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06-23-2017, 10:30 PM
Let's give haplogroup W5 its own thread and discuss new information and discoveries regarding this relatively uncommon haplogroup.

mt-DNA haplogroup W5 is a branch of haplogroup W, that arose around ca. 12.000 BC, probably in the steppes near the Aral Sea. It probably remained on the steppe until some women having this haplogroup spread with the Corded Ware Culture; indeed, the CWC seems to have introduced this haplogroup, already split into W5a and W5b on the North European plain. It could have been spread later by the Germanic tribes too. It is generally found in the Low Countries, Germany, Denmark, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland. Its frequency is probably on the lower end of 1-5%

The most complete site for haplogroup W, and W5: http://www.thecid.com/

The oldest samples of W5 found up to date (as by Jean Manco (http://www.ancestraljourneys.org/ancientdna.shtml)):

- W5: Starcevo farmer, Hungary (I1880), (Y-DNA G2a), 5800-5500 BC (Lipton 2017). This could mean that some W5 was already present in the neolithic European farmers, or that this sample has an Eastern European maternal line.

- W5: Globular Amphora, Poland (I2405), (Y-DNA I2a2), 3335-3020 BC (Mathieson 2017).

- W5a: Bell Beaker, Kromsdorf, Germany, 2600-2500 BC (Lee 2012).