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04-23-2017, 06:35 PM

I came across two models one which suggest single OOA and repopulation of eurasia from India, and other which suggests a split of OOA into west eurasia and east eurasia (specifically east asians) and India being the admix between these west and east split lineages.

Both models are quite different, I wanted to know what is the consensus/evidence for each model.


04-28-2017, 04:14 AM
80kya: Humans leave Africa and enter the middle east
?kya: the people in the middle east split into two; one group is called 'basal eurasians', the other group is 'crown eurasians' ancestral to both east and west eurasians
50kya: the crown eurasians split (I don't think we know exactly where, northern middle east/central asia maybe, India possible I suppose) into west and east
- west splits into european and siberian/central asian (ANE) branches
- east splits into an indian, oceanian, and asian branches (all 3 roughly equally related)
20kya: asian and ANE meet somewhere in northeast asia, becoming native americans
10kya: here is what eurasia looks like
- Europe: predominantly the same people that have been there since 40kya, with a gradient of ANE towards the northeast
- Middle east: Anatolia, Levant population is a mix of european + basal, in Iran + Caucasus the population is a mix of mostly ANE + basal
- Anatolians move into Europe
- Iranians move into India

That's a gross overview...