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J1 DYS388=13
05-04-2017, 03:12 PM
SNPs included in the J1-M267v2 SNP Pack

Includes the following SNPs on the Haplotree:

M267, L222, ZS2518, FGC4415, BY8, FGC10588, BY4, L65, FGC4465, FGC1713, FGC6, FGC4309, FGC10095, FGC4302, FGC4316, FGC7, FGC5, FGC7944, FGC1696, FGC4453, FGC1721, L222, FGC1695, FGC8712, FGC1723, S20171, BY72, Z18243, Z18256, Z18258, Z18718, FGC7638, L823, ZS1711, PF7267, FGC15938, FGC15940, BY66, FGC8216, FGC8223, YSC0000076, L829, Z640, ZS241, Z18271, FGC4745, CTS11741, YSC0000235, Z18292, Z18297, Z1853, Z1865, Z1885, L816, L818, S4924, P58, L136, PF7263, PF7264, L620, Z1842, BY69, Z1828, Z2217, PF7257, PF7261, Z2223, F1614, F4306, BY65, ZS2566, YSC0000234, ZS1706, L858, L860, FGC12, Z20773, ZS5010, FGC7393, FGC2, FGC1, BY89, CTS5332, FGC12836, FGC12309, ZS1682, ZS1766, ZS1281, ZS5891, FGC3716, FGC8195, ZS1559, L93, ZS237, F450, P56, FGC8806, ZS2513, ZS1644, F2306, FGC16651, Z20775, ZS4376, ZS8629, ZS3668, Z18294, ZS3736, M4320, CTS4459, ZS4307, ZS2527, FGC3706, FGC3695, ZS2260, PF4869, CTS2263, ZS9418, ZS222, S12192, Z18290, BY102, ZS1662, ZS9034, ZS2151, ZS2072, BY5, FGC1705, FGC4451, ZS7111, FGC5388, FGC4290, FGC44917

Includes the following SNPs NOT on the Haplotree:

Z2324, ZS3856, FGC12832, FGC6064, M365, ZS8398, ZS8291, FGC4279, FGC8809, FGC5989, FGC496, ZS4922, ZS6591, ZS3979, ZS3860, ZS5379, ZS6057, ZS3289, ZS6056, ZS9949, ZS9101, PH1443, S13122, ZS8506, ZS8485, ZS84, ZS11641, ZS10792, ZS10589, ZS2257, ZS3804, ZS8281, FGC11740, ZS2050, FGC11743, ZS1488, YSC0000141, F4303, F4036, CTS8120, M9119, PF4644, PF4816

05-04-2017, 05:35 PM
M365 is a pioneer J1 SNP and very ancient, unfortunately many people there didn't like that SNP because of their agenda but they must include M365 if they want to be scientific.

05-29-2017, 04:16 AM
Anyone have geographic locations for the new SNPs?

J1 DYS388=13
05-29-2017, 07:58 AM
I suppose the only valid, but partial, data would be on the SNP page of FTDNA's J1 Project.

08-06-2018, 05:38 AM
Wondering about testing for S13122. back when I did the early SNP pack I scored positive PF4872 negative on L829.