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  1. N1c1 phylogenies
  2. FTDNA wants to test Z1935 for the kit 99533 at FTDNA
  3. Big Y results for N-L1025
  4. YF01738 f174607
  5. Y4343 (at same level as Y4338) now available for order at FTDNA
  6. Y-SNP L1034: Mansi and Hungarian-speaking populations (Fehér et al 2014)
  7. Y5582, subclade of L591, now testable at FTDNA
  8. Z17079 (= Y6077), subclade of N-CTS8173, now testable at FTDNA
  9. M2783 problematic in the N SNP Pack
  10. FGC13372/Z16975 problematic in N SNP Pack
  11. N-L1034 in Suwalki
  12. Brother branch of the Yakuts ion the Balkans