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05-21-2017, 10:30 AM
New poster here. I've tested with 23andme and uploaded my data to other testing sites and they're all pretty consistent and accurate (bar WeGene) in identifying known ancestry. However, there seems to be around 10% of my ancestry that is unaccounted for and is being interpreted in different ways. Am I right in assuming that anything under 10% is simply statistical noise?

For example:

23andme (Speculative)

5% Broadly European
3% Scandinavian
1% Broadly South European
0.1% Yakut
0.1% Broadly East Asian
>0.1% Sub-Saharan Africa
>0.1% East African

On Ftdna this corresponds as:

4% Asian Minor
3% Southern European
3% Iberian
>1% North African
>1% Oceania


2% North Slavic
2% Sardinian
1.4% Kalash
1.5% North African


5% Sindhi
1% Iranian
1% Chinese

I'm aware of no ancestry from any of these places and even a quick look at dna relatives doesn't throw up any of these populations.