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J Man
06-14-2013, 09:27 PM
I am starting this thread to list the ancient remains that seem to be confirmed and have tested positive for the U5b haplogroup. From the looks of it, it seems rather obvious that U5b was one of the main haplogroups present among the indigenous Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic hunter-gatherers of Europe who eventually took up agriculture and were assimilated into Neolithic societies. Note that some of the Mesolithic U5b samples come from very late time periods where much of Europe was already Neolithic. These samples are still considered Mesolithic though as they came from hunter-gatherer cultures that descended from earlier Upper Paleolithic and Mesolithic cultures and did not practice agriculture. Also I am sure that some of the samples from the various remains that are listed as being just U or U5 are in reality some type of U5b but they are not confirmed. I am only listing the samples that seem to be confirmed U5b. If I have missed any please add them in if you wish.

Upper Paleolithic:

Oberkassel Germany 12,000 BC: U5b1

Oberkassel Germany 11,400 BC: U5b1

Continenza Italy 14,000-8000 BC: U5b2b1


Portugal (Mesolithic remains no date given): U5b1c2

Falkensteiner Hohle Germany 7200 BC: U5b2

Hohlenstein-Stadel Germany 6700 BC: U5b2

Donkalnis Lithuania (Mesolithic remains no date given, based on cultural material): U5b (possibly U5b2)

Loschbour Luxembourg 6000 BC: U5b1a

La Brana-Arintero Spain 5000 BC: U5b2c1

La Brana-Arintero Spain 5000 BC: U5b2c1

Aizpea Navarre Spain 4600 +/- 65 BC: U5b1

Kretuonas Lithuania 4450 BC: U5b (possibly U5b2)

Kretuonas Lithuania 4200 BC: U5b (possibly U5b2)

Dudka Poland 3650 BC: U5b1

Dudka Poland 4000-3000 BC: U5b1


Pere Tumulus C, Prisse-la-Charriere France 4200 BC: U5b

Treilles Aveyron France 3000 BC: U5b1c

Copper Age/Chalcolithic:

Paimogo Portugal 3000 BC: U5b2*

Eulau Germany 2600 BC: U5b

Bronze Age:

Esperstedt Germany 2050-1800 BC: U5b

Lichenstein Cave Germany 1000 BC: U5b

Lichenstein Cave Germany 1000 BC: U5b

Lichenstein Cave Germany 1000 BC: U5b

Lichenstein Cave Germany 1000 BC: U5b

Lichenstein Cave Germany 1000 BC: U5b

Iron Age:

Bogebjerggard Denmark 0 BC/AD : U5b1

Kowalewko Poland 0-300 AD: U5b

Simonsborg Denmark 100-200 AD: U5b

Roman Period:

Leicester England UK 300-400 AD: U5b

Medeival Period:

Castle Mall Norwich England UK 890-1020 AD: U5b1

Priego de Cordoba Spain 1100-1300 AD: U5b

Riisby Denmark 1250-1450 AD: U5b

Mechtild of Holstein Sweden 1288 AD: U5b1