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07-08-2017, 04:06 PM
Looking for Y-DNA tested Ewer's and Ure's that have kits on FamilyTreeDNA. :ranger:

Link to the project:

Surname Source & spread in 1891 census of England, Wales & Scotland:
From Ancestry.com:

Eure Name Meaning
Probably of English origin, a topographic name from Middle English evre ‘edge of an escarpment’, ‘brow of a hill’, Old English (unattested) yfer. Alternatively, perhaps a variant of Scottish Ure.
1891 (England & Wales - 23), Scotland - 0

Ewer Name Meaning
English: occupational name for a transporter or server of water, Middle English ewer (Old Northern French evier, Old French aiguier, from Latin aquarius, a derivative of aqua ‘water’). There has been considerable confusion with Ure.
1891 (England & Wales) - 403, Scotland - 2

Ure Name Meaning
Scottish: from the Older Scots personal name Ure, a variant of Ivor. Norwegian: habitational name from a place in Hordaland, probably named in Old Norse Urđvin, a compound of urđ ‘scree’, ‘rock-strewn slope’ + vin ‘meadow’.
1891: Scotland - 493; (England & Wales) - 218

The following variants were not found in the 1891 census enumerations in England, Wales or Scotland:
Euer, Euere, Ewere, Ewre, Your, Youre

I have had Ure in the project profile of the Eure project since I began it. The week I got playing with Ancestry.com and realized that I did not have Ewer in the profile as a variant spelling. Since there are no specific projects for the Ewer or Ure surnames I have expanded (& renamed) the Eure project so these can all share a project.