View Full Version : Interpreting GEDMatch Results?

Leo Scorpio
04-02-2017, 01:56 AM
Hi everyone!

My question is, I had uploaded my DNA to GEDmatch, but I honestly don't know how to interpret any of this or which calculators to use. I've been at this all day and each calculator gives me something new and I'm more confused.

I know my dad's background and a bit of my mom's background and it seems like HarappaWorld is listing things that don't match for me? Maybe someone more well versed could help me interpret this.

04-02-2017, 02:23 AM
Mostly Indian, with a little bit a Brit, introduced about four generations ago.

07-02-2017, 06:56 AM
I think your results are in line with south indian brahmins. Are you not a brahmin from the south? I'm curious what you are then if harappa isn't listing your caste in the oracles. Usually harappa has most castes from the subcontinent in there.
Also the European component doesnt mean you had british DNA. Its from steppe migrations that came from central asia 4000 years ago. Pretty much most north indians and south indian brahmins will get european in these results. It has nothing to do with british like the other person said.

07-02-2017, 06:37 PM
Kush summed it up. The british has nothing to do with British mix. Seems to be in line with South Indian Brahmins.