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  1. European N1* clades marked by L732 and P189.2
  2. STR111 tree of haplogroup N
  3. 67 markers
  4. Y-DNA N in India: Likely Lab Error
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  7. N1c in the Balts
  8. Big Y results for N-P189.2 show 326 novel variants
  9. Haplogroup N: Zone of Origin & Early Dispersals [split]
  10. Predecessor of N-P189 found in Hungary in 9th century B.C.
  11. Y7316 (Balkan subclade of N-P189.2) now testable at FTDNA
  12. 13,000 years ago, one brother went to China and the other to Belarus
  13. am i N ?
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  15. Kvenish origin of Rurikid branch of N1c ???
  16. Exciting News for Y-DNA Haplogroup N - 118 SNPs downstream of M231 for only $99!
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  18. N1b question 16176G
  19. Pazyryk ancient Scythian: Y-dna N1b
  20. A new paper on the Y dna N
  21. Haplogroup N Tat in Neolithic China
  22. I can't spell
  23. Haplogroup Name Prefixes
  24. Hg N SNP Tree
  25. N-P43
  26. N-M46
  27. N Haplogroup Y-DNA Distribution Maps
  28. Haplogroup N found in two 7000 year old Libyan females?
  29. How did N-M2783 get to Hungary?
  30. I'm N-L731*
  31. L550+ which company?
  32. N in Hungary
  33. Haplogroup N Project
  34. My predicted haplogroup is N-M231!
  35. I got my 111 strs
  36. N-L1026 a Circum-Arctic Expansion?
  37. BiGY Results
  38. N in the U.K and Ireland
  39. Are there any resemblances between Yakuts language and Finnish language?
  40. I formed a haplogroup N Facebook group, welcome haplogroup N to join.
  41. Paternal N-Y125475
  42. Haplogroup N in the Americas?
  43. Iranian Azerbaijani under Y-DNA N
  44. N-M231
  45. Does anyone know about this unpublished study?
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