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  1. New SNPs for R-P312?
  2. 11 At DYS 439 R1b1a2
  3. L238 (P312>L238) a "Norse" marker
  4. R1b-P312xL21 Haplotypes Spreadsheet & SNP Tree
  5. DF19 (P312>DF19) & Subclades L644, Z302, etc.
  6. Rib-P312 Project
  7. SNP testing for P312 and the use of STR signatures
  8. P312** (the real deal) (P312+ U152- L21- DF27- DF19- L238- DF99-)
  9. R1b-P312 Phylogeny (SNP based family tree) with emphasis on P312*, DF19, L238
  10. DF99 (P312>DF99)
  11. P312 in the Netherlands
  12. Flemings in Cumberland
  13. Brabant Project -- retested for additional SNP's
  14. R1b-M65 private mutation among Basque(?) or not
  15. Recent radiation within R-M269 led to high Y-STR haplotype resemblance
  16. Any new understanding on early branching of P312?
  17. P312 and the Ancient Celts
  18. Geno2 or Chromo2
  19. Help interpreting yseq results for P312
  20. A P312+ DF100+ Mystery
  21. Book on the Celts: surname-subclade connections wanted
  22. Y-dna Survey of your 23andme matches
  23. S389+ Pictish?
  24. PGA1 Austria R1b-P312(xU152,L21,DF27,L238,DF19)?
  25. P312 in "Massive migration from the steppe is a source for IE languages in Europe"
  26. ZZ11
  27. Depressed that 23andme gave me R1b-l21
  28. Speculation on Norse Nobility
  29. yfull age estimates suggest P312 expanded in 2000-2500 BC.
  30. New R1b-P312 SNP Pack from FTDNA for top-layer and DF19, L238, DF99
  31. Interesting P312 Facts
  32. Online P312 y-dna tree
  33. Hm... maybe not so "Norse". Slow mutation DYS393=14 & DYS19=16
  34. DYS439 VALUE 10 ?
  35. Z40481 Splits R-P312
  36. FTDNA BY SNP Details
  37. R-A5846 >>> R0BY11862
  38. Bell Beaker and the Spread of R1b-P312
  39. Iain McDonald's New P312 Analysis
  40. Legend of the Pale Rider (A P312 story)
  41. O'Neill and DF27
  42. Poll: Bell Beaker Models
  43. P312 The Big Tree and the Chromium Long Read test
  44. ZZ37 & Z40481
  45. R1b-Z16294
  46. New R1b-P312 Subclade project at FTDNA for the ZZ37/38 Subclade
  47. Origins of R1b-P312?
  48. Greater Diversity in S27900 and ZZ37
  49. Which of the following choices,is your best guess for where P312 originated?
  50. Current R-L151 Figures from the FTDNA database
  51. R-P312 and 23andme V2
  52. What should the R1b-M269/steppe dna-type of Bell Beaker be called?
  53. From K to R1b P312: The journey
  54. A thread for historical and pre-historic DF19 samples ... we're up to 3, and counting
  55. A mystery about P312's early history
  56. R1b P312 L238
  57. How can I know my subclade?
  58. P312 subclades at LivingDNA
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  60. Is my clade Lombard?
  61. Where does R-Z225 Originate? Where is the highest frequency?
  62. How to predict this R1b 67 marker kit.
  63. Big Y penetration of the large P312 projects
  64. DF19 subclade distributions by country
  65. R-BY11863 origins
  66. FYI: FTDNA Haplotree Finally Reorganized to show new SNP between P312 & ZZ11
  67. Just messing around with P312, U106 and DF19 MDKA percentages in particular
  68. The most recent common ancestor of P312+ clades
  69. Hall of fame. R1b-P312
  70. R-P312 origins and ChatGPT