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04-29-2017, 05:07 PM
I'm not sure anyone outside some narrow professions care about this, but odds are, regardless of where you live, you will.

There is a 'new' drug out there, an opiate, Carfentanil, that is super dangerous and powerful, so much so, that experienced addicts/criminals are overdosing and dying all over the place
...which in turn leads to curious 'never tried it before' not real criminal types to try it and start dropping like flies

I am not sure where else its doing this, but in North America, we have literally seen it get imported (usually from china) and move from city to city, killing waves of people due to its incredible power and toxicity
...it apparently was originally an elephant tranquilizer and is 100 x's more powerful than fentanyl, which just a few years ago, was the new super deadly (vut popular) opiate that was 100 x's more powerful than oxycontin, which in turn for years, was the 'go to' new drug, cheaper and 'better' than heroin and morphine

..in my line of work, these 'new' opiates are big deals as they are cheap as dirt and crazy powerful, so the drug dealers use them to 'cut' all sorts of other drugs they sell as well, so many times, folks will buy a drug, having no clue that this new nightmare is one of the ingredients

In any case, I got tipped off yesterday by one of the inmates I was classifying, that you could easily buy huge amounts of this killer opiate drug, legally (well not really legal in Canada, but obviously a loophole of some sort), over the internet from china...and it took less than a minute to confirm everything he said...we have trouble folks!!

btw, the kid is a 23 yr old habitual petty criminal and said he and his pals got a large shipment of it off the net for around 500 bucks, he said when they broke it down to sell or use it to cut and 'improve' other products, that it worked out to the drug practically being 'free' in thier minds, so the odds of this increasing is gaurenteed
...if your interested in how it worked out, the first time this inmate used it, he overdosed and technically died for a few minutes until an ambulance got to him and put the paddles on him

being able to import huge amounts of this stuff over the internet is a new and very dangerous twist...if this is what a low level, fairly dopey criminal from a small northern Ontario can get his hands on with zero effort, risk and minmal cost....jeeeez, can you imagine what the big level bad guys will do?


How about others out there, have you seen or heard of this drug and net availability before?


04-03-2018, 10:27 PM
I have not heard of it. It is a "Schedule II" drug in the USA, and, yeah, it seems to have a scary level of potency. A drug bought on the street could be cut with that stuff without you knowing it, so the dealer saves money, and just a little too much would kill you.

04-03-2018, 11:18 PM
in my back-woods jurisdiction, police now say every drug seizure they have done in the last year or more have been adulterated with fentynal or the carfentynal
....absolutely everything had it added
...weed, crystal meth, cocaine, heroin/morphine

so of course, the addicts are dropping like flies...

and ya, that opens up an interesting conversation that I should probably shut my mouth about

oh well, good old China, very happy to sell their magic powder at deeply discounted bulk prices to us nice, oh so well loved westerners


04-25-2018, 11:14 PM
so of course, the addicts are dropping like flies...

and ya, that opens up an interesting conversation that I should probably shut my mouth about

No, you're pretty much right on topic. Every time a new synthetic opiate hits the streets and starts filling up the ER's with OD's the new medical and recreational marijuana proponents get more fuel to get busy with their "opiate nation" propaganda. It's in the media quite a bit now and, according to them, their new cannabinoids are safer and much more effective prescription pain killers than the legal and accepted narcotics.

For those of us who have chronic pain being able to legally obtain a drug that will relieve that pain at least minimally is quite important. With the cannabis legalization movement they've attacked every form of medication that we have afforded to us, from alcohol, tobacco, and now legal prescription narcotics. The hypocrisy is immediately apparent to those of us who remember their argument from decades ago: marijuana is so much better than tobacco and alcohol the "establishment" was merely white-washing the FDA and the public with blatant lies and half-truths. The capitalist world of McDonald's and 7-11's on every corner being so repulsive to them is now replaced by the green crosses of medical marijuana dispensaries two or three deep on a block. I'm sorry but it's true, NORML and whatever other cannabis organization there might be is using the same tactic to solidify their position at the expense of their peers' well-being.

Of course we have to protect the young and innocents in our society, as well as the senior citizens who live in chronic pain during their last years. One way we have to do this is by ending the attack on their medicine, the medication that they really need to try to live through the day as pain-free as possible, by these new "businessmen" who wish to replace every aspect of the old order with their concept of "new" and acceptable. Dangerous and potent narcotics have to be kept off the streets, but removing prescription narcotics from our pharmacies won't help keep our children and grandparents sane and pain-free. It simply will make us all miserable.

And, really, this isn't a rant. It's just truth and there must be someone else who's old enough to remember what the argument these marijuana people used back in the day. I was born and raised in California and that's all we heard about back in school. Now we see that with legalization these "radicals" are just quacks like those in the days of Quackery, the Age of Quackery with quart bottles of laudanum and rum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quackery

edit: I didn't mean that tobacco and alcohol are "medicine." It just came out that way; those were recreational objects at one time, people would smoke and drink. Now marijuana is recreational and tobacco, alcohol, and prescription narcotics are unneeded and superfluous to a pleasant weekend. You know what I meant, anyway.