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  1. Q1a-MEH2 and Q1b-M378 in West Asia: Special Investigation (Vaźdhya)
  2. New Q1a-MEH2 SNPs
  3. New Q1b-L275 SNPs
  4. Q1b and Significant STRs
  5. Origins of Q1b1a in the Jewish Population
  6. Phylogenetic Structure of Q-M378 Subclade Based On Full Y-Chromosome Sequencing
  7. Q-M3 Full Y results
  8. Afantova had haplogroup Q1a1 and some type of R derived mtdna.
  9. Q-M25 has 117 valid private SNPs, according to YFull
  10. Big Y News in the Q-M242 Project
  11. YFull Experimental YTree
  12. Famous Q1b
  13. 307 Y chromosomes (by Estonian Biocentre) includes rare Croatian Q-Y6793
  14. Clarification of Y-DNA Haplogroup Q1b Phylogenetic Structure
  15. Q-M242 and Q-M25 Are these caucasoid?
  16. Hg Q: Ancient DNA
  17. Q1b-L275 Panel at YSEQ
  18. Q-Y2200 in Portugal and Spain
  19. Arabic Q-m25 cluster origin theory
  20. Unusual Q in Poland
  21. Q-L245 SNP Pack from FTDNA
  22. Q-YP1003
  23. Is Nordic YDNA Q related to Nordic mtDNA G2?
  24. Geographical origin of Q1a-b split
  25. Is Q-M346 related to american Indian?
  26. Q-M242 News
  27. Turkmen haplogroup Q = genetic drift?
  28. Phylogeography of human Y-chromosome haplogroup Q3-L275
  29. Haplogroup Q-M378 (Q1b1a) Info
  30. Proto-Tyurks from Q-haplogroup
  31. Zvejnieki sample ancestor of Nordic Q?
  32. Q-L712 in Poland
  33. Any information about Q-L54?
  34. Turkic Amerindians
  35. Q-L938 Huns?
  36. Q-L569 from Europe?
  37. Analysis of the human Y-chromosome haplogroup Q characterizes.. (Grugni et al., 2019)
  38. Q-L804 as possible descendants of early migrants from Greenland?
  39. Q haplogroup in Spain