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07-18-2017, 10:23 PM
Anyone with GPS Origins results will find them at their new site. I had to re-register and results are now here. https://homedna.com/. They are also promoting a new Dream Chip with over 800K snps. The review of the chip can be found here. https://cruwys.blogspot.co.uk/2017/07/the-gps-origins-test-dream-chip.html

Results are strange to say the least. The following are from a prior upload and are not Dream Chip results.

Complete Results
#1 Fennoscandia 21.4%
Origin: Peaks in the Iceland and Norway and declines in Finland, England, and France

#2 Orkney Islands 14.7%
Origin: Peaks in the Orkney islands and declines in England, France, Germany, Belarus, and Poland

#3 Southern France 14%
Origin: Peaks in south France and declines in north France, England, Orkney islands, and Scandinavia

#4 Basque Country 10.5%
Origin: Peaks in France and Spain Basque regions and declines in Spain, France, and Germany

#5 Western Siberia 10.4%
Origin: Peaks in Krasnoyarsk Krai and declines towards east Russia

#6 Southeastern India 9.3%
Origin: Endemic to south eastern india with residues in Pakistan

#7 Sardinia 7.4%
Origin: Peaks in Sardinia and declines in weaker in Italy, Greece, Albania, and The Balkans

#8 Tuva 6.1%
Origin: Peaks in south Siberia (Russians: Tuvinian) and declines in North Mongolia

#9 Northern India 5%
Origin: Peaks in North India (Dharkars, Kanjars) and declines in Pakistan

#10 Pima County: The Sonora 0.8%
Origin: Peaks in Central-North America and declines towards Greenland and Eskimos

#11 Western South America 0.4%
Origin: Peaks in Peru, Mexico, and North America and declines in Eastern Russia

The average from other testing companies puts me at 90%+ British Isles.