DNA sample?
  26. THE ORIGON OF C-F1370 (C1b)