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  1. Rib and Ogap
  2. New approach for the R1b (M343) and Subclades project
  3. So you need help and you have an R1b haplotype?
  4. Correlation of R1b with mt DNA H? autosomal DNA?
  5. How and where did R1b get into the Bell Beaker folks?
  6. Are we getting some consensus on the R1b story?
  7. Y-DNA Hg R1b1 Subclades STR Phylo Tree
  8. Ydna matches with Maternal lines
  9. The major DF27-L21-U152 divide in Europe and possession of maritime skills
  10. L23 and M73 in non-Slavic populations in the steppe from Urals eastward
  11. R1b L278
  12. Links between Mesopotamia, Maykop etc.
  13. Is R1b Paleolithic in Europe? Is the old Out of Iberia LGM refuge theory still good?
  14. R1b in Nepal
  15. Is R1b Neolithic in Italy? Expanding east, west, north starting with Chalcolithic?
  16. The Great L51+ / L51- Divide of R1b
  17. An alternative east Balkan early location for M269* and L23* (perhaps steppes before)
  18. Circumpontic story of early R1b - what about the history of the Black Sea?
  19. The R1b full circle anticlockwise circumpontic theory
  20. R1b in the Caucasus (other than Armenia) is nearly all in the north in Russia
  21. Celto-Italic
  22. A controversial theory holds invaders from Iberia may have massacred much of Ireland
  23. Thoughts on what autosomal component was originally linked with R1b (M269 and down)
  24. Correlations of various R1a and I subclades that might link with R1b subclades?
  25. Bell Beaker & R1b - A weak hypothesis
  26. Central Asian R1b Exists
  27. Some thoughts on Anatolian and an east Ukraine/Azov steppes IE homeland?
  28. western steppes blocked from both east steppes and SW Asia in upper Palaeolithic
  29. who was Mr L11 or Mr P312?
  30. SW orientations of isles bronze age monuments - a belief from the Black Sea shores?
  31. Where to now?
  32. DNA in Belarus -
  33. Is there pure P312=Celtic U106=Germanic before Vikings? how does L21 fit?
  34. R1b1b2 and R1b1b2a only...
  35. Determining genetic distance
  36. R1b1b2a1a at 23andme
  37. Atlantic Bronze Age - a deeper understanding of it
  38. The problem of the whole Urnfield-Hallstatt-La Tene Celtic image
  39. the western refugia Palaeolithic R1b concept that just will not go away
  40. Another R1b distribution problem.
  41. Tracking R1b novel SNPs and their availability incl. a la carte ordering
  42. Spread of R1b1a2a1a L11 Germanic Italo Celts in western Europe
  43. r1b and Gedrosian autosomal dna
  44. A deeper think about beakers and genes
  45. What about the all of the R1b in the Basques?
  46. The earliest steppe connections - the ochre graves in east-central Europe
  47. Remedello and similar cultures in Italy
  48. New Brother Clade to P312 and U106: DF100+
  49. Ancient East-West movements across the Caspian
  50. Myth busting - the origins of the Irish
  51. Help with Y-DNA not matching my Surname
  52. Lebanese Christian M269 Request for Help
  53. A deeper think about beakers in Britain and R1b DNA "from the West"
  54. New YouTube presentation for YSNP analysis - primarily R-L21
  55. Another R1b model - Sikora et al 2013
  56. Implications of Michal's SNP counting for R1b models
  57. R1b haplotypes amongst Alpine Linguistic Groups.
  58. New to site! Need help understanding my 23andMe R1b subclade
  59. R1b and IE branching
  60. Help with r1b sublcade (r1b1b2a)
  61. SNP counting dates for R1b
  62. Confused new member
  63. Rare R1b haplotype Mayo, Ireland? ySearch 947ZG
  64. R-CTS7822?????
  65. Confusion and 67-Marker Test Results -- R1b1a2 (M269)
  66. Im a new member, need help refining 23andme R1b1b2a1a Haplogroup results.
  67. 23andme says I'm U152; FTDNA says my father is R-M269
  68. Need help on identifying m17 marker
  69. Map - Busby et al Europe: U106; P312xL21,U152; L21; and U152
  70. Comparing the tree branching shapes of the main P312 clades (and U106)
  71. Chatter about a possible Afanasievo Culture link to R1b
  72. European R1b - the pre-copper age options
  73. Does the connection of M269 with copper skills go right back to its invention
  74. Another paper on pressure microblades
  75. SNP Counting and Estimating the Age of R1b
  76. R1b confused with Q1a in Siberia and Central Asia.
  77. Why is Urnfield culture linked to R1b ?
  78. P311* - No matches at all from 12 markers up to 111 markers
  79. Unetice - More early R1b into Isles - Wessex Culture?
  80. King Tut's y-DNA
  81. Deep Clade 2.0 SNP panel testing
  82. R1b and Ancient DNA
  83. Bell Beakers, Gimbutas and R1b
  84. R1b-L21 STR Allele Values and Frequencies
  85. R1b in the Caucasus
  86. Can someone please check out this R1b haplotype - 372854
  87. R1b - P311 and direct sub-clades testing
  88. Fathers R1b1b2a1a1d1* Help!
  89. Ancient R1b DNA from Spain
  90. The Out-of Maghreb Hypothesis for Western R1b
  91. The Major Y-Chromosome Haplogroup R1b-M269 in West-Europe, Lucotte.et.al.2015
  92. R1b and its sibling R1a possible route(s) into Europe
  93. Was P297 the Mesolithic lineage that adapted its to serious aridity
  94. Pre-Beaker R1b in the Isles - can we rule it out?
  95. My FTDNA Results
  96. Why R1b is linked to the Neolithic farmers?
  97. Gimbutas and Celtic from the West
  98. Genetic Drift Sharing: Bell Beaker & WHG
  99. R1b Big Picture Descendants Tree
  100. My R1b result stops at L51, any reason for this?
  101. Too many kits sitting at predicted M269!
  102. Help Solve My Riddle Re: These Scottish Surnames
  103. My Y-37. Need some help, please!
  104. The big R1b project - update
  105. R1b findings by (Allentoft et al. 2015)
  106. Dissection of the Y-SNP S116 in Atlantic Europe and Iberia, Valverde.et.al.2015
  107. The Dogma of the Iberian Origin of Bell Beaker: Attempting its Deconstruction
  108. DYS391=9 in R1b
  109. R1b Bell Beakers, Autosomal and Maternal DNA
  110. R-CTS11824+
  111. R1b-M343 Backbone SNP Pack FTDNA
  112. Geno 2.0 and others & the R1b-M343 Backbone SNP Pack test
  113. Big-Y Results
  114. Z2001 SNP
  115. Horse domestication (Who, where, and when)
  116. Puerto Rican Y DNA
  117. Matches at 25 Markers
  118. Has there been any recent developments in SNP age Calculations?
  119. YSEQ Panels for R1b
  120. "Droit de seigneur" and the success of R1b and R1a in Europe
  121. R1b in Corded Ware
  122. R-D25: What does this mean?
  123. R1b of European-Americans
  124. Origin of the Italics
  125. Rare markers with DYS 393 = 14 and DYS 426 = 13 no matches ever found in data bases
  126. Pottery, the LGM refuge of R and Mesolithic R1b cross-Caspian theory
  127. Yfiler (YHRD) Matches
  128. Die Hard 2016: The Iberian LGM Refuge and R1b
  129. R1b in Central - Eastern Europe
  130. Question about ancestry
  131. Bell Beaker - Personal Objects
  132. Make a Prediction about the Amesbury Archer
  133. Question about R1b1b2a(R1b1a2a)
  134. Trying to find information - Marker M335
  135. S128*
  136. Is the Kurgan hypothesis really dead?
  137. New version of YFull 4.02
  138. R1b SNP Packs from FTDNA
  139. L11(xU106xP312) in question
  140. L11(xU106xP312) in question
  141. What is the origin of R1b found among Cameroonian and Chadic populations?
  142. Did Ftdna. Help Needed.
  143. R1b-U106 were the True Celts and Belgae (my opinion)
  144. What is ZZ11 and what do we do with it?
  145. the connection between R1b yDNA haplogroup and the B blood type
  146. House of Oldenburg
  147. What is the most numerous subclade of R1b among White French?
  148. What are the key models for R1b-P311's expansion in Europe?
  149. R-CTS10834 Positive for F-M282, H-M56, H-P96, H-M197 & R-CTS10834?
  150. Your opinion where oldest M269 and subclades will be found
  151. Haplogroup synonym problems
  152. Could Z2265 be a parent clade of U106?
  153. CTS623 subclade of R-M269 ?
  154. R1b-M269 (P312- U106-) DNA Project dead?
  155. R1b Missing from Middle Eastern Farmers (Lazaridis 2016)
  156. Newby Question about R- L-20 & this Forum
  157. R1b subclade prediction
  158. Wish list for YDNA tools and databases - R1b only (but could be expanded later)
  159. R1b migration explained by Armenian Plateau hypothesis?
  160. Roman "Celtic British?" Gladiator/Soldiers of York/Eboracum speculation
  161. Bell Beaker Pilgrimage
  162. Y Haplogroup prediction help
  163. Message from Charles Fueston to Clan Colla guys (R1B-Z3000)
  164. If you are positive for the Z156 SNP (under R1b-U106) check this out!
  165. R1b and the Atlantic Bronze Age ..a regional archaeogenetic model
  166. R-Z329 Origins???
  167. R1B Distributions in the British Isles
  168. Could my R1b be a possible connection to the Oghuz Turks?
  169. Geno 2.0 R-z191 - FTDNA ?
  170. Ooga-Booga Land: A Thinly Disguised R1b Parable
  171. R1b1a2a1a : Where is it from?
  172. R1b Knowledge Needed - FTDNA Italy Project Administrator
  173. Examples of 37 of 37 matches that are misleading
  174. Kurdish R1b-P311* (P312-, U106-, CTS4528-)
  175. R1b1 finetuning?
  176. Guessing SNPs from Y-Str's
  177. R1b Specific Thread for 10 May 2017 Papers
  178. Corded Ware origin for P312?
  179. Looking for information on ethnic groups tied to R1b1a2a/L23 in the Mid-East/Europe
  180. Subclades of P312 & U106
  181. What does the P312/U106 clade ratio tell us?
  182. Mesolithic R1b in the Danube Gorge: R1b-V88?
  183. FTDNA R1b Project Maps
  184. The romantic legend of the noble Steppe warrior
  185. Corded Ware Material at Sion?... Implications for R1b?
  186. FGC34047 - Dessi Tribe of Munster and Leinster marker
  187. R1b Bashkirs
  188. R1b in the Syriac and Yazidi folks of the Near East
  189. Is Morley still a good resource for estimating Y haplogroup?
  190. Did haplogroup R1b originate in or near Tajikistan?
  191. The Two R1b Blätterhöhle Skeletons Were R1b-V88
  192. Is the Globular Amphora Culture the clue to R1b-L51 into Central Europe?
  193. Behavior of extra copies of mutli-copy markers (464)
  194. Best way to intermix 67 marker and 111 marker signatures for charting
  195. Y DNA Data Warehouse - accepting Big Y VCF files
  196. Initial analysis of using YFull YSTR500 data for upcoming FTDNA YSTR500 data
  197. Is U106's route to Northern Europe instructive for R1b-L151?
  198. Bell Beaker Trails - Modeling R-L51 & non-R-L51 Samples with nMonte
  199. R1b-M269 Maps (PF7562, Z2103 and xL51)
  200. Unexpected R1b
  201. The Bell Beaker Homeland
  202. Guidance on R-S5940
  203. R1b modals for the Big Y 500?
  204. R1b1a2a1a2a1b3
  205. New YouTube video on YDNA charting (and other videos)
  206. Ancient clade mate reporting for R1b to workaround Big Y matching
  207. DF103?
  208. Sangmeister's Reflux Model and the Origin of the Bell Beaker Complex
  209. Predicted Haplogroup R-M269 - Hardly any matches
  210. West Slavic R1b
  211. New YouTub Video on tradeoffs of privacy vs. accessibility/costs
  212. Cassidy's Thesis - Implications for L21, DF27 etc.
  213. R1b L11 expertise needed
  214. Basque Speaking P312 Origin Debunked
  215. R1b1a2a1a2b3b R1b-S47?
  216. An unknown subclade according to Nevgen predictor
  217. Earliest ancient DNA for R1b subclades?
  218. Nevgen prediction from STRs
  219. New early branch in P312
  220. Help with R1b subclade
  221. R-L144 Geno 2.0
  222. I ended up with R1b-L2
  223. DYS391=13 in R1b
  224. Demography of descendants of L151: Confirmed link with corded ware?
  225. Help! I'm a complete DNA idiot
  226. Please invite your Y111 matches to the R1b All Subclades Project now!
  227. R1b in Native Americans
  228. R1b Ancient maps
  229. How many years are represented in fifteen 'private variants'?
  230. L51 & Sub Clades: Area of Origination Poll for those willing to go out on a limb
  231. L51 into Europe West of the Steppe Via Corded Ware
  232. Some frequencies in West/Central Europe
  233. Questions about Y-DNA-- result: R-Z225
  234. Newbie help needed
  235. Do you know how to extract info from this Y-DNA Database? About R1b in Filipinos.
  236. Pontic Greek R-U152
  237. Advice needed R1b1a2a1a2a1b3~2
  238. R-M269 clades statistics in Anthrogenica
  239. How reliable is FTDNA's TiP Report?
  240. Project: R1b-L151(xP312 xU106) subclades S1194, A8053, CTS4528/DF100, S14328, A8039
  241. Oldest R1b ancient DNA
  242. R1b and Basques
  243. R1b "tip of the iceberg"
  244. Unsure of my R1b-L21 origin
  245. Will R1b-L51 be found in Catacombnaya of the NW Pontic steppe?
  246. Bronze Age Catacomb R1b
  247. R1b-A8053* in two samples from about 4000 years ago
  248. M269 - Question on recommended snaps
  249. R-BY12112
  250. Conflicting results on SNP tracker