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  1. E-M35 Fullgenomes testing results and status
  2. Speculative map of E1b1b1 (M35) and its subclades
  3. New YFull haplotree divides E-V13 into two subclades
  4. Need help ! Haplogroup E-M78
  5. How to interpret Yseq's E-V13 panel results?
  6. E-M81 North African Clade
  7. Anabarsky Dolgans: 40% E-M35
  8. FTDNA offers E-V68 SNP Pack (including V13, V22, and V12 subclades) for $99
  9. E-M81 in Old Families from Quebec
  10. E-V13 parent in Northern Europe
  11. Some confusing results from E-V68 SNP Pack
  12. E-V22: Neolithic settlers along the Nile!?
  13. E-V32 and E-M329 among Ethiopian ethno-linguistic groups
  14. E-V22, the Saho-Sardinian connection and the EEF!?
  15. E-L17
  16. about my result of DNA test E-V13
  17. about the subclade E-L241
  18. about abdurrahmani family from kossovo
  19. E-M81 in Brazil
  20. Clan Menzies in Scotland : E-M81 ?
  21. Suclade of E-V13, Z16663
  22. about E-BY5675 ,E-BY5670,E-BY5650,E-BY562,and E-BY5575
  23. E-M81 Origin
  24. E-V13 in Iran and South Caucasus
  25. E-FGC18401
  26. V13+ CTS5856- in Poland
  27. FTDNA snp pack worth it? I'm e1b1b1a1a*
  28. About Genetic Distance
  29. Breaking down E-M34: E-L791, E-M84, Proto-Semites, and Bonapartes
  30. Lipson et al. 2017 Early European Farmers
  31. Ashkenazi 'large group' Y6923 turns up in Cyprus
  32. Qué significa el Haplogroup E-Z849*? cual es su origen y pueblos?
  33. V13 updates
  34. Is V32 in Arabia ancient or recent?
  35. Yfull-what does the asterisk mean?
  36. Whole Y-chromosome sequences reveal an extremely recent origin of E-M81
  37. Britain and Iberia- E-BY5219
  38. E-CTS1273 under V13 - the haplogroup of biblical Abraham?
  39. Distribution of E-Z21420
  40. Maternal Ydna results
  41. V13 Haplogroup connected with Polish ancestry
  42. E1b1b1a1b5 a.k.a. E-M35.2
  43. E-M5021, pretty lost in translation..
  44. E1b1b in Senegambia is it due to Berber admixture?
  45. E-M5021 SNP Help
  46. About my ancestors E-L241
  47. about my ancestors E-L241
  48. Assassin's creed
  49. Brainstorming Y6923 - a deeply diverged Ashkenazi big group with links to the Med.
  50. E-M35 and Afro-Asiatic proto-language
  51. On the origin of E-M183
  52. E-BY5787 (E-V13 subclade) in the Arabian Gulf?
  53. Paternal lineage of the Berbers from Aurès in Algeria (April 2019)
  54. E-M293 clade
  55. Which European people has the highest % of E-M35?
  56. A theory about the origin of E-V13
  57. New Big Y result splits E-L143 level
  58. E-M123/M34 in Africa: what we don't know
  59. My YSEQ result E-CTS12227.
  60. E-M84 In Arabian Peninsula
  61. E-Z5009 (E-M183): From the the Maghreb to Europe and the New World
  62. E-Y4971 gains a fourth branch
  63. Vampire from Bohemia
  64. Famous E-M35 persons
  65. E-V22
  66. The case for E-M123* (without E-M34 coming out of Israel, Specifically)
  67. First ancient sample (Guanche) successfully analyzed on the E-M81 yfull tree.
  68. what do you thinks about YDNA remains testing in years 2016 {Kefi2016}
  69. why E-PF2431 /E-V1039 rares
  70. new study in Dominican Republic
  71. Mozabites on YFULL.
  72. A second ancient Canary Islander added to YFULL.
  73. waht about remains viking E-M35
  74. what about remains roman E-M35
  75. Why is E-V13 so confusing?
  76. why E-PF2431 rare
  77. E-CTS6444 (1100-900 ybp)
  78. Y-Full Update
  79. E-M84 - A much-needed update and a call for collaboration
  80. Haolgroup E-PF2431 in Montenegro
  81. E-M35 Lemba
  82. E-V13: Second Iron Age Expansion and the Western Link through Hallstatt
  83. Die Völker der Krim im Frühmittelalter...
  84. Russians E-V13
  85. E-V13 Frequency Maps and Data
  86. FGC11451
  87. Jewish subclades of E-M34
  88. Why E-PF2431 rare Haplogroup
  89. E-Y141317 in Portugal
  90. E-V13 origins: Candidate cultures and what we can read out of YFull
  91. E-V13 North African
  92. Some Data for E-V13 in China
  93. E-M35, Roma people
  94. Question about the structure of E-BY3800 (E-V13)
  95. E-M81 and its distribution, new insights?
  96. Why a large portion of E-V13 in the Iron Age might have been Dacian
  97. Cypriot E-V13
  98. E-L241
  99. Is this Eritrean E-V13 correct (23 marker predicted).
  100. Subclades Hg E-M35 a Amhara people ?
  101. E-M35 in Phoenicians
  102. E-M35, How do I proceed from here
  103. Case Report: The British & Sardinian connection
  104. E-M84 in East Africa horn of africa
  105. E-V13 from Uzbekistan
  106. Haplogroup Prediction