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  1. Huntington's Disease and PolyGlutamine Repeats
  2. Dopamine Receptor 4 (D4) long variants and Attention deficit disorders
  3. Prostate Cancer & Y-DNA Association in Europeans and Ashkenazi Jews
  4. Rabies-resistant Amazonian population in Peru
  5. I am a carrier of Tyrosinemia Type I according to 23andMe
  6. Internet Addiction Partially Genetic? CHRNA4?
  7. Tamoxifen maintains muscle stem cells, may prevent age-related muscle degeneration
  8. Origin of celiac disease: : How old are predisposing haplotypes?
  9. OXTR Gene Influences Social Behavior Differently in Americans and Koreans
  10. COMT Gene Allele Associated with Risk of Schizophrenia with Marijuana/Cannabis Use
  11. Lactase Persistence and Lipid Pathway Selection in the Maasai
  12. Lab Tests Online - Peer-reviewed, non-commercial & patient-centered
  13. First Gene therapy approved by European Commission
  14. Lactase persistence may have an independent origin in Tibetan populations from Tibet
  15. Greater Coronary Artery Disease Risk in mtDNA W vs. A Lebanese
  16. Studying of diabetes mellitus typus II
  17. Lactase Persistence in Saudi Arabia and Yemen
  18. Haplogroups H6a1a and H6a1b Protected Against Alzheimer's
  19. Oxidative Stress
  20. Lactase Persistence and the LCT 22018A gene
  21. Genes linked to higher Cancer risk?
  22. Y-haplogroup R1b is associated with an increased risk of recurrent venous thrombosis
  23. Whole-genome sequencing in health care
  24. Cancer risk gene testing in London announced
  25. Gene therapy trial 'cures children'
  26. Scientists find way to silence extra chromosome that causes Down syndrome
  27. Disruption to the gene TOP3B increases susceptibility to schizophrenia and a learning
  28. Chromosome 9 CDKN2B-AS1 Heart Disease linked SNPs
  29. Gluten intolerance absent celiac?
  30. How to beat genetic disposition to obesity?
  31. Gene activation
  32. Blood pressure and the male offspring
  33. Diabetes a Neanderthal trait?
  34. Human Variation: A Genetic Perspective on Diversity, Race, and Medicine (April 2014)
  35. Blood groups represent admixture?
  36. Familial Mediterranean fever in descendants Puritans of Southold, Long Island
  37. What other LP mutations exist besides 13910T and 22018A?
  38. 'Living Drug' Kills Leukemia
  39. Giant virus resurrected from 30,000-year-old ice
  40. "A Powerful New Way to Edit DNA"
  41. Post your cannabis psychosis genotype
  42. Gene variant makes eaters of processed meat 'more likely to get colorectal cancer'
  43. Pre-pregnancy diet 'permanently influences baby's DNA'
  44. FOXO3 gene linked to why short people live longer
  45. Breakthrough shows how DNA is ‘edited’ to correct genetic diseases
  46. Genetic test for heart disease risk rolled out in UK
  47. Blood test can predict risk of developing breast cancer
  48. "Why nerds need glasses:People with more education are more likely to be nearsighted"
  49. MAOA warrior gene
  50. Scientists discover how to ‘switch off’ autoimmune diseases
  51. PoBI team's primary outcomes 'are not intended' for those in Genetic Genealogy
  52. Scientists develop thought-controlled gene switch
  53. Average height of South asians raised in the Netherlands
  54. New NHS centres to bring in era of DNA-medicine
  55. First step toward anti-aging drug
  56. New Gene Therapy Could Treat Blindness
  57. Gene For Episodic Memory
  58. Indo-European genetic diseases
  59. Are Alu Sequences Still Relevant or Outdated?
  60. MPs say yes to three-person babies
  61. FDA Bloom SyndromeTest Approval
  62. OXTR empathy gene
  63. The myopia boom Some scientists think they have found a reason why.
  64. DNA Nanobots Set To Seek and Destroy Cancer Cells In Human Trial
  65. "The Suicide Gene"
  66. Open Humans Network platform to democratize your DNA for better medical research
  67. Sweet & Low may inhibit the growth of cancer cells. saccharin might slow cancer
  68. New genetic variant that causes autism identified by Johns Hopkins-led team
  69. Heritable ETV6 mutation is genetic cause of acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  70. Real-time DNA sequencing Gattaca is on the way
  71. Athletigen
  72. Genes, Lifestyle and Coronary Heart Disease Risk
  73. Men with haplogroup I of Y chromosome have 50% greater risk of developing heart disea
  74. Ann Turner helps to solve genetics of hearing loss in her family
  75. DNA 'spool' modification affects aging and longevity
  76. rs2228479 Val92Met and red hair
  77. Mitochondrial DNA as a factor in osteoarthritis
  78. Psychiatric disorders and creativity may have same DNA signature
  79. Mystery of obesity: Failed ‘rectal transplant’ raises questions gut microbes
  80. NIH researchers sequence healthy volunteers’ DNA ,find they aren’t so healthy
  81. Scientists find mutation that protects against Creutzfeldt-Jakob 'mad cow' disease
  82. Age-related cognitive decline is caused by decrease in efficiency of repair
  83. Bad Neighborhoods May Be Bad for Your DNA
  84. Spit & Blood Tests Successfully Detect Tumor DNA of Head and Neck Cancers
  85. Maya ancestry may help explain the high risk of diabetes in Mexico
  86. Immortality within reach says Scientist (quack?). Research centers around Telomeres
  87. Gene therapy works in cystic fibrosis for the first time
  88. These Superhumans Are Real and Their DNA Could Be Worth Billions
  89. CT scans can damage patients' DNA, study finds
  90. Y Chromosome traits
  91. Holocaust exposure induced intergenerational effects on FKBP5 methylation
  92. Pseudocholinesterase deficiency
  93. Cancer cells programmed back to normal by US scientists
  94. Pain tolerance SNPs - OPRM1 gene
  95. Lupus and genetic make up...
  96. Healthy DNA delays menopause
  97. Promethease report on c(o)eliac disease
  98. The Genetics of Sex Determination
  100. The origins of acromegaly: is it from interbreeding with Neanderthals?
  101. Inflammation and academic performance, (Jan 2016 paper)
  102. 100x full genome analysis
  103. Older genetic ties - celiac / lactose intolerance
  104. From genes to latrines: Vikings and their worms provide clues to emphysema
  105. HLA types ?
  106. Genes for Good
  107. Twins born of 'different race"
  108. Worldwide donor search to save Sri Lankan origin student
  109. New method detects multiple diseases via DNA
  110. A quartet of genes controls growth of blood stem cells
  111. DNA devices perform bio-analytical chemistry inside live cells
  112. A blood test before birth could predict your medical destiny
  113. First-of-their-kind images could aid in use of DNA to build nanoscale devices
  114. Genes involving longevity identified
  115. Europe gives green light to first gene therapy for children
  116. Gene therapy shows early promise against heart failure
  117. Eugenics a discredited practice? Think again, it’s back.
  118. Ancient virus could determine the sex of your baby
  119. The 'Loch Ness Monster' of the human genome
  120. Long term vegetarian diet changes human DNA raising risk of cancer and heart disease
  121. Iowa girl's small head traced to genetics, not Zika
  122. Hunting the Genetic Signs of Postpartum Depression With an iPhone App
  123. Y chr variation, health and disease
  124. Wegenes Sports gene synthesis results
  125. Genetic ‘superheroes’ survive despite devastating mutations, Seattle-led study finds
  126. Prevalence of homosexuality in men is stable throughout time since many carry the gen
  127. Gene defect may point to solution for Alzheimer's
  128. Hold off on those stem cell injections
  129. Biochemists solve the structure of cell's DNA gatekeeper
  130. Olympic champ Greg Rutherford using DNA testing
  131. online NHLBI portal would let scientists access vast amounts of genomic data
  132. Scientists ID genes connected to well-being, depression and neuroticism
  133. Worm infection counters inflammatory bowel disease drastically changing gut bacteria
  134. Your DNA can decide when you lose your virginity
  135. Cancer fighting chemicals cause a cowlick , tumour suppressing protein
  136. Fructose alters hundreds of brain genes, which can lead to a wide range of diseases
  137. Colorblindness and How One Company Is Helping to Fix It
  138. Chemists use DNA to build the world's tiniest thermometer
  139. Regenerating brain tissue brings hope for a new treatment against Alzheimer's and Par
  140. Gene therapy reverses sight loss
  141. First Human Being Has Her DNA Manipulated To Make White Blood Cells 20 Years Younger
  142. Breast cancer: milestone genetic study
  143. Asthma linked to DNA damage
  144. A new model for simulating DNA's 'atmosphere' of ions
  145. Genetic switch could be key to increased health and lifespan
  146. Psoriasis, Obesity, and Diabetes May Share Genetic Link
  147. US genetics start-up Color brings $249 cancer-risk test to Hong Kong
  148. 'Largest Ever' Autism Genetics Study
  149. Gene linked to Alzheimer's disease impairs memory
  150. Woman told she could never have children has baby with DNA method
  151. Lab grown stem cells may fail.
  152. Most asthma research does not apply to black children, other minorities
  153. Gene helps prevent heart attack, stroke—and may offer way to block effects of aging
  154. Scientists Create Embryos That Are Both Animal And Human
  155. Scientists discover five genes that impact nose shape. Will designer babies be far be
  156. Mutant Gene Protects Against Heart Attack
  157. Biologists identify the backup systems that ensure genes build limbs
  158. Could be one of the tools to build a new species.
  159. Loss of Y Chromosome in Men Tied to Alzheimer's Risk
  160. Want to live a happy longer life, read on.
  161. Alzheimer the result of an infection? ApoE2 gene brains low risk
  162. Blood Groups and the history of peoples.
  163. The Exciting and Terrifying Future of DNA Editing, new book, The Gene
  164. scientists identify gene mutation linked to multiple sclerosis
  165. Universal cancer vaccine on horizon after genetic breakthrough
  166. Sound-like bubbles whizzing around in DNA are essential to life
  167. Researchers develop technique allowing them to map important regulatory DNA regions
  168. Lupus More Severe In Patients With Southern European Ancestry
  169. Scientists unveil plan to create synthetic human genomes
  170. Most exciting cancer treatment since chemotherapy' could save patients using DNA test
  171. Stroke patients able to walk again after stem cell transplant
  172. Health Scientists find they can eliminate HIV from the DNA of human cells
  173. 10 years of hormone therapy reduces breast cancer recurrence 34%, says study
  174. Is There a Fountain of Youth in Our DNA?
  175. Engineers develop a new biosensor chip for detecting DNA mutations
  176. Black Deaths DNA , pathogen genomes from teeth from plague pits
  177. CRISPR,a new technology that can edit DNA
  178. SNPTips: an add-on for SNP's of inherited diseases
  179. LED Lights May Be Damaging To Your Health
  180. Cancer Resistance: Answer Found in Naked Mole Rat’s DNA
  181. 75x Exome vs. 4x Genome
  182. African ancestry & blood clots . Hispanics & Steel Syndrome , Protein S deficiency
  183. Dental Fillings Heal Teeth With Stem Cells
  184. KILL CANCER IN HOURS Boffin discovers UV light can be used to destroy tumours
  185. Discerning Mosquitoes prefer type O blood "Tastier then others"
  186. DNA Storage
  187. Hidden red hair gene a skin cancer risk
  188. Alzheimer’s gene already shrinking brain by age of three
  189. Stem cells rapidly generate, bone, heart muscle,
  190. Scientists delve into 'black box' of DNA research
  191. DNA Could Explain Why Italian Island Has So Many 100-Year-Olds
  192. Genetic error increases risk of aortic rupture identified ,benefits of dietary copper
  193. Predicting academic achievement from DNA
  194. DNA Lobbying At Work
  195. Irish DNA research may help defeat motor neurone disease
  196. Uncle Sam Wants You — Or at Least Your Genetic and Lifestyle Information
  197. DNA's dynamic nature makes it well-suited to serve as the blueprint of life
  198. 23andMe data points to genes affecting depression risk
  199. Human-Neanderthal gene variance is involved in autism
  200. Government to lift moratorium on cross-species research , Paging Dr Moreau
  201. Genetics of Opioid Addiction (important in light of US heroin epidemic)
  202. Huge breakthrough: sickle cell trait.
  203. Here's everything you need to know about CRISPR; the gene editing tool that's changin
  204. Genomic risk test may guide use of chemotherapy for early-stage breast cancer
  205. Stunning Videos of Evolution in Action
  206. Controlling genetic traits
  207. Illumina, Secret Giant Of DNA Sequencing, Is Bringing It Tech to the Masses
  208. As DNA reveals its secrets, scientists are assembling a new picture of humanity
  209. Blood groups and diet
  210. Gigantism in Northern Ireland
  211. Same DNA deletion paves paths to autism, schizophrenia
  212. New hope for blocking allergies
  213. rs6311 (Serotonin)
  214. ApoE gene good for our ancestors, but bad for us?
  215. My PuntDNAL K8 results + both parents
  216. Can Family Finder Raw Data be Screened for Inheritable Diseases ??
  217. Warrior Gene
  218. Teenager's sickle cell reversed with world-first therapy
  219. Cromosom.
  220. Argument for the great challenges of drug development and understanding proteins
  221. Cheese heads and beer chuggers, rejoice!
  222. New genes are more likely than expected to emerge full-fledged from a genome's ......
  223. Synthetic DNA
  224. Dietary adaptation of FADS genes in Europe varied across time and geography
  225. rs17822931 in Non-Asian Populations, Where Could It Have Come From?
  226. Mitochondrial DNA sequence data reveals association of haplogroup U with psychosis in
  227. What If (Almost) Every Gene Affects (Almost) Everything?
  228. Biologists, the immune system can eliminate cells with too many or too few chromosome
  229. Chief medical officer calls for gene testing revolution
  230. The colours of humanity: the evolution of pigmentation in the human lineage
  231. New limits to functional portion of human genome reported
  232. cold adaptation in human evolutionary history
  233. Y haplogroups and aggressive behavior in a Pakistani ethnic group
  234. The promise of discovering population-specific disease-associated genes in South Asia
  235. Holocene Selection for Variants Associated With General Cognitive Ability: Comparing
  236. Genome analysis with near-complete privacy possible, say Stanford researchers
  237. African-origin Mitochondrial DNA Variants as a Contributing Factor to Susceptibiliti
  238. Autism Appears Overrepresented in Certain Mitochondrial Haplogroups
  239. The Y chromosome: a blueprint for men’s health?
  240. The Biogeographic Origins of Novelty-Seeking Traits
  241. Mitochondrial DNA haplogroup K as a contributor to protection against thyroid cancer
  242. GWAS Meta-Analysis of Neuroticism (N=449,484) Identifies Novel Genetic Loci and Pathw
  243. Humans still evolving, large-scale study of genetic data shows
  244. help for redheads & melanoma
  245. Lactase persistence in Tunisia as a result of admixture with other Mediterranean popu
  246. The Evolution of Lactose Tolerance in Dairying Populations
  247. Individuals with dark eyes and hair exhibit higher pain sensitivity
  248. Mother’s curse neutralizes natural selection against a human genetic disease
  249. DNA surgery on embryos removes disease
  250. rs3762271 (G; T) variant?