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  1. STR111 tree of haplogroup J2
  2. J2b M241-, M205-
  3. J2b2 (J-M241)
  4. Phylogeographical Analysis of the J2b2 M241 Geno 2.0 Heatmap
  5. J2b-M205
  6. Tatars and J2b2
  7. Predicted (by haplotypes) freq of J2b's in some EU population
  8. Ancient J-M12
  9. j2b2 Z575>PH1648>Z42941>Z42983>BigY-B12464
  10. For members of J-L283, the J2-M172 SNP Pack is barely worthwhile
  11. Why does J2B2-L283 peak in Piedmont Italy?
  12. J2b-L283
  13. J-Z2432 South Asian subclade and turkic Karabakh Khanate
  14. Native American J-L283 Big Y
  15. Early slavs and J-M12/J-M102
  16. L283 Illyrian Remains From Daunia
  17. L283 (Z597) Illyrian Remains From Slovenia