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  1. Scarce examples within Z93
  2. L342 is subject to recombination
  3. Z2122 is now available for order
  4. CTS6 now available for order
  5. More Geno 2.0 SNPs in R1a-Z93 now available for order
  6. Z2124 is available for order
  7. Y7 is now available for order
  8. Z2123 updates
  9. L1497 is now available for order
  10. Z2124, Z122, F1345, CTS6, and Y57 now on ISOGG haplotree
  11. Y937 and Y939 now available for order
  12. Rootsi et al. (2013) Ashkenazi Levite R1a Discussion Thread
  13. Y2619 SNP test now available for order from FTDNA
  14. Individual test for YP264 (subclade of CTS6>Y2619) is available from FTDNA
  15. YP450 and Y2630 now individually testable at FTDNA
  16. YP520 now available for individual order from FTDNA
  17. New YFull haplotree for Z94 has some new branches
  18. Two more SNP tests in the Z2124 branch are orderable
  19. A couple more individual SNP tests for the Z93 branch
  20. Frequency/heatmap of R1a-Z93?
  21. Two new individual SNP tests in the Z93 branch
  22. Russian and Polish R1a-Z93*
  23. Y15121: Prussian-Sri Lankan subclade within R1a-Z2123
  24. New YFull R-Z93 customers
  25. Yseq now offers R1a-Z93 SNP panel for $88
  26. R1a-Z93 SNP pack from FTDNA
  27. R1a-Z2123, Y2632+, SUR51+
  28. Y40 information
  29. R1a-Y2632
  30. BigY results F1019
  31. Z6405: new Italian subclade under Y934
  32. R1a-L657 Y6+
  33. R1a-Z93 - BY2835
  34. How genetics is settling the Aryan migration debate
  35. Geo analysis of YP4516 cluster
  36. The genetic variation in the R1a clade among the Ashkenazi Levites’ Y chromosome
  37. R1a - Z93+ subclades Z2123+ Y47+ Y46+
  38. Z93 > YP1451
  39. R-Z93 in 100% British autosomal
  40. R1a-Y7 in South Asia
  41. R-Y879 (R-Y34241) Shout Out
  42. Spaniard with r1a (Morley and Cladefinder )
  44. R-Y1*
  45. Srubnaya R1a clades
  46. R-S21872*
  47. What subclade must be FTDNA F3166?
  48. R-Z2125 in a Russian
  49. Non-Pashtun Y874 in South Asia
  50. Autosomal y7 from algeria
  51. R-YP5505, an important Hunnic lineage
  52. R-Z2122: My Big-Y result is here (Iranian Azeri)
  53. Famous R1a-Z93