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  1. STR111 tree of haplogroup J1
  2. STR67 tree of haplogroup J1 excluding all known J1b and J1c individuals
  3. J1* v. J1-P58 in Chiaroni et al. populations
  4. New Iranian J1b M365 types (J1a1 ISOGG) in the new Afghan Hindu Kush paper
  5. J1-M267 diversity in Portugal
  6. Stratigraphy of J1 SNPs
  7. Sayyeds terminal SNP
  8. The y DNA haplogroup of the Prophet
  9. Interesting case of a South Arabian J1 subclade present in a non-mixed looking Somali
  10. J1-FGC2 SNP Pack now available for order, TMRCA only 1500 years ago?
  11. Highland populations of Daghestan
  12. Was ZS3128 in the original J1-M267 SNP Pack?
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  14. Cypriot J1-P58 Results Coming Soon
  15. "Cypriot" J1-P58 Actually from Lesbos.
  16. Was the Prophet Muhammad a Jew?
  17. J1-F3547 ... How to research gap -8500 BP to 1500s?
  18. J1 (xJ1a) from the Early Bronxe Age Jordan
  19. J1-P58 Copt here-Have a question
  20. J1 subclade?
  21. Information about J1-ZS3089 ?
  22. Why do J1's always desperately try to deny possible arabian ancestry
  23. J1 - Z1842 SNP Pack
  24. So there are no J1's in neolithic samples?
  25. J1e
  26. L817 in the Arabian Peninsula
  27. J-Z640 research
  28. CMH J-Z18271: S12192: BY68: FGC9941 Newbie
  29. Haplogroup confirmed, next step in research
  30. Got my 67-marker results - can someone help?
  31. Very strange Cypriot J1 japlotype
  32. karl marx haplogroup j1 ???
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  34. J1a3 or Z1828 in Central Europe
  35. J1 in Italy
  36. New J1 SNP "pack" on sale to FTDNA customers
  37. J-FGC3723 origins and current distribution
  38. Distribution map of Y-DNA J-M267
  39. J1a2a1b-P58 among the East Slavic peoples
  40. Portuguese Y-DNA J1-M365 cluster
  41. My First Ancestor In Italy Was Most Likely A Phoenician Slave?
  42. J-ZS1727 (J1) and Positive to J-L556 (J2)
  43. YSC76 Edomite
  44. Haplogroup J-P58's true origin
  45. J1-A19267
  46. Korean J1 cluster
  47. J1-M267 in South and Central Asia aDNA
  48. J-CTS1460
  49. J1-ZS241 from Salerno province Italy
  50. FGC13873 - origin and roots?
  51. haplogrup (J-ZS5010)
  52. New Family Tree DNA project for Y-DNA Z1842
  53. J1a2a1a2 P58
  54. J-Y10887 / FGC1695 among non-Arabs (subclade of FGC11)
  55. Haplogroup J-CTS5368
  56. Kakai - Yarsan J1-FGC6064
  57. How J-M267 ended up in Portugal?
  58. Haplogroup J-Z640: genetic insight into the Levantine Bronze Age
  59. J1>PF7261
  60. My FTDNA J1 results
  61. YSC235 and Y67 STR test
  62. Blonde hair and colored eyes Among The Arab tribes High percentage of J1
  63. J-zs2518
  64. J1-FGC6064 - ZS7134 - Merzifon, Turkey. Armenian. Ancient Arewordik Zoroastrians ?
  65. Azerbaijani Turkic (Turcoman) J1 P58 from Yerevan
  66. 1Insight intothe genomic history of the Near East from whole-genome sequences and gen
  67. Was it the first discoverers of the American continent of the J1-Before C Columbus?
  68. J1a2b1-P58
  69. Cyprus S4924
  70. Multiple Questions Regarding Rarity and Identification
  71. Hi need help
  72. Yamnaya-Like Khvalynsk Y-DNA J1
  73. J1b J-Y6305
  74. Hungarian Conquerors Y-DNA J1
  75. J-FGC60677 Turkey and Kirgizistan TMRCA 1650
  76. Can't find any information about J1a3b
  77. Map of Ancient P58 samples
  79. Information on subclade J-Z1853* Kit# YF66089 on YFull
  80. Coptic J1-p58 to yemen
  81. Archaeological Indo-European and Iranian Y-DNA J1 - Database
  82. J1 ZS1706! and downstream subclades ( ZS7071, L823, ZS4837...)
  83. NA18524 J-ZS4360
  84. All alone as a J-FT32959
  85. J1-M267 in Central, South and East Asia
  86. J-CTS5368--Unexpected Result
  87. Albanian J-ZS241 Big Y-700 result
  88. Brazilian with Y192191 (FT228953) Y DNA
  89. Breaking up Saudi J1
  90. Origin and diffusion of human Y chromosome haplogroup J1-M267
  91. Origin and diffusion of human Y chromosome haplogroup J1-M267
  92. The Qajars
  93. J1 in Ireland
  94. Y-DNA J1-FGC6064>FGC6020>FGC6018 Armenian, New Julfa, Isfahan/Iran
  95. Lemba J1-P58
  96. PF4872 / PF4869 / L829 tree
  97. J1a >> P58>> ZS241, Sicily/ Perricone
  98. J-CTS15 , J-CTS5368
  99. J1 in Turkey
  100. J1 PF7263>ZS4452>FT335593>ZS9951
  101. J1-Y2919 Xiongnu (BRU001 and UGU006)
  102. Learning more about J-FGC9941
  103. Study of the SNP J-S4924 (Y4067)
  104. 23AndMe results (J-CTS5368), ordered Big Y but while waiting...
  105. Complete Y chromosome for NA24385, an Ashkenazi male belonging to Y-DNA haplogroup J1
  106. J-ZS12454 entry into Egypt and origin
  107. J1-M267 from North Aegean
  108. J1-FGC6064 News
  109. Z2215 (CTS5368) Research Help
  110. J-BY45309