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  1. Still need testing of Z660 and Z661
  2. L1280 found in kit E4464 (Ib Type)
  3. CTS1211 now available for order
  4. CTS11962 available to order
  5. Problems with a likely R1a kit. if not L657.
  6. More Geno 2.0 SNPs in R1a-Z283 now available for order
  7. Y34 is now available for order
  8. New SNPs available for order
  9. CTS4027 is now available for order from FTDNA
  10. New SNPs under CTS3402 and Z92, available for order
  11. SNP -YP355 for Norse/English/Gael cluster assumed positive?
  12. More new SNPs under Z280 and M458, individually testable at FTDNA
  13. More new SNPs individually testable at FTDNA
  14. More M458 SNPs now available from FTDNA
  15. Y2613 is now available for individual order from FTDNA
  16. M458 and Z280 SNPs newly available for individual testing at FTDNA
  17. Still more new SNPs under Z280 and M458, individually testable at FTDNA
  18. One more individual SNP test at FTDNA in each of M458 and Z280
  19. New YFull haplotree adds more branches to M458 and Z280
  20. Two more individual SNP tests for R1a-L1029
  21. Yseq has some SNP tests that FTDNA does not yet offer
  22. More SNP tests on the M458 branch
  23. One more individual SNP test from FTDNA in the Z280 branch
  24. Any information on YP355>YP618(YP609)
  25. CTS4648 (downstream from Z92) now orderable
  26. Many new R1a-Z283 SNP tests at FTDNA
  27. YP315 test now available from FTDNA
  28. Ordered the BigY!
  29. L448>YP355>YP1120
  30. 3 more individual SNP tests at FTDNA
  31. 4 new individual SNP tests from FTDNA
  32. New individual SNP tests in the Z280 branch
  33. New developments in L448>YP355
  34. New branch under M458
  35. YP591 and YP319 now testable at FTDNA
  36. YP1183 (subclade of YP515 < CTS11962) now testable at FTDNA
  37. Karmin 2015 got M458 wrong
  38. Danish L448
  39. Earliest R-Z284 offshoot is Polish?
  40. New FTDNA SNP tests within R1a-Z280
  41. How accurate is this M458 map?
  42. Dozens of SNPs and SNP tests newly added to FTDNA R-Z280 haplotree
  43. FTDNA's R-Z280 SNP Pack is finally available
  44. New clade with subclades found under M458
  45. Newly redesigned Z284 SNP Pack is now available from FTDNA
  46. Y2608 and YP1626 problematic in R1a-Z280 SNP Pack
  47. YP582 problematic in R1a-Z280 SNP Pack
  48. New haplotype of Rurik King dynasty, clade R1a-Z92, YP569+
  49. Rare Y17491 subclade of Z282, found from Poland to Lebanon to Italy
  50. Z283(xZ282) found from Poland to Switzerland to England
  51. Offshoots immediately upstream and downstream from M458
  52. Features of Z283 clade
  53. Bellonid branch of R1a (?)
  54. Ancient R1a-M458 in Aral Sea, Southern Ural and Kuban River (Northern Caucasus)
  55. YP1019 and descending lines
  56. Where has the oldest form of Z283 been discovered?
  57. Any Information on Y2613 (under Z-280)
  58. Defining marker for R-M12462 / R-YP1702
  59. Calling all Eustice DNA Testers (Irish Branch R1a) under R-Z283
  60. Is anyone familiar with R1a1a1b1a1b1~2 - L1029 - L388?
  61. R1a-M458-L1029*
  62. YDNA Founder Effect
  63. YP4647
  64. Yfull: Shared SNPs vs Assumed Shared SNPs?
  65. Y23110
  66. M458-Vistula Veneti?
  67. Origins of R1a- Z283 - BY135739 Haplogroup?
  68. Is this line a contender of Indo-European, Paleo Balkan? R1a > CTS1211 > Y35 > YP4278
  69. Any Golebiewski/owski/icki in R1a-...-Z92R-Z685R-YP270R-CTS4648R-YP1405-YP4479 ?
  70. Balto-Slavic Z284 & L664
  71. R1a>M458>L1029
  72. Confused on Big Y
  73. Which panel should I buy to go further with my Ydna (Z282)?
  74. R1a , Clan MacDougall and Somerled
  75. R1a-Z280 > YP237
  76. A common 1.6 Mb Y-chromosomal inversion predisposes ... severe spermatogenic failure
  77. R1a-Z280 in South Asia
  78. R-Y42738* for Tolkien
  79. Finnic R1A