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  1. Haplogroups J and J2 - Elliott (And Border Reivers) DNA Project
  2. Y Chromosome J Haplogroups trace post glacial period expansion from Turkey and Caucas
  3. J1/J2 Map
  4. South Asian J2 from 1000 genomes
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  6. J-L210 am I jewish?
  7. Analysis of autosomal and Y-chromosomal DNA Suggests West Asian Population Derivation
  8. Y J in Mongolia and Gansu
  9. Age estimates J, J1, J2, J2a, J2b, etc.
  10. J-Z18186 Haplogroup
  11. Y-chromosome Haplogroup J-M172 subclades update with primary SNPs
  12. Are these real J* cases?
  13. Origin(s) of Y-DNA J
  14. Y-DNA Haplogroup J and WHG-UHG Type Ancestry In The Near East
  15. J-CTS6804
  16. Y-Haplogroup J found in Karelian Eastern Hunter-Gatherer
  17. Hi to everyody
  18. More aDNA - J2a
  19. ancient J1b-F4306(xZS80) Satsurblia Late Upper Palaeolithic Caucasus
  20. the expansion of J and obsidian
  21. J2 main subclades tree with time estimates
  22. So 23andMe says I'm J2...
  23. Bashkirs J2a
  24. Fatherline Haplogroup J-M172 / subtype J-M67
  25. Subclade J-L70 Question
  26. Haplogroup J in India
  27. J1-FGC6064 SNP has finally been included in the minimal Phylotree Y tree
  28. Haplogroup J - CTS2906 Punjabi Jatt
  29. My research..
  30. My haplogroup
  31. J1 according to 23andme but not middle eastern
  32. My SNP test result and subclade determination
  33. ancient Middle East: Iran & Jordan J2 in Lazaridis et al 2016
  34. J2a1g (M419)
  35. J2 Bronze Age speculations: ancient J2b2 Balkan, J2a Caucasus, Anatolia & Mesopotamia
  36. J-S12192 - I need your help!
  37. similar STR with different Haplogroup B and J
  38. Where did CTS originate from
  39. J2a1b1a/J2a4b1a and possible connection to Italy/Greece/Anatolia? (Bronze Age)
  40. haplogroup j1-Z1878
  41. J1 expansions from Mesopotamia to Arabia and Yemen
  42. J2 in Southern Italy
  43. Distribution map of Y-DNA J-M172 in Italy
  44. J Men Chalcolithic (ChL) and Bronze Age (BA) Expansions
  45. J2b2 With only Western European heritage
  46. Help understanding this haplogroup predictor
  47. Haplogroup Y-DNA J in Portugal, focus on Central Portugal. Master's dissertation
  48. Matches on I1 and J2??
  49. J2a1h2 haplogroup
  50. J1-YSC0000076
  51. J2a1a
  52. My paternal ydna is confirmed to be J-ZS7093.. what do we know about this snp?
  53. J-M67 (J2f)
  54. The History of J2
  55. J-Z631
  56. Y-37 STR, Can you predict which haplogroup this haplotype belongs to?
  57. Haplogroup J2 and the indo-european languages
  58. test
  59. Best test for J subclades?
  60. J1 from Greece
  61. South Asian with J-L26 Subclade
  62. J* Socotra origination
  63. J* Socotra origination
  64. Aditional information STR J1 L823
  65. im confused
  66. J1 from Iraq
  67. Are the Soqotri actually J1? (J-Y6305)
  68. J-PF2254 or J-FGC33111?
  69. Guessing my haplogroup
  70. PF7263 From Iraq
  71. J1-BY38105
  72. Iraq/Mesopotamia is the likely birthplace of majority of J2
  73. New J1 project accepting samples
  74. FTDNA results: J-M172, but now what?
  75. J1a
  76. (Sephardic) Jews amongst Ghassanids in the Hauran
  77. J2a1b3 J-L210
  78. Jews and J-L70
  79. Phylogeographer question
  80. Confused, which SNP test do i need to take?
  81. J-ZS5287 Rome, Italy
  82. J-L70 Presence in the Middle East-North Africa
  83. J2a1b3 Y15224
  84. My big y snp matches
  85. J-M267 palestinian
  86. J-Y15222 updated
  87. Geographic dispersion and total population?
  88. J-Z6082?
  89. L70>Z435>Z2177>PH185; Years of Confusion
  90. Help
  91. J2a1-L70 in Europeans,Turks, Turkomans, North Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
  92. Is J-FT96715(J-Μ267) associated with Cohen related lineages?
  93. J-Z40558 in Lebanon
  94. L859 and Beit ha-Meqdash family
  95. J-L70 and French Noble Lines (According to my paternal genealogy)
  96. Is haplogroup J-M172 Iranian Neolithic/Mesolithic in origin?
  97. J-Y83825
  98. J1 in Scotland
  99. My Y-DNA is J2a1 (By Adntro). What information is there about it?
  100. J2-L70>Z435>Z2177 haplogroup in Hungary
  101. J maps
  102. Am I really J-M67?
  103. J2a Horner(Somali) on YFull
  104. Balkan Vlach and L70
  105. J-Y18402
  106. J1 clades.