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06-21-2017, 03:17 AM
My cousin is an Upton, believed to historically be from England, but not matching up well genetically (STRs) with other Uptons in FTDNA's Upton group. He does not match up with Uptons who arrived in Massachusetts.

He has tested L2 > CTS5689. Eupedia chart indicates that SNP is Polish, and in the U152 group he is grouped with someone from Slovenia, but I have been told by the group administrator that there are approximately 8 persons known to be derived for CTS5689, and most are Western Europe or England in origin, although 2 are from Slovenia.

I am now assuming he is indeed from England.

06-21-2017, 05:44 AM
That deduction does make sense. It looks like you basically have two data points.

1. The ~200 year old man from England named Upton
2. The ~4400 year old man from central Europe who was the first to have CTS5689

Does he have any string matches who split the range? They might help to fill in the gaps between those two data points. Right now a lot of things could have happened between those two points but since Upton is an English surname it certain points to the family being in England for quite sometime before the earliest known Upton.