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04-29-2017, 07:12 PM
It would be interesting as I have only seen mostly white Americans and British results only.

06-11-2017, 04:23 PM
Australian here with one South American parent. Just got my results this last week:

EUROPE 81.5%
Great Britain & Ireland 56.1%
English 44.4%
Irish 4.9%
Welsh 1.9%
Great Britain & Ireland (unassigned) 5.0%

Europe (North & West) 1.8%
Scandinavia 1.8%

Europe (South) 23.6%
Basque 5.3%
Iberian Peninsula 6.7%
Sardinia 2.0%
Tuscany 9.6%

Native Americas 10.9%
Mesoamerica 10.9%

Asia (East) 3.3%
Mongolian & Manchurian 3.3%

Africa 1.9%
Yorubaland 1.9%

World (unassigned) 2.4%

I have decent family tree records on my Australian side, but only minimal word of mouth accounts from my Chilean grandparents. I can confirm that the British ancestry seems to be spot on as far as paper trail is concerned in terms of English, Irish, and Welsh distribution. I haven't checked through all the British Isles sub-regions to see how accurate they are yet though.

Overall the British, Europe (South), Native American, Scandinavian, and African results are all within a few percentage points of my 23andMe results. I don't know of any Scandinavian or African ancestors, but as they've shown up in both tests within <1% of each other I will assume it is reasonably accurate.

I'm unsure about the Europe (South) breakdown. I only have a couple direct Spanish ancestors recorded (due to limited knowledge of my Chilean family tree), and don't know of any Italian ancestry. My 23andMe results only showed the following:

Southern European 26.9%
Iberian 16.1%
Broadly Southern European 10.8%

This certainly doesn't preclude the Broadly Southern European in 23andMe from being something other than Spanish, but as they didn't return results within their own Italian or Sardinian categories I'm not sure about LivingDNA's breakdown.

I'm also curious about the Native America and Asia (East) categories. 23andMe showed:

East Asian & Native American 14.4%
Native American 11.4%
Broadly East Asian 0.1%
Broadly East Asian & Native American 2.9%

The Native American percentages seem to be very similar to LivingDNA's results. But I'm not confident about the Mongolia & Manchuria designation by LivingDNA in Asia (East). Whilst again, the Broadly East Asian & Native American category in 23andMe wouldn't preclude the results from being something other than Native American, the fact that 23andMe didn't return any results within their Mongolian category (let alone any specific East Asian category) and that I have no known Asian ancestry makes me question its accuracy.

My Native American results obviously come from my Chilean side, who likely have some indigenous Mapuche ancestry. So I'm also curious about the Mesoamerica designation by LivingDNA within their Native Americas category, as opposed to zero percent in Indigenous South America. I don't know of any ancestors from Central America, only Chile. Though I do have a Spanish surname and one associated with a particular conquistador known for his exploits in Central America. :P I know my family likes to joke that we are related, but it is unlikely (though not impossible) even given LivingDNA's Mesoamerica results.

All in all I've found both LivingDNA and 23andMe to be reasonably accurate. LivingDNA has confirmed my British ancestry breakdown to within <1.5% of my family tree estimates so that was a huge plus. The only things I'm dubious about at this point are the Italy, Sardinia, Mesoamerica, and Mongolia & Manchuria results. It's possible that these stem from some unknown part of my ancestry. Though it is more likely that LivindDNA's reference populations may not be as refined or accurate in those regions yet. Either way, I've been impressed by both companies and really enjoyed LivingDNA's enhanced sub-regional breakdown for the British Isles.

06-11-2017, 07:09 PM
I remember seeing someone here who also got Meso-American, though his Native American ancestry was in fact North American. Could be a lack of samples.

06-12-2017, 02:23 AM