View Full Version : New clade (maybe haplogroup) in M284+ Isles

08-10-2012, 11:00 PM
Someone showed up M284+ but L1195- last night in FTDNA's snp test results. If valid it establishes a new upstream branch in the M284+ sector of the I2 tree, splitting M284 and L1195 which had been consider phyloequivalent since the latter's recent discovery. Lab/reporting errors sometimes pop up, so this result needs to be checked one way or the other.

In support of this find and looking for other haplotypes to check it, I found a new clade with a dozen or so different surnames. Scotland seems to be the geographical center of gravity.

Unusual features: while having the null DYS425, this clade also has only 14 at DYS437, typically 16,17 at DYS385, 11 at DYS442, a low 31 at CDYa like Isles-Scot L126+, and DYS531 = 12

If you fit, consider L1195 test.