View Full Version : J Men Chalcolithic (ChL) and Bronze Age (BA) Expansions

J Man
05-31-2017, 05:12 PM
Over at Eurogenes David has made a new interesting post about the expansions of Chalcolithic peoples from areas of Mesopotamia to the west, south and east who were carriers of Y-DNA haplogroup J. These peoples also carried ancient Iran_ChL-related genome wide autosomal ancestry that is quite similar to CHG type ancestry. We know that ancient Y-DNA haplogroup J men existed in the South Caucasus (CHG) and parts of Iran dating back to at least the Late Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic. No doubt these ancient J men were part of Neolithic processes in these areas as well. Down in the Levant and to the west in Anatolia during the Mesolithic and Neolithic different Y-DNA haplogroups dominated. In the Levant among the Natufians there were Y-DNA haplogroup E1b men and in Anatolia Y-DNA haplogroup G2a seems to have been dominant. It seems likely now that during the Chalcolithic a change started to happen that eventually led to the domination of Y-DNA haplogroup J men in the Levant and Anatolia. These men (and likely also their women) brought Iran_ChL-related genome wide autosomal ancestry with them to these areas. Likely also during these times this people also expanded in areas of Southeast Europe as well. These expansions occurred into the Bronze Age it seems. This looks like a very interesting set or expansions and phenomena.

So which expansions, migrations and phenomena and which groups over the ages from the Chalcolithic to the Bronze Age brought Y-DNA haplogroup J and Iran_ChL-related genome wide autosomal ancestry to the Levant and Anatolia?