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07-27-2017, 04:26 PM
I received my Living DNA results 20 days before the estimated completion date, three months after placing order.*
There is a discrepancy with my AncestryDNA results, and I really do not know which to believe. Based on what I know about my ancestors CubanSpanish/Canary I. background, Ancestry erred in assigning me Eastern and Jewish European; LivingDNA missed most of the North African component.
Europe 96%*
NW 29,1% (24,4% Eng/Wales and 4,7% France)*
South 66,9% (32% Iberian,34,8% Italian)

Africa 2,6% (1,3 N Africa, 1,3 West A)*

America 1,3%*

Europe 86,5%
NW 21,5% (13 Eng/Irish, 7 Scand. 1,5 NW)
East - 3
Ashkenezi J - 3
South 58% (46% Iberian, 12% Italy)

Africa 6% N Africa
<2% West Africa

America <2%*

Middle Eastern 4 %

Does anyone know if or when the LivingDNA raw data will be compatible with my Heritage and Gedmatch? Thanks
PS. I can't paste or insert table or images!


07-27-2017, 04:37 PM
Looks quite good; seems that Living DNA incorporated the Ancestry "North African" component within South European.

07-30-2017, 03:29 AM
I accidentally posted in the wrong thread.

07-31-2017, 02:49 PM
I would say in this case both results are accurate. Ancestry goes further back than livingDNA so the African and Middle Eastern shown in ancestry are most likely further back that were incorporated into the southern european populations within the past 500 years.