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  1. Awakens Genomic Explorer
  2. Hemocromatosis (The Celtic Disease)
  3. Klinefelters detection thru DNA segment data ?
  4. DNA correction saves 'Butterfly child'
  5. Skin pigmentation is far more genetically complex than previously thought
  6. have you heard of the gene mutation that prevents smelling 'skunk'?
  7. DIY Crispr: biohacking your own genome
  8. Lactose Intolerance
  9. G6PD deficiency
  10. Medical Cannabis dna test?
  11. nocturnal lagophthalmos
  12. Question about AIDS and HIV?
  13. Promethease Free DNA Reports
  14. DNA for Dividends, C'mon Down!
  15. CCR5 ∆32 deletion; HIV immunity
  16. Storage of genetic material in a magnetic field
  17. Medieval DNA confirms European lice carried a deadly disease
  18. Inuit or Hunter Gatherer metabolic genetics?
  19. Reaction to recreational drugs
  20. Storage of stem cells
  21. Genius and insanity DNA, 23andme, rs6994992, rs1800955, CRISPR, DRD4, NRG1
  22. Familial Mediterranean fever
  23. Origin of sclerosis ?
  24. Y Chromosome Infertility or
  25. New perspectives on the evolution and genetic architecture of human skin
  26. Variant underlying both higher intelligence and increased risk of bipolar disorder
  27. Genomics England - do you want your data?
  28. England's Health Minister slammed for taking a genetic test
  29. woman can smell Parkinson's 10 yrs before onset
  30. Post your WeGene Micropenis results
  31. One Day There May Be a Drug to Turbocharge the Brain. Who Should Get It?
  32. Explore your microbiome?
  33. Blood group genotyping: potential benefit for WGS
  34. Conventional and genetic evidence on alcohol and vascular disease
  35. Are you introvert or extrovert? SNP rs6265
  36. The Bad Driver gene // rs6265
  37. Sequencing & mitochondrial heteroplasmy
  38. Genomelink .io results
  39. Anyone with the bad MTHFR (mother*ucker) gene?
  40. Von Willibrand and Hemophillia Risk Factors
  41. New paper: Systematic analysis of dark and camouflaged genes [...]
  42. A treasure map to understanding the epigenetic causes of disease
  44. Problems with Illumina whole exome testing results
  45. Exome sequencing in multiple sclerosis families identifies 12 candidate genes
  46. Whole exome call confidence scoring
  47. 3 creepy crawlies that may revolutionize health
  48. Inuit population in Canadian Arctic has unique genome adapted for extreme cold
  49. Improved Long read genome sequencing
  50. Nurture and nature effects upon genetic health.
  51. Genetics and inherintance patterns of cleft lip and palate?
  52. Short Sleeper SNP
  53. Homeobox 3 (HOXA3) - 7p15.2 Whole exome extremely rare 3'UTR variants
  54. DNA & the French Revolution
  55. New Ugandan genome study finds rare variants
  56. What or who is Tovana?
  57. how accurate are the 'bald SNP predicters?
  58. GCH1 Deficiency, Looking for Others! (Mood Disorders, Parkinson's, Dystonia)
  59. SNPs responsible for the quantity and type of moles
  60. LOOKING FOR LAB ON Genetc tests for health. URGENT!
  61. Novel Coronavirus (2019 n-cov) thread
  62. Is a policy of Heard Immunity a policy of Euthanization
  63. COVID-19 (no politics)
  64. Sequencing Coronavirus Health Report
  65. HTCC as a highly effective polymeric inhibitor of SARS-CoV-2
  66. Paper: Uncanny similarities of 2019-nCoV to HIV-1
  67. COVID-19 host genetics initiative
  68. COVID-19 vulnerability test?
  69. Anyone else doing this?
  70. Carrier scan from raw data?
  71. SARS-CoV-2 respiratory failure: risk SNPs, Bloodtype A is a risk, O is protective
  72. Your ABO Blood Group from Ancestry DNA & 23andMe v5 raw data
  73. Is Alzheimer's Gene Tied to Higher COVID Risk?
  74. influence of environment in genetic
  75. Smoking and COVID-19
  76. Free, Corona virus COVID-19 genetic susceptibility report https://www.yourd
  77. Deletion in the Y Chromosome
  78. Ambiguity in self-classification of ancestry and its problem with disease risk
  79. Genomewide Association Study of Severe Covid-19 with Respiratory Failure
  80. Nobel prize for Charpentier et Dudna (Crispr Cas9)
  81. Human Odor Perception and Naming (Cinnamon, Licorice and Fish)
  82. The Hormone Insulin as the Driving Force Behind Obesity
  83. Prediction of cardiovascular risk by genetic variants within the LPA gene region
  84. Genetic mechanisms of critical illness in Covid-19
  85. BRCA1 gene in my report
  86. yourDNAportal
  87. Suggestions on health specific genetic testing
  88. Neanderthal gene protective of COVID19
  89. First complete model of the human embryo
  90. Using online tools to look at chromosome regions?
  91. Genetic Evidence of Coronavirus Epidemic 20,000 Years Ago
  92. Scared because of family history of cancer. Which mutations to watch out for?
  93. Article: Dietary Habit Is Associated with Depression and Intelligence: An Observation
  94. Schizophrenia
  95. Blood groups of Neandertals and Denisova decrypted
  96. Dietary Habit Is Associated with Depression and Intelligence: An Observational and Ge
  97. where i can find info for my my healthy whene my result exiting
  98. Genetic Genealogy methods in Medicine
  99. 「Nature」Disease variant prediction with deep generative models of evolutionary data
  100. I am conducting a study on schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism.
  101. My little sister had a ridiculously high score. I am shocked!
  102. Genetic susceptibility to COVID-19
  103. Down's syndrome - can it run in the family?
  104. The UGT2A1/UGT2A2 locus is associated with COVID-19-related loss of smell or taste
  105. Reaction to ginger
  106. GenOMICC Study (free whole genome sequencing for UK based participants)
  107. Mitochondrial Donation approved by Australian parliament
  108. Gene Therapy Delivered Via High-Capacity Baculovirus
  109. Adrenoleukodystrophy
  110. Chromosome 9 motor neurone disease
  111. YAP-insertion in DE-derived Y-haplotypes
  112. Runs of homozygosity (ROHs)
  113. Genomic analysis of global landscape of antimicrobial resistance