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  1. Dutton -yDNA
  2. Campania Y dna
  3. Y-DNA SNP-based TMRCA calculations for
  4. new T2T SNPs (FTT###)
  5. Different mutation rates for different parts of the Y-Chromosome?
  6. How i read and what y dna j is my, based in this data of clade finder.
  7. Iranian lineages in South Arabia
  8. R-CLD56 (R1a-CLD56) in T2T
  9. How accurate are these Ancient Y-DNA maps?
  10. Bakhtiari tribe with Luri speaking Arabs 83.3% F-M89 unexpected haplogroup
  11. Swedish Saami shows F-M89 haplogroup at 5.7%
  12. Ancient F-M89 samples from UP, Meso and Neolithic, C
  13. I10769 - Tel Megiddo F-M89 probably from the ruling class
  14. World Map Of Main Haplogroups
  15. Y-DNA clusters of Polish population based on Grochowalski et al. 2020
  16. can explain why there difference in Y-STR DYS385a-b
  17. Y-DNA of 1123 Georgians
  18. Prevalence of Y chromosome haplogroups by area of birth in UK Biobank
  19. How far back before your Patrilineal line wouldn't be an autosomal dna match
  20. Y-Haplotyping fictional characters for fun
  21. Y clade finder and Morleys test
  22. Any info about name this study
  23. Human Colorectal Cancer Whole Genome Sequencing