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03-21-2017, 02:30 AM
We where learning about dentition in my Anthropology class, we learned that molars have either 4x or 5y cusps. This made me interested to see how many cusps I had on my teeth, to my surprise I had six cusp on my first mandibular molars and that are shaped like a flower. I have read so far it is common in Chinese populations and Indian populations. I wonder how I an Iranian with much lower then average East Asian DNA could have tuberculum sextum. I know it would be coming from the Indian populations but I think that Indians are getting it from their East or Central Asian DNA. I am not totally surprised that my teeth are similar to East Asian teeth because in promothese I came up heterozygous for the gene that is associated with shoveled incisors(as well as straight hair and small boobs lol), I think my teeth also have a slight shoveling as well. If any one can tell me anything about tuberculum sextum and the populations they are found in and at what frequency they are found it would be highly appreciated.

03-21-2017, 08:29 PM
Tuberculum sextum was reportedly common among Neanderthals (https://www.academia.edu/2284641/Bailey_S.E._and_J.-J._Hublin_2006_Did_Neanderthals_make_the_Ch%C3%A2t elperronian_assemblage_from_La_Grotte_du_Renne_Arc y-sur-Cure_France_In_K._Harvati_and_T._Harrison_eds._Nea nderthals_Revisited_New_Approaches_and_Perspective s._Springer_Dordrecht_191-210). (See page 202.)
In addition, at least one clearly possesses a tuberculum sextum (Cusp 6). The distal portion of the other M2 is obscured by wear. The trait combination – mid-trigonid crest + anterior fovea + cusp 6 – is observed in 63% of Neanderthals but not in Upper Paleolithic moderns (Table 2). Thus, the combination of traits observed in the M2 clearly suggests Neanderthal affinity.

A Google search of
tuberculum sextum neanderthal
yields two more articles (behind pay walls) describing Neanderthal tuberculum sextum.

03-23-2017, 04:51 AM
woah very interesting so its an Neanderthal trait!!!!! I am so excited that I carry a common Neanderthal trait