View Full Version : mtDNA haplogroup I, subclade I3d

08-16-2017, 04:24 AM
I have been identified as carrying mtDNA haplogroup I, subclade I3d. Very ancient in Britain. My maternal origins are Cornish. The maternal lineage is known as far as Phillipa (maiden name unknown, born Abt. 1710, in Probus, Cornwall, England) and so on back through all their female ancestors.

The mtDNA I, subclade I3d, is a fairly rare matrilinear lineage, being found in average in 2% of Europeans and under 1% of Near Easterners. It is principally a European haplogroup; likely present in Homo sapiens populations that first colonized Europe.

Are any others of this group out there?

08-16-2017, 07:14 AM
I think I3d is a subclade of I3a. This because a lot of the 8260C positive mtDNA's (I3d defining mutation) also have the I3a defining mutation (16086C). I think that some of the 8260C have a backmutation at 16086C. See also my overview of I3a sequences in my previous post, this also contains all the I3d sequences that I could find. The mtDNA's carrying both 8260C and 16086C seem to mainly come from Russia.

Is your sequence already in my overview? If not what are your other mutations besides 8260C?

08-24-2017, 01:12 AM
My markers for I3d are 250C, 263G, 1438G, 1719A, 2706G, 4769G, 7028T, 8260C, 8860G, 10034C, 10238C, 10398G, 11719A, 12501A, 12705T, 13780G, 15043A, 15924G, 16129A, 16223T, 16391A.
My maternal ethnicity is Cornish (across 8 known generations) and SW English.