View Full Version : Armenian in Eurogenes K36 unofficial Oracle

07-02-2017, 06:17 PM
I would like to refer to this thread: http://www.anthrogenica.com/showthread.php?10347-(Unofficial)-oracle-for-Eurogenes-K36-256-reference-populations

when using their Excel sheet for Oracle prediction of some Turkish samples from eastern Anatolia, I often got Armenian as one among the 4 closest populations. This was rather expected but next I wanted to control if the Armenian samples would predict Armenian as the closest population. I randomly selected 22 gedmatch samples with clear Armenian names and surnames and not close relatives to each other. To my surprise none of the Armenian samples (except one) gave me Armenian as one of the 4 closest populations. The most common populations were almost always Caucasus_Jews, Azeri_Jews, Assyrian and GR_Pontic, sometimes getting also Turkey.

Any comment or experience with that Oracle?

12-12-2017, 01:05 AM
Also. It would be great if Armenian members could download the files of the new DIY calculator in the following link and post their results.