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  1. Jim Cullen's Subclade predictor?
  2. Pamjav, Fehér, Németh and Pádár 2012
  3. Intruiging Brahmin Y-DNA R samples (Jammu-Kashmir)
  4. An environmental pattern to the origins of the differing R1b-R1a distributions?
  5. The relationship of R1a, R1b and R2 in populations: ancient times up to the 1400s
  6. If the R1a and b clade central variance dates were literally true...
  7. Milk and a partly non-steppe model for IE origins
  8. Y-chromosomal analysis identifies skeletal remains of Swiss national hero Jenatsch
  9. Y DNA spread by Indo Europeans (R1a1a1 M417, R1b1a2a1 L51) (R1b L23?, R1b M73?, Etc.)
  10. Help on testing guidance - FireHaired
  11. 24,000 year old Y DNA R AND MTDNA U FOUND IN SIBERIA!!!!
  12. R*-where is it found today?
  13. Mike Hammer goes for post-Neolithic entry of R into Europe
  14. An observation on Tarim and Afanasievo
  15. How to handle negative results (only found in raw files) for R1b
  16. Basal Haplogroup R classification for 24,000-year-old individual (MA-1), from Mal’ta
  17. R1b in North Africans
  18. Afontova R1a?
  19. Is it possible to combine the Anatolian and Steppes model of IE?
  20. The when, where and why of the R1a/R1b split
  21. Duration of R1* period
  22. Need help identifying study on indo-european DNA in siberia
  23. R1b-L128
  24. FTDNA Change results!!!
  25. New Y-Tree change from hg R1a1a to hg BT. Whut tha ...?
  26. Map of haplogroup QR (K2b1a inNorthern Eurasia)
  27. 2 out of 5 Toubou have R1b(v88)
  28. Big Y: Chromosomes 22473949 & 22474043
  29. INFO ABOUT R-PF6577
  30. R1a in Italy
  31. New genetic study of UK shows 10,000 years of immigration and invasions
  32. Most Euro father lines descend from 3 men who lived >6,000YBP!
  33. R1b is confused with Q in Turkmen genetic. Is it True?
  34. Were Myceneans lineages R1b or R1a
  35. R1a - Z283 question from newbee
  36. Distribution map of R-M207
  37. Basal clades of hg R
  38. Question from a newbie
  39. Big Y match?
  40. R1b1b2a
  41. Horse Riding in Bell Beaker and Corded Ware
  42. STR matching for R people
  43. New Bronze Age Irish Migration Paper
  44. S38/L624 Scottish HG (Welsh Links?)
  45. R1b L23
  46. R* haplotype designation? (23andme)
  47. Sami R1a, R1b
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  49. R1b - Arab
  50. R1b* P25 in Tunisia
  51. Contacts with FGC43417
  52. Searching contacts
  53. Share your Yfull Report
  54. R1b1a1a2a1a
  55. East Tyrone
  56. R-Z329 Origins???
  57. Updated Marciano paper - Y-chromosome Haplogroups and Gene Mutations
  58. Z2103*
  59. Tthe language of paragroup R
  60. R1b1a1a2a1a2c1f3a1
  61. What does this mean?
  62. MorelyDNA Sublcade Preditor
  63. R-Z17153 instead of R-U152
  64. Haplogroup R - Public Testing ID's Cross-Reference Project
  65. R1-M458 - could it be spread by Sauromats and Alans?
  66. Hablogroup R-ZZ12_1
  67. R1
  68. Geno 2.0 NG FTDNA Transfer different / more defined Y Haplogroup?
  69. Is Y-haplogroup R non-Caucasoid and Beringian/Siberian in origin?
  70. R-Z92
  71. R-L48
  72. Did haplogroup R1b originate in or near Tajikistan?
  73. FTDNA Project numbers
  74. My Y Chromosome
  75. I'm Palestinian my haplogroup r-L23 (Z2109?),What's next?
  76. What's the Hold Up at FTDNA with processing Big Y results?
  77. R1b-Z2105* From Campania
  78. I2a1-L233 From England
  79. Spencer Well's "The Journey of Man"
  80. Next trait proving that "Turks" are an IE "side product".
  81. R1a1a1b2a?
  82. The Mystery of R-M479
  83. R1b-M412* or R1b-L51* in the Griko-speaking community of Grecěa Salentina (?)
  84. Where did R1b-PH200 originate?
  85. R1a migration routes
  86. R1 expansion (R1a and R1b)
  87. L23 from Anatolia
  88. Calculating Genetic Distance
  89. What is R-Z255?
  90. R-L196
  91. Help to interpret
  92. RM269 Help
  93. Morley Prediction - R1b - M222
  94. R-Z28496...rare haplogroup?
  95. R_This and That
  96. DYS710 & DYS712 Speeds
  97. R1b spread Across Europe via the Sub Saharan Kushites?
  98. R-A298 (and maybe R-A300)
  99. Y-Line origins based on matches
  100. The origin of the mysterious R1a2a YP4141>YP5018.
  101. R-A1786
  102. Is Ashina clan R1a-Y2632?
  103. Has anyone been able to use Y dna results to determine an origin?
  104. SNP R-M207 VS STR Q-M242
  105. Where did K2b and P ultimately originate?
  106. Latest R1b Family Chart - Sep 2020- From FTDNA
  107. R-Z282 (R1a1a1b1a) subclade in Eastern Europe
  108. Haplogroup R, those Cosmopolitan Romans and Northern European BY250
  109. R-z92 is my Y-haplogroup
  110. New modern R1* sample
  111. R-L168
  112. Y haplogroup finding
  113. Brazilian Y-DNA By FTDNA GROUP (Considering R1b and R1a)