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  1. Statistical Issues in Modelling the Ancestry from Y-Chromosome and Surname Data
  2. FTDNA Iranian DNA Project
  3. The US 1940 Census
  4. How much of your ancestry have you documented?
  5. Edelstein Surname DNA Project
  6. Early Colonial Pennsylvania, West Jersey, and Delaware Ancestor Project
  7. In Search of New Sweden Ancestor Project
  8. De Vuono Surname Project
  9. What Got You Interested in Genetics &/or Genealogy?
  10. Reece/Boone connection disproved?
  11. Massachusetts Project
  12. Ireland Reaching Out Programme -- "reverse genealogy"
  13. Goodbye Mr Chips as study highlights surnames facing 'extinction'
  14. Are there 17th and 18th century indentured servants in your lineage?
  15. Odd genealogy question
  16. Am gonna take a DNA Test soon, what to expect?
  17. Help identifying my paternal line's origin (Epperson)
  18. Speculation regarding my ancestral origin in the past 500 years
  19. 1921 Census of Canada
  20. My family, the Counts Guidi and the Habsburg Lorraine
  21. The Normans
  22. Clan Montgomery
  23. Immigration into the New World
  24. Pre-census brick walls
  25. Personal Genome Project UK
  26. Genealogist
  27. Genealogy Puzzle
  28. Genealogy Puzzle
  29. Lincolnshire genealogy resource
  30. Pennsylvania genealogy resource
  31. Heads of Households with the same surname living close to one another are related?
  32. Vikings
  33. Ancestral Graves
  34. Exciting New Project on the Barry Family
  35. "Cardinal OíConnorís Mother Was Jewish"
  36. New MyOrigins Map and Holes in the Pedigree
  37. heard of WikiTree?
  38. Uncle
  39. Advice Sought
  40. Seeking Ethnicity of my Biological Father
  41. NPEs in an Anglo-Irish Family
  42. Family paintings
  43. Maya Genealogy
  44. Korean clans and marriage migration
  45. Digital images and genealogy
  46. Notice to users of Genealogy.com
  47. Resemblance?
  48. Related to anybody famous?
  49. Ishmael surname
  50. Happy Dance thread for when you actually find paper trail!
  51. Irish Ancestral DNA Project
  52. South Scotland and the Gallgaidheal
  53. Favorite Genealogical myth exposed
  54. Reeders of Eagle Creek R-DF99, R1b-DF99, R1b-S11987, R-S11987
  55. Free Three Day Access to Ancestry.co.uk
  56. Lista de Pasajeros a Indias
  57. A Searchable Swedish Haplogroup Database
  58. Englandís immigrant records 1330-1550 online
  59. Searchable Scottish database
  60. Help me to solve a family Mystery: My paternal line before my great grandfather.
  61. I found out my Norman ancestor!
  62. Ohio set to open adoption records sealed for 50 years
  63. Genetic geography is playing merry havoc with ancient beliefs
  64. Hi there, R1b-U106 here!
  65. "Family Crests"
  66. High Y-chromosomal diversity and low relatedness during the surname establishment
  67. Irish Catholic parish registers going online
  68. Bonelli Surname Project
  69. Nairs (& Kerala Christians)
  70. Probability of cuckoldry in geneaology
  71. A moral dilemma.
  72. So youíre related to Charlemagne? You and every other living European
  73. Curious...Getting Started.
  74. Just confirmed Swedish ancestry..
  75. Which one of your ancestral lines do you have the most connection to?
  76. Help me determine heritage please!
  77. Anyone willing to see if they're related to me?
  78. Using DNA Matches to Find an Ancestor?
  79. Could my cousin be distantly Native American?
  80. Anything unusual here?
  81. Scots-Italian and Scottish midwife ancestors requested
  82. What is the frequency of your surname?
  83. Scottish highlanders in Ireland
  84. How Many Years For A Generation?
  85. How many descendants after 150 years?
  86. Qalipu First Nation - My Geneaology Project/A Change in Identity
  87. Can one really determine the more recent Origins from a Geno 2.0 test
  88. What's wrong Shefarad or Ashkenazi?
  89. Genomemate!
  90. UK Genealogy Goldmine About to be Released
  91. R-Z57 ---> S1491
  92. Ancestry Genetic Genealogy Thread continued from 23andme
  93. Question of a genealogy peasant
  94. Your myheritage.com surname origin by country
  95. New Graf Surname Project
  96. I just sent in the kit for my cousin for the WELCOME surname!
  97. What did your 3 great grandfathers do for a living?
  98. How many Children did your last 3 grandfathers have?
  99. Wottrich Family
  100. Viking Ancestry
  101. SNPs in the historic period
  102. Scottish Catholic Parish Registers free to search until 9 Jan 2015
  103. Kingston surname (paging Mr Gearoid Kingston)
  104. Little pourcentage Irish/British in Brazilian
  105. Schneiders with R1a
  106. Daubner surname origin Norman?
  107. Most Popular Surnames in Great Britain - Mapped.
  108. Your family origin stories
  109. Central-East Africans - puntDNAL K8 African only Oracle results
  110. Echoes of the East-African Slave Trade - Distant Diasporic Matches - IBS or IBD?
  111. Who Do You Think You Are Live (coming in April to Birmingham)
  112. Flemish People in Scotland Conference
  113. UK Surname Distribution Map/tool.
  114. Interpreting my Gedmatch results
  115. Scottish genealogy question
  116. 1st Earl of Exeter (Thomas Cecil) Welsh or Norman descent and U106?
  117. Everyone Is Related. The (Big) Data Proves It
  118. Devonshire Baptism records
  119. DNA test could decide fate of Scottish baronetcy
  120. Can Indians and Pakistanis be Syed?
  121. Pakreel Jatt Clan
  122. O'Hare-How do you pronounce it in Irish?
  123. Just how ignorant do you have to be to work at My Heritage?
  124. Understand the test, man surprised DNA test kit excludes known family heritage
  125. In Mexican DNA, a link to Jewish history
  126. Businessman's DNA link to medieval king revealed
  127. Emergency DNA Tests of incapacitated or recently deceased ,you can but should you?
  128. How has DNA testing aided your Genealogy?
  129. Trouble finding the origin of a family surname?
  130. Question about John David Ross my ancestor
  131. Adoption and searching for your biological family
  132. Partially searchable database of largest Mass Grave Site In U.S.
  133. A Māori family tree
  134. DNA Claims to Baronetcy come down in favor of Murray Pringle
  135. What am I??
  136. Would testing Elizabeth Warrenís DNA resolve the fight over Native American claim
  137. Ex-Mormon lawyer James Ord true heir to the British throne? George IV's love child
  138. DNA transfers to GENI
  139. GEDmatch admixture would be better?
  140. Common DNA on chromosome 9 between Northern Europeans Middle East Christian
  141. My true heritage revealed
  142. Newby Question: Is there a Forum or Sub-Forum devoted to Great Britain Genealogy
  143. Huguenots in Britain: surnames
  144. GEDMATCH phased kits have few matches
  145. What races are a social construct and what aren't?
  146. Ancestry.com bust: stolen identity of a dead man
  147. Richard IIIís skull may prove he DIDNíT kill princes:
  148. Is anthropology and genealogy Eurocentric?
  149. How far back have you traced ALL of your ancestry
  150. Gleason/Gleeson Clan Gathering
  151. Language & phonetic transcriptions issues in official documents
  152. What will Family Finder tell me about possible origins?
  153. Mysterious genealogy of Russian President Putin
  154. Discussing ancestors who "entwined the branches" (i.e., they married cousins).
  155. Variety of surnames in an area
  156. Posting sample from UK to USA?
  157. Where could these names come from?
  158. English into the Americas
  159. What could my ancestry be from?
  160. How do you pronounce Donnachaidh?
  161. Czech Surname - meaning?
  162. Canadians with American ancestry: What is your story?
  163. Names of soldiers in Medieval England and France
  164. Could these surnames be connected?
  165. Ancestral landscapes.
  166. Foreign surnames in my family according to Forbears
  167. English Jews in the 18th and 19th Centuries
  168. Possible Quadling and Dillon Link
  169. Today's research - a new ancestral parish
  170. Surname origin?
  171. Descendants of Dr. Cecil Jacobson?
  172. New surname dictionary for Britain and Ireland
  173. Genetic Genealogy Ireland 2016 -- Talks on YouTube
  174. In Anticipation of Living DNA results
  175. Surname List - 16th Century Protestant Refugees to Norwich, East Anglia, England.
  176. Your most "out-there" family tree connections
  177. Origin of your surname
  178. At what age did your ancestors die?
  179. My 1st match correlating to paper trail!
  180. 1764 census of St Kilda, Outer Hebrides
  181. Where does the surname Dossa come from?
  182. Anthrogenica cousins
  183. My Welsh Ancestry moves further West.
  184. Descent from Alfred the Great
  185. Family Surname Clee in famous poem.
  186. Hungarian surname Rajhathy
  187. Gatti-Gatty
  188. Share stories of your most "Who Do You Think You" are worthy ancestors
  189. Any forum members going to WDYTYA Live NEC Birmingham?
  190. Recreating Ancestors
  191. question about the origin of an unusual surname (at the least, appears to be Slavic)
  192. WDYTYA? Live at Birmingham (UK) 6-8 April
  193. Help with a Surname
  194. Percentages of known ancestors
  195. Norfolk Surnames in the Sixteenth Century
  196. Finding Film Image
  197. So where did your ancestors live (up to 3rd great-grandparents)?
  198. Can the British Isles nobility and landed gentry be considered endogenous?
  199. Spong Hill Anglo-Saxon Cemetery to Gressenhall Workhouse
  200. Opinion on 2 signatures
  201. Help interpreting results please?
  202. The frustration of My heritage family trees
  203. Im Starting an In-Depth Project :: Help Needed! :: Surname "Skakun"
  204. Battles your ancestors fought in
  205. Looking for help with Scottish surname origins
  206. Montgomery- Norman surname?
  207. Have you discovered Haplogroups on different paternal lines?
  208. Ciarmhacan in Gaelic
  209. McAfee Family of Chester Co. PA
  210. Harder to find where find ancestry than I thought.
  211. Need help interperting GED MATCH results. Help!
  212. Knotd/Knoth/Knott Family - Any Leads?
  213. Howells/Cecil Herfordshire Paternal connection - documented evidence?
  214. Need Help from a Statistician!
  215. How we use to do Sharing
  216. Wikipedia Genealogy Database
  217. Documented ethnicity vs. autosomal DNA results
  218. Known ethnicity vs. testing companies ethnicities
  219. Possible Irish Ancestry?
  220. Connect the dots
  221. Percentage of regional ancestry?
  222. I've found a non-English ancestor on record! French?
  223. Jewish Gattys
  224. Does anyone have any tips for interpreting the admixture engine results on Gedmatch?
  225. Grave stones with great stories
  226. Tips for Tracing Tricky Irish & German roots
  227. Matching surnames to Y-Haplogroups and vice versa
  228. Sixth volume of the German Surname Atlas released
  229. de Saint Pierre/St-Pierre/St. Pierre/Bunbury family
  230. Making sense of old records
  231. [Newbie] Which GEDMATCH calculator should I use?
  232. Dutch East India Company
  233. Who was Alexander Sinclair's (1667? - 1751) Drummond sperm ?
  234. What thresholds can be used to confirm more distant ancestry
  235. Y-STR37 Genetic Distance at 3 & 4. Chances of 2GF TMRCA?
  236. Cornwall Community
  237. GED Match results. Am I extremely diverse or what?
  238. Looking for help with Irish/Northern Irish ancestors
  239. How many first cousins do you have?
  240. For any New World people of Norfolk or East Anglian Heritage
  241. Family Tree Generator?
  242. Cemetery Care
  243. DNA match
  244. Help me decipher the ethnicity and relationship of a close match
  245. DNA identification of a 10th century female skeleton from the Prague Castle belonging
  246. Linking the Y-chromosomal haplotype from a high medieval (1160Ė1421) skeleton from a
  247. Bowman/Clark ancestors
  248. Genetic Genealogy - verifying paper trail with DNA matches
  249. Is this the Howells/Cecil (Burghley) connection c. 1500 ?
  250. Sephardic Jewish de Mesquita familymembers/offspring with autosomal DNA-test?