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08-13-2017, 04:03 AM
So on a personal note I will reveal things that everybody everyday can see but not know what they see.
I was really pleased at learning about Edar, thanks to this forum!
Anyways, I'm a carrier and owner of At least one "defect" OCA2
My skin is a greenish white without sun exposure, the sun permanently stains it to a copper color, "redskin"
But wait! My skin is translucent and will reflect light back also, so if I'm wearing blue my skin will reflect that. My face is especially sensitive to this, a flash camera or florescent lights will make me look pale.
Temperatures also effect natural coloration of skin, hair and eyes. Angle of light also.
My teeth have clear enamel instead of white, so they appear yellowish. Light does funny things here too.
I've read papers that explain that even my bones probably are "clear"
Walking down the street I look like a "Mexican" to the average person in America.
I'm real careful as I age to be wary of sun exposure,.
This condition is common in Mexico as OCA variants are a huge factor there.
My visual acuity was crazy (20/60 normal vision), now it's almost normal as I age.