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  1. R1b Early Branching Phylogeny (SNP based family tree)
  2. Two New Speculative SNPs for L23+ L51-
  3. Any L11+, U106- folks taking the Nat Geno 2.0 Test
  4. STR111 tree of haplogroup R1b root
  5. Geno 2.0 and R-L23 and R-L51
  6. More thoughts of Anatole's work on very deep time R1b branching
  7. Georgia DNA project and early branches of R1b
  8. M269 in Italy
  9. M343* has an elevated presence in northern Iran among several Iranian speaking groups
  10. How an outlier was born
  11. Speculations on relative position of M269 and M73
  12. M269* and L23XL51 - modern pattern remnant of different waves?
  13. Are there L23XL51 subclades whose defining SNPs post-date L51?
  14. Geno 2.0 raw date for haplotype 35 samples
  15. TMRCA for Major SubClades From L23>L51* & L11* and down into L21
  16. A role for Kura-Araxes in the spread of V88?
  17. M269* in Sardinia - Brother Clade to L23
  18. Early R1b-Zarzian hunter gatherers in Iran?
  19. Any progress on R1b-L11* (known at FTDNA as P310+ U106- P312-) ?
  20. M269* (R1b-P25>L389>P297>M269xL23)
  21. 150? (R1b-P25>L389>P297>M269....) above, below or both or what else?
  22. R1b-Early Subclades Haplotypes Spreadsheet
  23. The case Haddad
  24. R-L216*
  25. P25xM269xM73xV88 - has it been tested for P297
  26. R-l164
  27. Donating and supporting early R1b
  28. Do L23xL51 clades in SW Asia - do they link closest to the Balkans or Caucasus/NW Ira
  29. R1b phylogeny
  30. Federighi is going to be tested for Geno 2.0
  31. The R-Z2110* haplogroup
  32. Possible R-Z2105 subclades in the "Italy FTDNA Project"
  33. About the origin of the R-Z2105 subclades
  34. How to do an interesting research on YHRD
  35. Hypothesis about the origin of Z2110 and L51 from L23
  36. Armenian R-M269* and some hypotheses about its origin
  37. Did Scythians carry and spread R1b?
  38. V88 in Ancient Israel?
  39. R1b-L51 - Results discussion
  40. L51>PF7589/Z2118 SNP Submission for ISOGG Haplogroup Tree
  41. Are Vindelici R1b-L23* ?
  42. ISOGG submissions
  43. R1b-CTS4528 & DF100
  44. S349, S1984 and S2017 in Chromo2; any ideas ??
  45. R1b L-23*...but what subclade?
  46. L23 >> DF13 Up The Danube River by SNPs and Origin Variance
  47. CTS7141 subclade of S14328 - Ambiguous? HT35 Tree
  48. Y5586 now available as individual SNP test from FTDNA
  49. R1b-V88/V35 in 400 year old Afro-Carribean slave STM1
  50. Interesting analysis of the branch R1b-V88 by Gioiello n the paper of Francalacci
  51. PF6714
  52. YFull Group: R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106)
  53. Two probable R1b-V88 among our Cameroonian samples collected by A00 project
  54. R1b-M269>PF7558+, PF7562+, PF7563-, L23-
  55. ISOGG 2016 Y-DNA haplogroup R1b tree
  56. R1b1 has been found at Villabruna ( Italy) in a sample of about 14000 years ago
  57. R-PF7590
  58. R1b Basal Subclades - R1b-M343 (xP312 xU106) Project FTDNA
  59. PgmNr 1070
  60. V1636
  61. FTDNA R1b-L51 (xP312 xU106) SNP Pack
  62. L23+ L51- Z2103- people ?
  63. BigY R1b-V1636 - YFull worth it?
  64. The Tutankhamun DNA Project
  65. How it was all clear from the beginning
  66. R1b-L11: Where from?
  67. Oldest Steppe Bell Beakers: Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
  68. The L51 SNP Block - Revisited in 2018
  69. The road from L23 to P312
  70. R-L51-PF7589, 10% of anciet (Roman) Latin samples tested
  71. R1b-L151 in Afanasievo: Good Y-DNA Call or Not?
  72. R1b-L51 route into West/Central Europe proposed graphic
  73. S1194 and Z2118 structure
  74. Project update: R1b basal subclades Z2103 PF7589 PF7562 M73 V1636 PF6323 BY14355
  75. Project: R1b-L51 less P312 and U106: S1194, A8053, CTS4528/DF100, S14328, A8039
  76. R1b-L151>FT425420
  77. Project update: R1b basal subclades PF7589/Z2118
  78. Overview trees R1b-BY14355, PF6323, V1636, M73, PF7562, Z2103, PF7589, S1194
  79. PF7589/Z2118 Map
  80. R-S1194 project is a merger/split from several projects
  81. R1b Basal and Early Subclades project update