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  1. Definition of "spinster" in early 20'th century England?
  2. Interpreting Geno 2.0 results (Assyrian)
  3. Greetings, My Studies of Genealogy from Adoptive Background
  4. Genetic Genealogy and English Y hg L-SK1414
  5. GED Match interpretation
  6. Can you trace a stone mason?
  7. Spanish/Portuguese genealogy..
  8. Can this Finnish name be classified as Western Finn or Sámi?
  9. Tracing to Aristocracy
  10. Ross and Viking/Nordic History
  11. Please Critique My Webpage Summary of the Basics of Genetic Genealogy
  12. What Surnames Are You Working On?
  13. Is facial hair effected by ethnicity/genetics ?
  14. Do these tests verify around 20% Middle Eastern heritage?
  15. Munn family and Polish Ashkenazi ancestry - Help needed
  16. Anyone wanting a challenge and willing to help me trace/research my Middle Eastern?
  17. Jewish Matches
  18. Genealogy Roadshow
  19. A Family Tree & Genealogy Portfolio
  20. Last name changes in ancestry ( not immigrant related ).
  21. Help understanding a record (French lanuage)
  22. Milam / Mileham / Milum Surname Project (FTDNA)
  23. Are Portuguese female first names Julia/Luzia used interchangeably?
  24. Out of wedlock births in 19th century Germany
  25. A couple of questions
  26. A question of conflicting names
  27. Ochkas (Achkas, Achkasov/Ochkasov, Očkáš, Oczkoś/Ochkos) Surname Project
  28. Ancestry, DNA, and Ethnic Identity
  29. Descendant books / Family books
  30. Mirror Tree strategies and my unexpected Italian DNA
  31. Lots of Jewish cousins
  32. Ancestry "Potential Parents"
  33. Confucius confirmed, but his result is covered still... twelve, five years passed...
  34. Finding Scottish ancestors origin
  35. Using Genetic Genealogy to Identify Research Projects
  36. Puzzling out my Slavic ancestry. Help!
  37. What's Your Ethnicity via Paper Trail?
  38. My Family Tree
  39. Surnames in the US Census of 1790, An Analysis of National Origins of the Population
  40. Confused!
  41. Surnames Tordoff and Shaw
  42. Researching Genealogy To Find Adoption Information
  43. The insurmountable problem ?
  44. Thoughts on my DNA results? New here.
  45. Ancestral apparitions and fiendish forebears
  46. Difference between Baptism and Christening
  47. Are generations long or short in your family?
  48. Marriage patterns near Rawicz in the 1800s-1900s
  49. 1k Genomes NA11994
  50. Use caution in interpreting records -- don't assume anything not actually stated
  51. Matches appearing closer due to multiple ancestors in common
  52. "Pulstag" and "Hesbach" in Bayern
  53. Help me
  54. Are the Southwest German people closer to the Celts ?
  55. Origin of surnames report
  56. Bay surname
  57. Mac Bheatha
  58. Ancestry Lab
  59. Strange Woman?
  60. Using DNA matches to trace traveller/gypsy roots?
  61. Help with English genealogy.
  62. Ancestry Results Reveal a Major Oops!!! Need second Opinions, Please.
  63. Help transcribing residence name (Ireland)
  64. ftdna or AncestryDNA for a Swede?
  65. Death Cert. transcription help
  66. Y-DNA as a Genealogical Tool
  67. Am I part Celtic? a comparison of 23andme, Myheritage, and GEDmatch data
  68. Cousin couples
  69. SNP Tracker
  70. Help with Colonial American genealogy
  71. Is Levy a Scottish surname?
  72. American born in 1644
  73. Weatheralls, anyone?
  74. Trace.com: Professional Genealogists
  75. Prussian Mystery
  76. Can't find genetic results for Iranians from Khorosan/Mashhad area
  77. DNA results confusion?
  78. Looking for my great-great-great grandmother's parents
  79. Does anyone here access to Polish, Belarusian, or Ukrainian archives?
  80. How do you trace your ancestry back further with this situation?
  81. Military Servicemen
  82. How to search for ancestors in Ireland
  83. General genealogy help
  84. DNA Painter Trees
  85. Picking projects
  86. Is your known ancestry Scottish/Irish but your ethnicity estimate is part Norwegian?
  87. How many commercial testing/genealogical sites do you use?
  88. Summary of my recent genealogy research
  89. Most remarkable surname(s) in your family tree
  90. Are modern Levantines Arabicised Canaanites?
  91. Looking to Find Surname RENDULIĆ Surname Project
  92. Maliańo Spain family trees
  93. Ashton Family Mystery
  94. Helping someone find their birth father
  95. Looking for a location ancestors resided in France
  96. Italian Side Genealogy Research and Discoveries
  97. Finding out about a distant NPE through DNA
  98. 23andme results?
  99. Can you guess my origins
  100. DNA results HELP!
  101. Trying to find my Wifes Fathers Family.
  102. COMPLETELY SHOOK - How reliable IS genealogy?
  103. 23andme chromosome (graphic) match as an indicator of ancestry.
  104. If you have STR data
  105. DNA relatives beta at yourDNAportal
  106. If 99.9% of our DNA is same, the SNP testing is based off on only 0.1% ?
  107. Genealogy or genetics, what is more important?
  108. Help me understand my DNA results
  109. Discrepancy between family tree and DNA - trying to figure out my grandfathers ethnic
  110. Do you have a large family that evaporated into almost nothing?
  111. Dnapainter question
  112. USA Census 2020
  113. Nicholson DNA
  114. Geneanet and their DNA
  115. New Findings from the Barry DNA Project
  116. WikiTree
  117. Chances of 1.78%, 133cM, 7 segments being a second cousin?
  118. My true ancestor
  119. Semitic/Middle eastern focus on lineage and pedigree
  120. US American Ancestry + Desi/South Asia DNA - Gedmatch Project
  121. Fantastic news!
  122. What’s the point in building an extensive tree when it’s probably wrong anyways?
  123. Colyer Collier from Juniata County Pennsylvania
  124. Irish Monastic Movement
  125. Maybe a nasty surprise for someone? How do I put this in an online tree?
  126. Please help - NPE GG Grandfather, no autocluster for AncestryDNA
  127. How do I trace my roots
  128. Change in tone
  129. Is my Y line an NPE
  130. Do you consider gedmatch relatives match to be accurate?
  131. Why does Derry have so many English surnames?
  132. Slavic Heritage
  133. Levenie and variants - feed back welcomed
  134. my true ancestors
  135. Babysitter Pregnant (Two Suspects)
  136. tracing birth father
  137. New to Anthrogenica - need assistance
  138. Endless tree capacity
  139. Calcasieu Parish & Galveston County Resources
  140. What do types of NPE look like?
  141. MyHeritage Subscription
  142. Is there any way to identify who the father of this man is?
  143. Did any one in your family tree expire in dramatic fashion?
  144. Gist, Gest, Guess, Guest Project Mystery
  145. A New Etymology Hypothesis for the Wilkinson (and variants) Surname
  146. Huguenot ancestry
  147. Trying to Verify Origins of my English, Scottish, & Northern Irish Surnames
  148. O'Connor family tree in search of
  149. Genealogist Recommendations?
  150. Y DNA Black Friday sale?
  151. Old document image enhancement software?
  152. I need help translating this surname
  153. Ancestors in 1900
  154. South Asian Iranians-Bharat e Khoj
  155. European/Middle Eastern ancestry, REALLY need help interpreting DNA tests
  156. Contradictory linkage results in the search fro my great grandfather