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  1. E1b2 (P75)
  2. Haplogroup E1b1b mostly: Double Helix link
  3. E-V13
  4. STR111 tree of haplogroup E
  5. ydna E in Asia
  6. Napoléon's 111 STR markers
  7. The yDNA haplogroup of Albert Einstein
  8. Origin of E ?
  9. New Paper about Phylogeny of Haplogroup E
  10. Strange Y DNA result 23andme (North African)
  11. World's oldest founder effect in Nubia!?
  12. Map of ancient E samples
  13. E-M81 found in three Medieval Muslim graves from Nîmes
  14. Egyptian Copts high in E-V65
  16. about subclade under E-M81
  17. Origin of PF1975/E1b-Z830-2nd
  18. New E-Z827 member.
  19. Y Haplogroup Results received E-m35.
  20. E-M35 predicted haplogroup result?
  21. Where is E-L117 in the tree?
  22. Distribution maps of Y-DNA haplogroup E sub-clades
  23. what do we know about the E1b1b1ca haplogroup
  24. Complicated Origin of E-V13
  25. E-L17 countries according to semargl.me
  26. Big-Yresults by DNAFT
  27. England GB groups e i j (Norman) Project - Big Y -opinions please
  28. PATERNAL LINE E-CTS2500; any details on it
  29. E-L19 and the date that FGC18981 originated, PF2431>PF2438>FGC18981>FGC38527>FGC38517
  30. any information on E-L796 and E-Z827?
  31. E1b1b1b2b
  34. about DYS391=9 in E-L241
  35. E in British isles,thoughts please
  36. E-M84 - Additional Testing (short of Big Y)
  37. Rare E-PH1246
  38. E-A930
  39. Somalis and E-Y17859
  40. A new map for E1b1b1a
  41. E-M35 from yemen need help
  42. Haplogroup E-V65's origins
  43. E-M5021 on 23andme (What does that mean?)
  44. FTDNA confirmed E-V12*, however odd result with 23andme SNPs.
  45. Morley Y-dna predictor result
  46. E-CTS10298
  47. E-L485
  48. To what ethnicity belongs haplogroup E1b1b1a1b?
  49. PF1974, what is its source?
  50. E-Z16664*- thinking my surname line might be non British
  51. Yfull snp matches
  52. E-BY5650
  53. E-M5021
  54. E1b1b1a1b1a3~
  55. Anyone else stuck in a paragroup?
  56. E-CTS12227 Can anyone enlighten me
  57. I am Y5435 (Z830M34>m84)
  58. Any information on E-V1515*
  59. any fellow E-L29 here ?
  60. E-BY5234
  61. Carthew - Cornwall
  62. E-P252
  63. E-V65 in Egypt?
  64. E-M35 and Atlantis cataclysm 2500-2800 ybp
  65. E1b1b1b2 E-CTS10298 (E-CTS11781, E-CTS3457)
  66. E-V13 entered Greece with Illyrians and Dorian invasions
  67. FTDNA Y37 test
  68. E-BY63615
  69. Which ancestral component is E1b1b associated with in Eurasia?
  70. Question about haplogroup E-L29 (otherwise known as E-M84)
  71. Origin of E-V65
  72. Subclade predictor. I'm V13. Nothing more?
  73. Why is E-V13 the prevalent hg in Greece
  74. EV13 FGC33621 in Western Europe & Albanian Clans (Map & Tree)
  75. How did E-V13 reach the carpathians?
  76. Paternal Granmother's Brother came back as being E-M96
  77. E-M263.2
  78. E-CTS9320-BY4526
  79. BY7449>BY7449*
  80. How should I interpret this?
  81. My top 3 distant matches at Yfull
  82. E-M96 aDNA and Egyptian mummies
  83. E-M98?
  84. Haplogroup E in Iraq
  85. Aethiops milites- The genetic trace of Roman-Egyptian soldiers in North West Europe
  86. E-V13 in Greece and the Balkans
  87. Y-DNA distribution in North Africa.
  88. E-V12 in India?
  89. New E-M81 Basal
  90. Interesting rare E-M78 subclades
  91. Haplogroup E2b in European Populations??
  92. New feature on Yfull, you can now add your (ancient) language to your sample!
  93. E-L17
  94. what this Y DNA Capsian culture
  95. Balkan Iron Gate Hunter-Gatherers (Hint to Possible E-L618 "E-V13" Entry to Europe?)
  96. E-v13 got lucky, while other E1b in Europe starved out due to low percentage and IE
  97. Epipalaeolithic Helwan, Early dispersal between Egypt and East Africa? (E-CTS10880?)
  98. North African haplogroup in the West African Fulani people
  99. branches E-V12 in Morocco
  100. new sample under E-Y175958 from pakistan
  101. Origins E1b-FGC75141
  102. Y DNA E-V65 Basque population
  103. Haplgroup Balkan in North africa
  104. E-V65 or E-V13 Question
  105. E-BY3880 vs Old Bavarians
  106. Remains Barcin 8600 years on E-M35
  108. At last another E-Y45878
  109. Looking for information on E-M84, and E-Y82779
  110. E-S7461 Question
  111. What is the dominant subclade of E-V13 in the Balkans?
  112. The Touareg leaders Immoushaghes E-M2
  113. EV13 Pontic Greek
  114. Wielbark culture
  115. question haplogroup E-M35
  116. Help understanding my V13 variants
  117. samples GMFUL5309730 and GMFUL5309735
  118. Were Akkadians E carriers?
  119. Is E-M81 Natufian?
  120. Haplogroup E-L19
  121. E-L29
  122. Origin and expansion of E-Z830 in Arabia, Africa and beyond.
  123. Jaworski Y-DNA from Volhynia Region E-M35
  124. Isaaq - Garxajis - Habar Yonis - E-L29 (23andMe)
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