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  1. Origin and Spread Of Haplogroup J2a
  2. J-L250 research: includes *H-L1064, M68, *A1, etc.
  3. New J2 subclade : J - PF7395
  4. J2a-M410 subclades and clusters - phylogeny research (tree diagram)
  5. J-L210 am I jewish?
  6. seldom terminal clades in J2a (position investigation)
  7. age of J2a in Europe, origin J2a-L26
  8. Haplogroup J2a Iron Age Altai
  9. FTDNA's new J-M172 SNP Pack ignores subclades of L25 and M67 ?
  10. FTDNA's so-called J-M410 SNP Pack seems mostly designed for J-M67
  11. Haplogroup J2a Arabs
  12. Haplogroup J2a Serbs
  13. J2a1h
  14. Looking for Costa/da Costa Happogroup J-M172
  15. J2 maps
  16. Big Y results J-CTS6619
  17. Mesolithic Hotu Cave J2a-M410
  18. J2a4d or J2a-M319
  19. J - L1021 (FGC2857)
  20. Ashkenazi Segment Match w/ Y-DNA J2a-F3133 Common Ancestor: Jewish Ancestor?
  21. Awan Tribe DNA Test. J2A-M410 Need help understanding.
  22. J2a-Z6048
  23. Origins of J-P279
  24. J-M67 vs J-M172 in one family: real difference or due to FTDNA procedures?
  25. J2a1b* in Sicilians - where is it from?
  26. South Asian with J-L26 Subclade
  27. J2a-PF5119 and the spreading of the branches
  28. J2-L88 (J2a1i)
  29. Any information on J2a1h2??? Or J-L25
  30. A wonderful and advanced civilization of the j2 generation
  31. J-CTS2906 Geno 2.0
  32. J2a in India
  33. My results have been added to Yfull J2a-M319
  34. J-Y11200
  35. J2-L101
  36. J2a2//J-PF5008
  37. J-PH1795
  38. Famous J2a-M410 persons
  39. Another Roman L70?
  40. Sidon 44 (SI-44) Crusader