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  1. Cognoms Catalans
  2. DE/YAP+ origin?
  3. Our only DE* now has 67 markers
  4. Y-DNA lineage percentages attributable to different Korean surnames
  5. Display of SNP results on FTDNA project pages
  6. A calibrated human Y-chromosomal phylogeny based on resequencing
  7. Y-Utility
  8. Y-DNA Study of Hamshen Armenians
  9. South Indian Y-Chromosomes
  10. Kurdish, Iranian and Tajik Y-DNA Results
  11. A TMRCA Estimator Excel spreadsheet
  12. Assyrian Y-DNA Distribution
  13. Male Ancestor Photos and Y-DNA
  14. FTDNA Sets 12 Y-STR Cost at $39
  15. The Dailamites and J2a-M92
  16. Y Chromosomal Adam lived 340kya according to new Y DNA found in African American man
  17. Brahmin Y-DNA results from Jammu-Kashmir
  18. YHap software
  19. STR Wars, GDs, TMRCA estimates, Variance, Mutation Rates & SNP counting
  20. Pict's - Who What When Where?
  21. An African American Paternal Lineage A00
  22. Welcome to R1b threads and a few notes from the moderator
  23. 1000 Genomes follow-up project
  24. June 8 Greenspan talk: recent work on making the Y a better predictor of relatedness
  25. Go West Spencer Wells
  26. Y-DNA Songs for Father's Day
  27. Analysis of Klyosov's Methodology
  28. BritainsDNA / ScotlandsDNA / IrelandsDNA
  29. Concerns about privacy of data of public DNA projects, etc. .....
  30. Y-Chromosome Browser available again (merged threads)
  31. YDNA Testing Options
  32. F-series SNPs from 1000 Genomes Project
  33. New FTDNA haplotree, finally?
  34. A minimal reference version of the Y-SNP tree
  35. Dialog box for an FTDNA administrator to request a new SNP
  36. FTDNA's holiday sale has begun
  37. List of Alternate Names for the Y-SNPs from BritainsDNA's Chromo2 Test
  38. Thomas and Astrid Krahn start up new company to test individual SNPs
  39. What lineages were on the Kazakh steppe and Eastern European Plain first?
  40. KLAD - simple TMRCA calculator for two haplotypes
  41. Are all these Y tests reliable?
  42. Predictions on Farmana YDNA
  43. South Asia Y-DNA Distribution
  44. YCAII
  45. Chromo2 Results Data
  46. Y-DNA data from Myanmar
  47. Jim Wilson releases Y-SNP positions for Chromo2
  48. Semargl site closed down.
  49. YSEQ Early Father's Day SNP Sale
  50. Full Genomes Corporation sale and a new Big Y BAM file analysis service
  51. Kurdish Y-DNA
  52. Cyprus Y-DNA Distribution
  53. Lebanon Y-DNA Distribution
  54. Whats you ChrY's Telomere Length?
  55. clarifYDNA.com : clarifY your "next-generation" Y-DNA results
  56. YHRD.org plotting
  57. New Pakistani Pathan Y-DNA (2014) + STR limitations
  58. Isogg y-tree needs to be updated.
  59. Does CF exist? Two branchs of C, age estimates. other News.
  60. Kerala Y-DNA Distribution
  61. what haplogroup of these STRs?
  62. YHRD haplotypes
  63. Y-DNA Marker Matches on Semargl.me (including map)
  64. Minoan Eruption and European Male Lines
  65. RecLOH mutations
  66. Lemba
  67. ISOGG provisional markers
  68. New Y-Tree version out in the next day or 2
  69. David Mittelman (FTDNA Chief Scientific Officer) moves to Tute Genomics
  70. YFull.com Y-SNPs Spreadsheet.
  71. Recurrent Mutations
  72. Y-STR Haplotypes of T1-R1 and Ancient Eurasian Dna Studies
  73. Russian dissertation tests latest R1a SNPs in Volga-Urals
  74. YSEQ has lowered the price for single SNP tests by 50%!
  75. YFull's New Rate Constant for Y-Chromosome SNPs based on Full Sequence Data
  76. Can a man's STRs change during his life?
  77. Y-DNA, R1b1a2, Shorthand, R-M269: negative BY611
  78. Getting Y-STR results from 1000 Genomes data...
  79. Cladogram from STR Values
  80. Haplogroup Distribution among Tamil Nadu Castes and Tribes
  81. Hunt for Viking DNA in Normandy!
  82. Distribution map of IJ-M429 in Eurafrasia
  83. Francalacci 2015 - What went wrong?
  84. Ethnic patterns of toponyms and DNA - do they correlate?
  85. Vainakh (Chechen and Ingush) Y-DNA
  86. is it possible ...
  87. New Study: The Kalash Genetic Isolate: Ancient Divergence, Drift, and Selection
  88. How was Y-chromosomal Adamís Y-DNA determined?
  89. Automated SNP naming - a question
  90. Yfull Ambiguous SNPs
  91. How to see STR matches beyond what FTDNA allows
  92. Y STR GD or TMRCA Matrix - Sorting Methods Question
  93. Does this guy belong to haplogroup N or R1b ?
  94. How many have new 'Multiple Nucleotide Polymorphisms' in their results?
  95. Y-DNA Haplogroup Percentages and maps for England: Source FTDNA Y-DNA projects
  96. Oldest confirmed share MRCA and genetic distance using STRs
  97. ydna predictor
  98. New ISOGG Y-tree leadership Search
  99. Question about the Siwa Oasis
  100. What haplogroup is associated with the site of Gobekli Tepe?
  101. 33/37 Y-DNA STR Marker Match With Arab Man
  102. Hui Haplogroups
  103. The SK2148 SNP
  104. DNA Study: No Y-dna inherited from Neanderthal
  105. Finno-Ugric and Turkic Y-DNA frequencies
  106. BAM File for a HGDP sample
  107. Dersim DNA Project
  108. "Punctuated bursts in human male demography inferred from 1,244 worldwide Y-chr"
  109. Estimated total size of haplogroups
  110. Sex ratio at birth
  111. Bakhtiari Males For Y-DNA Testing
  112. Y-DNA haplogroups in Silesia before WW2
  113. Have I understood long hand yDNA nomenclature?
  114. Y-DNA haplogroups of ethnic Armenians
  115. New study : "The history of the Y chromosome in man." May 2016
  116. Kurdish Y-DNA haplogroups
  117. World Map of Y-DNA Haplogroups
  118. Genetic distance vs geographic distance
  119. Y-DNA J2 and E1b1b in Italy, maps by Passa (posted with permission)
  120. Map of Germanic Y-DNA in Italy by Passa
  121. Can Last Glacial Maximum evidence help us estimate SNP ages?
  122. Question about rootsweb mailing lists
  123. Germanic paternal lineages in Germany - map
  124. Program to find matches Y-DNA
  125. Technique to find Y-DNA matches using GEDMATCH: Help me test its validity
  126. Wouldn't it be nice if Yfull, BigTree, and FTDNA had the same naming convention?
  127. Y-Tree newest version 4.08 is out
  128. DNA Geographical zones
  129. YFull update : Simon's database is added
  130. The Y chromosome as the most popular marker in genetic genealogy
  131. Shared SNP's within different haplogroups
  132. Y-DNA results; is this common?
  133. 67 Marker Test Genetic Distance Questions
  134. GeneticAtlas
  135. Karakalpakstan Turkmens Y DNA
  136. Opinions on so called Geneology Academia haplogroup maps
  137. Iraq DNA Project (Y-DNA)
  138. How To Use This Y-DNA STR Calculator
  139. Number of Matches at 111 Markers
  140. Y-DNA Y-STR 111 Marker Match/Mismatch With Arab man
  141. Can anyone help with STR data?
  142. If I was to spend another BigY...?
  143. Uyghur Y-DNA analysis (STR predicted) (Shan et al. 2014)
  144. Discovering two challenges to charting all testers under predictable haplogroups
  145. Y-DNA in Somali Benadiris.
  146. Indian Subcontinent: 1291 individuals from key ethnic groups
  147. Statistics and Probablity Theory supporting YDNA charting
  148. Can you find other relatives Y dna from your autosomal?
  149. Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots have common paternal roots! (new study)
  150. Polish Y-DNA lineages by voivodeship (FTDNA)
  151. what is the most common Y haplogroup?
  152. Tillmar et al. 147 Somali's Y STR to Y DNA
  153. E2b and G haplogroup shown on Prometheas
  154. FamilyTreeDNA Project for Eure, Ewer & Ure surnames
  155. General Mizrahi (not Sephardic) Y hg results - does anybody know something?
  156. Ysearch is currently down: permanent?
  157. Basic question from a newb - am I misunderstaning the haplogroups?
  158. online NGS/WGS studies
  159. Puglia Y DNA
  160. Basilicata Y dna
  161. Calabria Y dna
  162. Same 12 markers different haplogroup s
  163. Yfull STR matches
  164. New YouTube for math supporting FTDNA matching system and issues with it
  165. Defining Y-SNP variation among the Flemish population (Western Europe) by full genome
  166. What haplogroup is the Genome Reference Consortium Human Genome Reference hg19/GRCh38
  167. Haplogroup P*
  168. Why are there so many Arabians on yfull.com?
  169. Web-based Interactive Phylogeographical Tool
  170. Haplogroups and Paragroups
  171. Using a combination of STR variants to predict Y subclades
  172. FTDNA Y-dna testers: Please join your appropriate FTDNA Haplogroup Project(s)
  173. A Y Chromosome analysis of the British Isles/Genetic Structure British Population.
  174. Project to find Tancred of Hauteville Y-DNA
  175. Dna markers Morley
  176. Feeling a little low on Y, this may be why.
  177. P-P295
  178. New paper on YSNP prediction using signatures and genetic distance
  179. Spreadsheet for combBed SNPs and Adamov-based TMRCAs - Hg38 coordinates
  180. Messapian - Albanian connection
  181. YHRD-What a pile of crap
  182. Post New Ancient Y-dna Results.
  183. Explanations for varying rates of Y-Chromosome mutation
  184. Worldwide interactive map of haplogroups
  185. How are Haplogroups dated?
  186. News about Rurikid Y-DNA: Ingegerd cheated on Yaroslav I
  187. Y Chromosome Line of Descent Graphic
  188. Isogg's "Y Adam" is it wrong?
  189. FTDNA Y-DNA Haplotree now is public
  190. Haplogroups for relatively rare surnames
  191. German Regional Y-DNA Distribution
  192. Semantics (for the lack of a better term)
  193. Unusual Big Y results between descendants of immigrant brothers
  194. SNP Names
  195. If anyone needs Y-DNA haplogroup test data
  196. Yfull new Upgrade
  197. Bangladesh Y-DNA Distribution
  198. Yfulll upgrade to hg38
  199. Rudolf Hess theory disproved through DNA
  200. Palestinian Christian y-DNA - 89 Sample 23andme Survey
  201. Can you identify one's Y-dna through SNP
  202. Just noticed my amount of shared snps has gone down
  203. SNP Tracker Tool
  204. Haplogroup U8a1a
  205. Other models of Y haplogroup tree
  206. Italian Study comparing Y-STR TMRCAs with documented genealogies
  207. A selfish chromosome?
  208. Tutsi Haplogroups (Rwanda, Burundi, DRC & Uganda)
  209. ISOGG Y-DNA Nomenclature: Proposal to create new Haplogroup
  210. P (R & Q) totals in Eurasia and Americas
  211. Comparing SNP-based and STR-based TMRCA Age Estimations
  212. How much do you know about the y-haplogroups in your pedigree?
  213. Two (very) Basic Y-DNA Questions
  214. Haplogroup F- Important Milestone
  215. Help with Morley Ydna predictor - Greek with I1-L22 as most likely prediction
  216. FTDNA Y-DNA haplotree: Anybody on the largest branch of the largest branch etc.?
  217. IJ* in Sri Lanka
  218. Bakhtiari Y-DNA
  219. matching the old subclade classifications to the new ones
  220. Opinions about Nevgen Haplogroup Predictor
  221. Request for Y-STR (and Y-SNP) data
  222. Massive Y-DNA Haplogroup Projects at FTDNA
  223. Syed Haplogoup
  224. A New YDNA Heatmap
  225. What are some widespread Y-DNA subclades that have a shallow TMRCA?
  226. Database for ancient Y-DNA(and mtDNA)
  227. YFull STR match distances
  228. Haplogroup U?
  229. Where did K1 split from K2?
  230. French Canadian/Quebecois and Acadian Y-DNA
  231. Modern people belonging ancient basal haplogroups
  232. mitoYDNA.org: Replacing Ysearch?
  233. Heterozygous/indeterminate SNPS in the y chromosome?
  234. Y-DNA Shorthand
  235. Y-LineageTracker
  236. Heatmaps of Uralic and Eurasian Y-DNA and mtDNA from Tambets 2018
  237. YHP - New Software for Haplogroup Prediction
  238. Y-DNA IN ZAZAKI I or J1/j2
  239. Sicily Y Dna
  240. How do I interpret YFull
  241. Improved models of coalescence ages of Y-DNA haplogroups (Iain McDonald)
  242. Yfull - Accuracy of Estimated Dates
  243. Phylogeographic review of Y chromosome haplogroups in Europe
  244. New insights into the evolution of human Y chromosome palindromes ...
  245. Y-DNA clades TMRCA statistic histograms according to yfull
  246. New Haplogroup F Sample on YFULL
  247. A Southeast Asian origin for present‐day non‐African human Y chromosomes
  248. CSYseq: The first Y-chromosome sequencing tool typing a large number of SNPs and STRs
  249. P-M45 among guanches ?
  250. Y-DNA sites oriented toward users in UK